Date: 29/9/2020 3:57

Customers Q&A on Diana 34P air rifle, Synthetic Stock

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  • David from USA asked:

    Does anyone know a trick to zeroing these guns? I put a droop compensating rail on to get it zeroed up and down, but it is WAY OFF left to right, NO WAY TO ZERO IN! I wanted to like these guns because of all the hype about RWS guns, well I hate mine, the 34P and the 460 both have the SAME PROBLEM! HOW DO YOU ZERO THESE GUNS?

    • James from USA asked:

      about how much fpe on a 177 rws 34p

      • Todd from USA:

        18.64 will not happen, expect more like 14-15. The advertised 1000 is with the lightest pellets, probably RWS 7.0gr, and I'm not sure how many off the line can hit that #. With the 8.4gr I'd guess 850fps, but the guns vary so you might get a bit more, maybe less. On the bright side; 850-900 is a great speed for accuracy and the JSB 8.44 is an outstanding pellet so it's a good match. You can tune it and/or add a heavier spring if you want more power.

      • Paul from USA:

        Per the spec. of 1000 fps using a 8.4 gr. you'll get 18.64 fpe.

    • Rick from USA asked:


      • Todd from USA:

        It's hard to say since guns can be finicky so what works for one won't always work for another, but the JSB 14.3 is outstanding and easily my #1 pick. The 14.3 Crosman Premier round nose are excellent too. They're super tough too so if you carry pellets in your pocket the skirts won't get bent like the JSB do. I'd try both at min to see which the gun prefers.

      • joseph from USA:

        RWS Super Hollow Point. H-N Terminator are devastating on squirrels

      • james from USA:

        I have 34P. H&N FTT 14.66, and JSB 15.89 are most accurate for me.

    • Collin from USA asked:

      Is the only difference between the 34 and 34P the stock?

      • Todd from USA:

        I'm pretty sure that's all it is, unless you see something else like a different sight. The internals will be identical.

    • Benjamin from USA asked:

      Can sling swivel studs be installed in the RWS 34P? Is there enough material in the synthetic stock to hold a sling swivel stud? Does a clamp to magazine type swivel mount work, being clamped to the barrel, work? I would need a sling system installed, not a sling with loops to go over barrel and stock.

      • Paul from USA asked:

        Is the RWS 34P .22 powerful enough to kill a feral cat with a well placed body shot, or will it require a well placed head shot?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes a well placed body shot would be the best .

      • Lance from USA asked:

        Can the open sights be removed on the 34P, If so, will it affect the sound when the gun is fired? It looks like the front sights and the supressor are one and the same unit.

        • Paul from USA:

          It can be removed but it's usually quite ugly underneath.There is no suppressor on this model.

      • Keith from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

        Need to know if these are made with smooth bore

        • Stanley from USA:

          They have rifled barrels.

      • wilfred from USA asked:

        I would like to know if there is any difference in the rws 34 p whether it is made or sold by rws or umarax

        • Mark from USA:

          Diana makes them, RWS exports them and Umarex imports them.

        • Paul from USA:

          R.W.S. never made any guns they were a distributor.

        • Paul from USA:

          R.W.S. was a distributer now Umarex is the distributer this rifle is made by Diana in Germany.

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          It is made by RWS. It is imported to the U.S. by Umarex.

      • Estil from USA asked:

        The specifications list the weight of the wooden stock version at 7.5 lbs and the synthetic stock version at 7.75 lbs. Are these numbers correct?

        • Rudedawg from USA:

          Unless i read the specs wrong the barrel length between to 2 are the same but the 34P stock is 1" longer than the classic wood stock, this added material probably makes up the additional weight. I have the wood stock version 34 T06 in .177 but am looking at the synthetic in .22. Accuracy of the 34 is awesome for sure.

        • Cory from USA:

          Yes they are, there is always some variance in the weight of wood stocks but there is not a large difference in the weight between wood and polymer on this model.

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          Yes, the specs are correct

      • Ernest from USA asked:

        how is the balance compared to the solid stock of the 34 ?

        • Cory from USA:

          In my opinion there is not a real difference in how the RWS 34 balances with either stock.

      • Hector from USA asked:

        Hi,I would like to mount a utg 3-9x40 ao scope on RWS 34p. I need the right 11mm dove to weaver adaptor will be new purchase soon.thx

      • Augie Doggie from USA asked:

        Where can I get a replacement front sight? I forgot to close the case it was in and it fell out (on carpet fortunately) and the dome on the sight broke off. Everything else was fine.

        • Cory from USA:

          You will need to contact Umarex USA at 479-646-4210 ext. 7.

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          You would need to contact Umarex USA at 479-646-4210 for assistance

      • Bill from USA asked:

        Synthetic vrs. wood. Can't decide. Pros + cons.

        • Steve from USA:

          Synthetic is good for woods, rugged, wood is good for looks.