Date: 26/9/2020 8:6

Customers Q&A on Diana 54 Air King

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  • Rodney from USA asked:

    Is this gun a refurb? Other sellers have it much higher...

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun is factory new ,in the box.

  • MARK from USA asked:

    I have the RWS Mod. 54 Air King in .177cal. It is a great rifle but I am having a real problem at the moment. I have fired it several times but now it will not cock. The lever can be pulled back and ratchets back like it is being cocked but when the release is depressed to drop the bolt retainer it is under quite a lot of pressure when returning the handle to the cocked position. Additionally it does not activate the safety as it did before. When put into the FIRE position, pull the trigger and nothing. As if it never cocked. What could the problem be? Any ideas on a fix? I am the second owner but it was hardly ever used if at all. I really like this air rifle and would like to use it.

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun needs to be repaired. You have a warranty with Umarex USA. Contact them at 479-646-4210.

  • Ray from USA asked:

    I understand that the RWS 54 is a fine air rifle. However, I cannot understand why it carries a 30-day limited warranty, when other RWS products appear to carry limited lifetime warranties? Why is the RWS 45 warranty period so short?

    • Mark from USA:

      The 30 day warranty is on a refurbbed gun. The factory new gun has a 2 year warranty.

  • Tim from USA asked:

    What is the barrel's O.D. ?

    • Ratt Meister from USA:

      The actual barrel is 15mm. The shroud over it(that people think is the barrel) is 18mm.

  • HECTOR from Mexico asked:

    Is there an option for left handed shooters?

    • Mark from USA:

      The Diana 54 only comes in a right hand stock.

  • joe from USA asked:

    Which Vortex spring kit is for this 54 model, and is it worth the 89. bucks? Do they return all the original parts and packaging that are replaced?

    • Jordan from USA:

      Worth it yes. Makes the gun super smooth and more enjoyable to shoot. And if you pay to have it installed then yes it comes with the oem parts.

  • Eddie from USA asked:

    OK, now we have a real problem with the Air King 54. The trigger would not "catch" so i turned the trigger adjustment screw a quarter turn out(counterclockwise) and still the same. I turned it back a half turn in (clockwise) same thing again. I cocked the gun and gave it a very firm pull and the spring locked back. Success!! Not so fast, went to fire it again and the trigger will not release the spring to fire the rifle. I removed the pellet from the barrel with a cleaning rod and adjusted the trigger every which way. Now the rifle is cocked and will not release the spring tension to dis-assemble safely. It does make a small click when re-cocked but will not fire. yes, the spring is compressed fully and no resistance until the very end when cocking again. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

    • Jordan from USA:

      I would call in and ask for a repair. But it seems the trigger sear is not engaging with the top/mid sear trial and error adjusting the trigger screws with gun in a safe direction should do it. But again I would call Pyramydair/airventuri for a repair.

  • Steven from USA asked:

    Does the elevation dial on top supposed to click when turned? Mine doesn't.

    • ahkell66 from USA:

      Every well made optic and iron sight clicks and stops at each click so that you can count your adjustment without looking at the turret or dial or whatever it is you are turning. That's the "tactile and audible feedback", hence the term, counting clicks.

    • Steven from USA:

      Thank you so much for that answer. Last night I unscrewed the dial and there is indeed two small indents which should have small metal bearings in them which make the dial click. They are missing for some reason, and on a new gun. If I knew what size those bearing are supposed to be I can just drop them into the indents and problem solved. As an experiment I used regular bb's....but they're way too big. Thank you......Steve

    • Tyler from USA:

      My three RWS/Diana rifles all click when the elevation dial on the open sight is adjusted. There is a ball detent system in the sight. If you screw your elevation dial all the way up, you should be able to remove the adjuster dial and see if it has detent slots/holes on the underside. IF they are not there, that would tell me that Diana has changed the design so it does not click/detent any longer. But if they are and you don't have the spring/ball detent set up, I'd send the gun back for a replacement or call Umarex USA for a new sight.

  • Thomas Clarke from USA asked:

    Is there a solid recommendation on a scope or olympic sight set up for the Air King at .177?

    • Tyler from USA:

      There are a lot of scope options that would work. I'd recommend a Leapers as they are backed by a lifetime warranty and all of their scopes are magnum springer rated. I'd also recommend getting one of the Bullseye mounts: Bullseye ZR 1-Pc Mount, Fits...

