Date: 26/3/2019 13:41

Customers Q&A on Dan Wesson 715 6" Pellet Revolver, Steel Grey

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  • Omar from USA asked:

    is this STEEL GREY version just painted or real like gun burnished ?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The metal is actually finished in that color, it is not paint

  • Duane from USA asked:

    Does the rail mount accessory for optic sights require drilling and tapping the frame or are the screw holes already drilled?

    • Zareh from Canada asked:

      What brand of Co2 cartridge should I use?

      • Justin from USA asked:

        I have a question about the Dan Wesson 715 airguns. I know they say to put a little drop of pellgun oil on the tip of the CO2 cartridge but what about the other moving parts? And could I also use silicone oil by Crosman instead?

        • Steve from USA asked:

          Since a pellet will easily fit in the rear of the DW standard cartridge, can I load them there for a little extra length on Barrel?

          • conner from Canada asked:

            Will the Dan and Wesson revolver fit in small hands and if not is there any way to make it like a grip mod or something

            • Manaf from USA asked:

              aside from the grip is there any non metal parts ? are the hammer, front and rear sight made of plastic or metal ?

              • David from USA asked:

                What is the most accurate pellet for this weapon? 10yd accuracy wise?

                • Keith from USA:

                  I use Crosman Destroyer 7.9 gr and I hit dime size group at 10 yards. I use a rest do accomplish this.

                • Triggerhappy from USA:

                  I've found Crosman Premieres 10.5g domes but still experimenting with slightly lighter domes.

              • Scott from USA asked:

                Is the barrel threaded for a moderator?

                • Joseph from USA:

                  No it does not appear so from all the close up pics, videos and reviews I've seen.

              • Scott from USA asked:

                What's a quality speed loader that will work with the shells for this revolver?

                • Joseph from USA:

                  It comes with a speed loader. Pyramid sells separate speed loaders also if you want extra.

              • Kalle from Sweden asked:

                Can I shoot BBs with this gun, from the older Dan Wesson shells?

                • Dave39 from USA:

                  The older 4.5mm versions of the Dan Wesson cartridges will fit in this gun, but you may not want to shoot steel BBs down the rifled barrel.

              • Mike from USA asked:

                Is there a single action mode on this pistol>?

                • Dave39 from USA:

                  Yes. All four versions of the ASG DW715 revolver can be fired in either single or double action.

              • joseph. c from USA asked:

                Does anyone know what to do with rubber pieces that are in the back of the shells because some of them fell out from the shell could you glue them in place would like to know before I do it don't want to destroy the shell.?? If not you have to keep your eyes on them help thanks

                • Thomas from USA:

                  This happened to me it is like an "o" ring. Pop it back in the back. You place the pellets in the "o" ring. They work well. I don't know how long they will last and if you need to lube them with silicone oil eventually. Tom

              • Carlos Coimbra from Portugal asked:

                Does anyone knows if this gun fits Hand-Tooled Leather Holster, 6", Natural, Right Hand?

                • stephen from USA asked:

                  do the new umarex colt SAA .177 rear loading pellet cartridges fit? I measured the cartridges:end of metal to end of metal: 1) Length: 95/60 in. ( 1,583 in or 40.21 mm.) 2) Width 21/60 in ( 0.35 in or 8.89 mm) 3) rim shoulder 2/40 in ( 0.05 in or 1.27 mm) 4) rim width 14.5/30 in ( 0.483 in or 12.27 mm) measured by eye using engineering drafting scales and a 3x lens

                  • Andy from Canada asked:

                    Does anyone have any idea of when "spare shells" will become available for this model, The Dan Wesson Pellet firing 715???

                    • joseph. c from USA:

                      Ya right now they are on P. Air web site pack of 25

                  • Gregory from Canada asked:

                    Is the claimed velocity of 430fps accurate with average 7-8 grain pellets? Or is it with those light weight pellets?

                    • Mike472 from USA:

                      The Dan Wesson 8" version uses an earlier front-loading pellet cartridge design that does not acheive as high a velocity as modern rear-loading pellet cartridges. My Dan Wesson 8" pellet barely cracks 400fps with Crosman 7.9gr but my 715 shoots as John's does.

                    • John from USA:

                      I just purchased this model and Chrono'd it with Benjamin 7.9 gr HP it was 420 fps and slowly declined after the first shot. But with alloy pellets it made 440 fps. The gun does produce the fps as advertised

                    • Andy from Canada:

                      If pellets are maxxed out at 425fps w/ the Dan Wesson 8" pellet firing version, than you would think that the 715 minus the 2 extra inches on the barrel would give you a higher m/v,, You need to go back to school!

                  • Thomas from USA asked:

                    I just received my 715 revolver. The shells are rear loading and not front loading like the other Dan Wesson pellet revolvers. What type of extra shells are recommended? A very cool looking gun.

                    • Carlton from USA:

                      Shells are now available from Pyramyd Air 25 @ $39.99 per set.

                    • John from USA:

                      They do not have the extra shells available for sale at this time. The shells are unique to this gun. However, just leave the shells in the cylinder and simple reload the pellets directly. It is a very easy method!

                    • Andy from Canada:

                      I wish i had known that the regular "Shells" that are used in my Dan Wesson 8" pellet revolver were compatible with the 715, If I had known that I would of needed to also buy a bunch of different shells for this gun, I definitely would of passed on this model, and went with the Dan Wesson 6" pellet firing version.

                  • Ron from USA asked:

                    Why is there only pictures of the left side of the pistol?.

                    • Dave39 from USA:

                      The current Pyramyd listing now has six photos of the gun, including some of the right side.

                    • Justin from USA:

                      Because the right side is the same?

                  • Andy from Canada asked:

                    Can you use optics directly or is an attachment eeded?

                    • Darrin from USA:


                    • Justin from USA:

                      ASG Custom CNC Rail Mount (PY-A-6658) is required for optics and accessories.

                  • joseph. c from USA asked:

                    I don't see the shells in the picture are they the same as the other Dan Wesson guns want to know before i buy

                    • Andy from Canada:

                      And as of yet, Extra Shells are not available for the 715,,,,,What a screwed up marketing scheme,,,first get the gun, then find out that the shells you've been using in your Dan Wesson pellet firing model are of no use to you, or your *NEW* Dan Wesson 715!!!, Pure B/S!!!!

                    • Justin from USA:

                      No, they are not compatible with this model.

                  • Michael from USA asked:

                    The description of this pellet-shooting gun seems to borrow too much from that of the steel BB version. ARE the pellets able to load from the rear of the shell rather than by unscrewing the front of the cartridge and inserting the pellet in the front as with the ASG?

                    • AIRGUNNERMO from USA:

                      This pellet version allows for quick and easy rear loading of cartridges meaning that cartridges do not have to be removed from the drum. (I copied this from the bottom part of the description.)

                  • John from USA asked:

                    Does this take the same pellet shells as the other Dan Wesson Pellet revolver?

                    • Carlton from USA:

                      No. . . . .the 715 takes a rear pellet load shell that is unique to this gun. PA has sets of 25ct available now. They are identical to the factory supplied shells.

                    • Carlton from USA:

                      NO.. the 715 uses an altogether shell.

                    • John from USA:

                      I tried the original shells (the type you unscrew) they performed poorly in that you lose over 100 fps. I would not use those shells!!

                    • joseph. c from USA: