Date: 19/1/2019 12:36

Customers Q&A on Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit

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  • Lon from USA asked:

    Please provide real, tested power levels for both the .22 and .177. I have seen Tyler's thorough review on the .22, so we do have that data. Please add tested data on the .177. Thank you.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The .177 was tested and shoots a 7 grain pellet at around 640 fps. That's a little over 6 FPE

  • Kenneth from USA asked:

    I believe you can put the foam that comes with it to line the bag and keep everything in place.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yup, you sure can

  • docblase from USA asked:

    What is a typical 25-yard shot group we can expect from the .22 rifle version, when shot from a rest?

    • Rude Rick from USA asked:

      How do you remove the breach to install the left handed breach, detailed step-by-step description is needed ...........

      • Rude Rick from USA:

        Answered in breach Q & A's .................

    • Peter from USA asked:

      Can it be exported to Canada?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Grant from Canada asked:

      On Canadian orders. Does the moderator get taken out of the kit or is it shipped? Does customs confiscate it?

      • Tyler from USA:

        This kit cannot be shipped to Canada

    • micheljgaudet from USA asked:

      I got the 'kit' that comes with the red-dot. Using as rifle config, can't use the magazine I bought extra when sight is on. I want two small risers, one for front and one for back of breach. I don't want to spend a TON for a name brand riser, but I also don't want a crappy-cheap type of metal either. Any suggestions? Oh, and I do not want to use an extender-type rail for either way forward or way back to my eyeball... lol. I like the dot right over the breach. The 'rise' only needs to be about half-an-inch.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Assuming you have a dovetail mounting optic, these are the only risers that would work the way you want them to: BKL 3/8" or 11mm Tri-Mount....

    • Scott from Canada asked:

      Does anybody know the outside diameter of the barrel?

    • Daniel from USA asked:

      Richard D. Eutsler Jr. says it comes with a great "case" I see no mention or pics of the case here, NOT INCLUDED? or overlooked?

      • Tyler from USA:

        It's not pictured but the gun does come with one. Check out the video, it's shown there

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      What is the physical size of the breech seal O ring? for .22 caliber? Also what durometer and material should it be? These are easly lost and cant find replacements.

      • Scott from Canada asked:

        I purchased the extension barrel later on but it didnt come with a muzzle brake any idea's?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Not sure where you purchased it from, but the long barrels that come with the gun come with the suppressor affixed.

      • Scott from Canada asked:

        Which pellet brand and grain weight is the best for the .22 cal

        • Gregory from Canada:

          I have fed a wide assortment of Lead and alloy pellets to my Diana chaser rifle, and was amazed at how much it liked Crosman 14.3 grain destroyers! RWS Hobby 11.9 grain wadcutters are also impressive, but the destroyers really shot straight and hard(ten shot average of 540 fps indoors in 80 degree summer weather)

        • micheljgaudet from USA:

          Hmmm... what's the best pellet? No one can really tell you that and know what he or she is talking about... REALLY. Each gun is different. Only YOU can determine which pellet YOUR gun likes. You purchase a variety of pellets, in small quantities of say 100-250 - one tin each - of different types, shoot groups of AT LEAST FIVE per group (three just don't cut it). Maybe start off trying FIVE types, shoot one group of each type. Repeat. Do this about four or five times. Now you choose the best THREE types and do it again, say three groups for each. This is the ONLY way, buddy; not by asking others. I can not recall the company, but they specialize in selling plastic containers with dividers inside, each area holding around 25-30 pellets. Each container has about TWELVE (I think) types of pellets to determine which works best for the gun you are testing for grouping. Anybody out there know the company name?

        • Tyler from USA:

          There will be some variance from gun to gun of course, but I would suggest between 13 and 16 grains. I had good luck with JSB and H&N

      • Victor E from USA asked:

        can i buy this in 177cal and later but the 22cal barrel for it

        • Tyler from USA:

          It may be possible, but would require a few other parts to do

      • Andrew from USA asked:

        Loudness is listed as 3 for both .22 and .177. The sound test of the .22 rifle was 80dB. I'm thinking the .177 must actually be quieter. Does anyone know how the loudness of the .22 honestly compares to the .177? I need a really quiet backyard friendly machine. The quieter the better.

        • Tyler from USA:

          The .177 will produce about the same noise signature. 80 dB is very backyard friendly.