  • Steven from USA asked:

    OK, the rifle is in my cart. So I have just one straight forward question I'm hoping I'll gain some knowledge from. Should I go with the .177 or the .22? Just so you know, I don't hunt, strictly target and collection purposes. Which would you buy?

    • Tyler from USA:

      If you're just target shooting, I would go with .177 and get some heavy pellets to try out like H&N Baracuda and JSB Exact Heavy

  • syed wahid from Bangladesh asked:

    If you all expert do not mind I need some big solution of my confusion about best airgun !! If I buy spring piston airgun which one is best for any kind of hunting and powerful Such as like medium or small game airgun??

    • ahkell66 from USA:

      The 54 is manufactured with a recoil mechanism. The receiver and barrel are built on a slide somewhat similar to the recall mechanism on an artillery piece, (without the hydraulics, of course). Practically speaking, there is zero felt recoil with the 54. It can handle just about any decent optic.

    • syed wahid from Bangladesh:

      Thank you !!!

    • Tyler from USA:

      That's a hard question and one you will get many answers to. The 54 is a great gun for small game hunting in .22 caliber. But make sure to get a Bullseye scope mount to help your scope outlast the harsh recoil of the action.

  • syed wahid from Bangladesh asked:

    Is there have any different between Diana 48 and 54 ??? Please tell briefly !!!

    • Tyler from USA:

      The 54 is recoil-less meaning the action rides on rails in the stock. As a shooter, you feel very little recoil. The 48 is a standard springer and does not have this system, so you will feel considerably more recoil.

  • ted from USA asked:

    Is the trigger on this rifle steel or plastic ?

    • Louis from USA:

      The .22 model has a steel T06 trigger.

    • Stanley from USA:

      It is plastic .

  • mark from USA asked:

    Does anybody know the twist rate of the barrel for the 22 cal? I'm trying to set up a ballistics app.

    • Louis from USA:


  • cole from USA asked:

    What is the difference between the 54 and 56th? Thanks in advance

    • Stanley from USA:

      Mainly the stock the 56th uses a thumbhole stock hence the name 56th.

  • deerflyguy from USA asked:

    Most springers produce accurate results only when shot using the "artillery hold". This springer floats on it's stock much like a howitzer cannon recoils through it's mounting system. Keeping this in mind, does the RWS 54 require the "artillery hold" for accurate shooting?

    • Louis from USA:

      This springer can be fired from a bipod with amazing accuracy.

    • joseph from USA:

      Depends how much you pratice. You don't need an artillery hold to be accurate with this gun. It depends on your strength body habitus consistency and how much time you can put into one particular style

  • CRAIG from USA asked:

    Does this rifle come in more than 1 model? below is a clip from a review that causes me to ask this question: As expected, the online reviews of the RWS 54 Air King, no matter if it is the Umarex RWS 54, The Diana RWS 54 or just the RWS 54 Air King that is being reviewed, score very high indeed.

    • Val from USA:

      Umarex is importer/distributor, RWS is brand, Diana is the original manufacturer out of Germany, Air King is an informal name given to it by some customers. So... This is all just one gun.

  • Willowburton from USA asked:

    Is this rifle backyard friendly in terms of loudness? I have a hatsan pcp which is loud and can only shoot it with a modulator. Would the loudness of this one go unnoticed?

    • joseph from USA:

      It is really quiet. However make sure you have a good backstop and know what's behind your target. I have the .22 and it packs more of a punch than I feel comfortable shooting in a residential yard.

    • Timothy from USA:

      While far from silent the impact of the pellet is usually greater than the barrel niose. My 54 is quieter than my Benjamin pump rifle at three pumps. I shoot both of these guns in my basement comfortably.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Well it really depends on your neighbors , i have an airforce talon 20 caliber with a shroud and my neighbor complain. Per Paul Capellos video #28 he measures it at 102.4 decibels which is 3-medium by PA's specs.

  • Don from USA asked:

    Is the TO5 and TO6 triggers plastic or metal?

    • Billy from USA:

      Most calibers come with the plastic T05 trigger. The .22 caliber model comes with the metal T06 trigger.

    • Joachim from USA:

      In the video he says plastic. Sturdy plastic, but plastic nonetheless.

  • ahkell66 from USA asked:

    Can anyone give me an idea of FPS with 14gr lead? Or 21 gr. lead? In .22? Many thanks!

