Date: 4/6/2020 17:32

Customers Q&A on Diana Mauser K98 Air Rifle

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  • pedram from Canada asked:

    shipping to Canada ,would it be possible?

    • Mark from USA:

      The Diana Mauser K98 we carry does not ship to Canada. There may be a reduced velocity version available in Canada.

  • George from USA asked:

    What country are these made in?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Karl from USA asked:

    would my k98 bayonet fit on this riffle?

    • Mark from USA:

      There is no bayonet lug on the Diana Mauser. The cocking lever position prevents the mounting of a bayonet.

  • Mandeep from India asked:

    Can you ship in india .22 bore k98.which one best rifle .177 or .22

    • Smaug from USA asked:

      Can you recommend which peep sight to mount on this? I agree that it is meant to be without a scope, but a peep sight is FAR superior to the blade style, especially on a fixed barrel gun like this.

      • Bilal from India asked:

        Can u ship k98 in india .22 bore?

        • TEAMWOLF_777 from USA asked:

          I would like this rifle to have a gas ram. Is there passable to add one to this rifle?

          • Kenneth from USA asked:

            Would this make a good choice for field target matches?

            • Tyler from USA:

              An under lever is what most shooters use for spring piston rifles in FT. This wouldn't be a bad choice, but I would check out the 470th instead. The stock is more ergonomically friendly and it's the same action.

          • Michael from USA asked:

            ASG sells, seemingly, the same gun, only with a version that clocks in at 620 fps, a winner for me in Illinois. Am I missing something or is there another version of this gun that PA simply doesn't offer? Thanks in advance...

            • Val from USA:

              You can buy any .177 cal in IL, no restrictions on velocity as of 1-2 years ago.

            • Tyler from USA:

              The link you have there produces a 404 error. I have seen some ASG branded K98's but only offered from European vendors. Probably something to do with licensing over there

          • Richard A. from USA asked:

            Will the Diana under cocking lever system / BiPod #PY-A-7443 work with my Diana K98 Pellet rifle ?...

            • WilliamA from USA asked:

              They made allowance for a sling cutout in the rear but what happened to the sling attachment on the barrel band.....$450.00 and you can't put a sling attachment on...SMH

              • John from USA:

                Look closely at the pictures of the left front of the rifle. Clearly there is a slot on the barrel band for the other end of the sling. One of the lower posts suggests sources for repops of the original sling.

            • Bill from USA asked:

              would you recommend a decent scope for this?

            • Hung Hao from USA asked:

              What is the wrench for?

              • Awini from India:

                To unscrew the end of the barrel. Why?, I don't know, but that's the only place it fits on the rifle. I haven't tried unscrewing mine.

            • AL from USA asked:

              Are the sights, and trigger metal or plastic?

            • david from USA asked:

              actually the more realistic the better so to the idiot who responded to the faux bolt handle (which would be nice), id bet you look and act like bugs bunny. Dork.

              • zimbabweed from USA:

                Dear David Dork, that is one bet that you would lose. Ed

            • TEAMWOLF_777 from USA asked:

              Just want to know if the Diana Mauser K98 air rifle soon come in a gas ram version. Is so I'll definitely buy it

              • Val from USA:

                No plans from Diana on that

            • John from USA asked:

              REALLY need a faux bolt handle, (non-functional, fixed would be fine, and easy to do!) to top off the impression!

              • james from USA:

                A simulation of the receiver area with bolt handle, follower and striker would really add to the overall look of this piece.

              • John from USA:

                Yep. Dave was right, you are unnecessarily abrasive. Oh, BTW, the Gletcher M1944 that you praised HAS a bayonet, and is a BBgun, therefore has far less accuracy potential than the Diana K98, which a serious shooter might actually be able to shoot neck and neck with any other quality Diana pellet rifle. And, the Mauser Training Rifle you referenced IS a bolt action rifle. So, I stand by my original comment. A rifle that is named and purposed to resemble a Mauser K98 would be improved cosmetically by a non-functional bolt, without all the other ridiculous accessories you were trolling me with. (Apparently, except a bayonet, which you seem to like on the Gletcher, but that I don't give a rip about.) ()o()

              • AL from USA:

                i'm with David. If it's going to be called a K98, then it should look look like a K98

              • zimbabweed from USA:

                This is not a reproduction bolt action rifle. It is an under lever air rifle inspired by military trainer air rifles of the 1930-40,s. If you want a realistic military replica air rifle, get a Gletcher 1944. I did , and I like it better than my new Diana 98K.---Ed

              • John from USA:

                There's a difference between "accessorizing" (which you listed ad infinitum) and finishing the rather nicely-executed attempt at approximating the appearance of the original firearm. Is the sling slot in the buttstock, or the buttstock through-bolt "cartoonish?" I would argue that a bolt handle on a reproduction BOLT ACTION rifle would be a necessity for cosmetic reasons. YMMV (obviously) I still say it's not only doable, but a major enhancement IF the desire is to accurately reproduce as much as possible, the original classic rifle.

              • zimbabweed from USA:

                why stop there? Add a faux bayonet, grenade launcher, rifle grenade, German helmet, iron cross, autographed copy of Mein Kampf, etc.. Bugs Bunny would say " ridiculous, isnt it?"

            • Rex from USA asked:

              will a vintage scope be avaiable

              • Val from USA:

                No plans right now

            • Rick from USA asked:

              Does the rifle come with the strap

              • zimbabweed from USA:


            • Claudio from USA asked:

              Will it be a springer or will it come with a gas ram?

              • Val from USA:

                No, it's same action as RWS 460

              • Stanley from USA:

                Spring piston.

              • zimbabweed from USA:

                I have been told that it is a Diana 460 spring powered magnum, in a replica Mauser stock. I got this information from one of the PA ask a question experts.

            • Jerry from USA asked:

              What is the opening in the stock for? A sling?

              • Billy from USA:


              • Bruce from USA:

                It's for the same type of sling issued for the Mauser 98K during WWII. Reproductions are available from several sources like Gun Parts Corp.,Sarco, IMA etc.

              • Jeff from USA:

                Yes, more than likely if you look at original firearms images.

            • michael from USA asked:

              What is cocking effort? Thanks

              • Val from USA:

                36 lbs