      • Brian from USA asked:

        Can you bye the rifle barrel sepertly to change over when wanted

        • Scott from Canada asked:

          I have stripped one of the hex screws on the Diana Chaser .22 cal pistols barrel do you have a part numbers to replace them?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Give the tech department at PA a call, I am sure they can get you sorted out.

        • Estil from USA asked:

          Do the barrels have flats or grooves or some other way to ensure consistent alignment, or can you just attach the barrel with the front sight at any angle?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, there are locating screw dimples on the barrel that can be seen through the screw holes (with the screws removed of course) to help you properly align it

        • Estil from USA asked:

          How loud is this in the rifle configuration with the moderator? The pistol specs have a rating of 3-medium. The specs on this rifle are also 3-medium???

          • Tyler from USA:

            Very quiet. The ratings are generalizations, I would put the rifle version more at a 2 though

        • Mark from USA asked:

          What is a good bi-pod mount for this rifle?

          • Tyler from USA:

            You don't need a separate mount, you can actually attach a bipod with a picatinny mounting section to the bottom of the barrel band. Like this one: UTG Bipod, SWAT/Combat Profile, ...

        • Mark from USA asked:

          I plan to put a bug buster scope on mine. What kind of scope rings should I buy... regular or high rise for ease of loading pellets? (I prefer a nice LOW PRICE set)

        • William from USA asked:

          What Red Dot sight is being used on the Chaser rifle in the Chaser Insyder review? Will it fit on the 177 model? When will the suppressor be available for the 177 pistol? Is the same Red Dit sight workable on the 177 pistol?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Hawke Sport Optics Red Dot... Yes it will fit the .177 in either the pistol or rifle configuration. You will need to remove the pistol rear sight to have enough room for it

        • Braden from USA asked:

          Can the front sight be easily removed and replaced?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Not easily removed. That would require the removal of the entire plastic piece that is glued to the barrel

        • Stephen from USA asked:

          There is enough info & images to show the fine box with a foam insert that clearly shows cut outs for the pistol & "accessories" plus a zippered case, when purchased as a pistol in .177 or .22. Does a similar foam insert and case also come with the rifle kit verisions

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes it does. But it will only fit in the case with the gun in it's pistol configuration.

        • Kenneth from USA asked:

          There is no mention of trigger adjustment in the manual. I hate to go in blind, any thoughts or advice. Thanks

          • Thomas from USA:

            Also agree just had to wing it. It 'seems' to adjust both first stage and trigger pull. Be carefull a couple of times I over did it and the trigger would fire with just a touch!

          • Tyler from USA:

            I agree, Diana missed the boat there. I believe it is a first stage length adjustment, but don't quote me on that. Haven't spent enough time playing with it yet.

        • Leonard from USA asked:

          Hi, when switching from pistol to rifle the rear pistol sight can be removed. The leftover holes where the screws held the sight down are unsightly. Does anybody have a solution. Cover them up? Fill them in?

          • Leonard from USA:

            Answering my own question. I made soft plastic plugs with a leather punch and cut a groove in the top so they could be screwed in.

        • david from USA asked:

          How do you adjust the trigger to make it lighter?

          • Cameron from USA asked:

            So the barrels are interchangeable between pistol length and rifle length. Can one change from .177 to .22 just by changing the barrel?

            • Tyler from USA:

              No, you cannot easily change between calibers.

          • Faizal from USA asked:

            How many magazine included?

            • Tyler from USA:

              It does not come with magazines, you will want to purchase them along with the gun

          • Jeff from USA asked:

            Do you get both barrels with the rifle purchase?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Yes, rifle barrel and pistol barrel are included

          • Sammy from USA asked:

            I see where Stephen who bought the 22 version says the moderator is removable. I saw a video today with someone doing a review on the 177 version and says the moderator is glued on and not removable. And I see where Tyler who always has good information, says it is not removable. I wonder if the 177s are glued on and 22s are not. Wish I could confirm for sure before ordering.

            • Matthew from USA:

              They are threaded and screwed on and secured with locktite thread fastener. I overcame mine with mechanical methods. (vise and pipe wrench with padded jaws on each)

            • Tyler from USA:

              Sounds like one slipped through, but they are supposed to be permanently fixed

          • Gregory from Canada asked:

            Is there an O-ring in the rifle barrel at the breach end?