    • Timothy from USA:

      The 18.1 grain JSB exact pellets are my 54's best shooting pellet. The most accurate and the highest energy at 23 FPE, which means this pellet is going 753 fps.

    • DON from USA:

      Mine on 12/4/14-- CPHP-14.3 = 872fps---- Baracuda-19.09 = 706---- Kodiak-21.1 = 634. Have not used chrono since it is has about 500 rnds thru it. Hope this helps

  • Jim from USA asked:

    Can this rifle be shot left handed?

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      You can, but the cheek piece is set up for right handers.

  • Charlotte from USA asked:

    I have heard this is a scope killer. What are scope and mount recommendations?

    • joseph from USA:

      Came coupled with bushnell trophy 4-12 with drop compensator mount as both recommended by pyramid air. I could not be happier with the quality of this combo. The scope is durable and well voting the quality I would expect in a 100 dollar scope

    • Timothy from USA:

      I have tried several mounts on my 22 cal 54. Here's my list and the pros and cons. RWS Lock Down 1-pc mount, this mount was solid had good droop compensation. I found it lacking in grip the stop pin will keep the mount from moving but not before it mars the pin holes on your scope rail I got rid of mine. UTG Droop Scope Rail 11mm-to-Weaver adapter, same complaint as the RWS Lock Down 1-pc mount, this mount is however a little lower profile and offers a lot of adjustability with the Weaver base. Diana ZR mount, awesome mount holds easily to scope rail w/o need for stop pin. About a ½” lower profile than the RWS Lock Down mount, thus better cheek weld. Now the elephant in the room, this mount has almost no ring height above the base. Many scopes due not work with this mount. If your scope body flares out at all from the tube (at the adjustment knobs) this mount will not work. Which is too bad, because the concept it great and would allow for a lot of scope options if this was not the case. Assuming you can find the right scope this mount holds zero very well don’t worry about it not spring returning back to position. BKL I-1-pc Adjustable scope mount, this is my mount of choice for this gun. It has great grip strength holds easily to scope rail w/o need for stop pin, it sports a low profile again a good a ½” lower profile than the RWS Lock Down mount. You can set your own droop compensation to better optically center your scope and help it survive the kick. I would see it working with most scopes though keep in mind the ring spacing is set. As to scopes, my friend used a Vortex Diamondback with good results. I use a Hawke Vantage 1” tube, side focus 3x12 ½ Mil-Dot scope. I talked to a Hawke rep and they said they recommend a 30mm tube but they didn’t think the 1” would be an issue. If I had problems with this scope holding zero they would send a new one free of charge or knock off the price of the scope for an upgrade. I am shooting a 22 cal air king, which is not as hard on scopes as the .177 caliber. My experience with this scope for about 1500 shots, has been great. This gun scope combo is very capable of 1 MOA shooting to at least 70 yards with favorable winds.

    • William from USA:

      The leapers etched glass reticle scopes are a much better value for the money. I have had a leapers 3-12X44 compact (etched glass reticle) on mine for a good while now with no problems at all. I bought another for my RWS 460. The cheap bundled wire reticle scope it came with only lasted 1 day.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes it can be. The new ZR mount from Diana would be ideal. As for a scope, I would go for a Hawke largely because they have such a good warranty. With this rifles scope breaking history, you may need it. I would get a glass etched Hawke, either the Sport HD IR line, Endurance line or Sidewinder line.

  • ahkell from USA asked:

    Is there a droop on a fixed barreled gun?

    • Ed from USA:

      It's not just about droop. If you want long range with an airgun trajectory you will run out your scope vertical settings quickly. All of my magnum rifles have droop mounts.

    • ahkell66 from USA:

      Or a shim?

    • David from USA:

      My AirKing in .177 needed one of the adjustable adapters offered because none of the non adjustable offerings allowed any extra adjustment left in the scope. With no extra to allow for the bounce effect it is no wonder the 54 has such a scope busting reputation. ie. scope installation videos all state never to use all the adjustment available.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not typically but it can happen. It's not a bad idea to have a droop compensating base or an adjustable one just in case.

  • David from USA asked:

    What amount of droop is normally the rule with older 05 trigger AirKings. Should I get the 10" or the 17" adapter?

    • Jerry from USA:

      the 10" should be plenty

  • GeoffreyHarman from USA asked:

    Can you have it with a nitro piston?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, spring only.