            • Gregory from Canada:

              @Thomas: I was totally surprised at the chrony results, and have repeated the test dozens of times since buying this rifle kit...perhaps the results are higher since it was during the hot weather in August ? H&N Hobby 11.9 grain wadcutters shot even faster, as high as 575 fps! I wondered if it's possible that the manufacturers power claims are based on shooting at room temperature? All I know is that it was over 85 degrees F when I recorded those higher muzzle velocities. I have read reviews that had similar muzzle velocity results to mine, and others that were closer to the manufacturers rating.

            • Thomas from Mexico:

              Gregory fro Canada: Pyramyd says Caliber 0.22" (5.5mm) Max Velocity 500 fps Muzzle Energy 6.6 ft/lbs, How do you get 9-10 ft lbs?

            • Gregory from Canada:

              Each one of my barrels has an o-ring at the breach end. When I change barrels the o-ring falls out. It's not a problem, I just watch for it. The rifle is consistently shooting crosman destroyers around 550 fps/9-10 fpe :)

            • Tyler from USA:

              There's an o-ring in the breech itself.

          • stephen from Canada asked:

            does it come in a box or plastic case?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Comes in a box, along with a nice soft case

          • Osama from Canada asked:

            Can you ship to Canada

            • Tyler from USA:

              The .22 can be shipped to Canada, the .177 cannot be.

          • NY_airhunter from USA asked:

            Is it just me or does it look like Diana should make a PCP platform of this airgun?

            • Tyler from USA:

              At shot show, they had a PCP version of the pistol Chaser....which means there will likely be a way to swap parts to make it into a nice little carbine

          • Andy from Canada asked:

            Will this airgun have a platform like the 2240, where you can add after-market parts,etc,.?

            • Andy from Canada:

              Thank's for the Response!,,,,,,I did manage to find a Nice Review on this gun,,,,,Although it's a "U.K." Version, Not "Badged" by "Diana", It's an Identcal Gun in every way, other than its Marking's,.

            • Tyler from USA:

              It's pretty similar in terms of swapping parts and changing things out, but since it's relatively new, I am not sure there will be/are a lot of aftermarket parts/mods available at this point in time

          • jeff from USA asked:

            When will it be available?

            • jeff from USA:

              thank you sir.

            • Tyler from USA:

              Looking at mid-July

          • MICHAEL from USA asked:

            Is the moderator permanently attached, or is it threaded to use with either barrel?

            • Stephen from USA:

              On my just received Chaser the moderator is not fixed. It screws on to either barrel and there is an end cap included to cover the threads if the suppressor is not being used.

            • Tyler from USA:

              It is fixed, not removable

          • mrmrogden from USA asked:

            So the pistol/rifle comes left handed bolt only? Shame if that's the case as i was waiting for this one.

            • Mark from USA:

              For a right handed shooter as a pistol the left side bolt is great, your shooting hand remains on the grip. As a Carbine its so light its not a big issue using your foregrip hand to cock it. That said there is one issue with the mag, it inserts from the left leaving a sharp plexiglass edge. You want to to radius off the sharp edge as it can nick your bolt hand fingers readily.... Also it can load tough with the mag, the grip hand thumb can help apply pressure to ease the bolt forward...

          • Tim from USA asked:

            Is this an actual made by Diana in Germany product or a Diana design made in China?

            • Mark from USA:

              Designed by SPA. Made in China. Branded and sold as Diana.

            • Gregory from Canada:

              Diana probably oversees quality control on site in China. Just because it's "made in China" doesn't mean the product is poorly made.

            • jeff from USA:

              most of the computer you're using comes from china, just saying

            • Gary from USA:

              China, I dont Buy China anything EVER!!!

            • Val from USA:

              Diana design, made in China

          • Julien from Canada asked:

            Will the .22 version ship to Canada?

            • Kinai from France:

              can you tell me what is his power in joule

            • Gregory from Canada:

              It definitely ships to Canada! I ordered the chaser pistol carbine kit and I am picking it up at my local UPS center tomorrow morning!

            • Gregory from Canada:

              On the .22 cal product page It now says "ships to Canada" :)

            • Gregory from Canada:

              The .22 cal pistol will for sure, but the 500 fps will matter since the muzzle energy is 6.6fpe, and well over the 4.2fpe limit on airguns that shoot 500+ fps. Too bad it isn't 499 fps. I am going grab a pistol, and hopefully the long barrel & stock are available to purchase separately sometime down the roads.

            • Val from USA:

              no, since it's 500 fps