Date: 26/9/2020 7:30

Customers Q&A on Diana RWS 460 Magnum

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  • Noel from USA asked:

    Do you think it likely the 22 cal available date will be pushed back to September like the 177s?

    • Mark from USA:

      The July date is the current information.It could change.

  • Noel from USA asked:

    What trigger is in the Diana 460? T06?

    • Mark from USA:

      The 460 has the TO6 trigger.

  • James from USA asked:

    Is there a Rebuild kit available for 460 magnum?

  • andy from USA asked:

    What scope will be a good match for this on a budget? I dont want to spend more on the scope than the gun!!!

    • Mark from USA:

      Call in and talk to the Sales Dept. They can assist you.

  • Humpty from USA asked:

    i have a stoeier under lever and do not know the muzzle energy is so and i can not find that gun on this site and this is closest a could get to it i would really like know. my gun is a 22cal is that helps any

    • Mark from USA:

      Most v22 cal spring /gas piston guns are shooting 25-30 ft lbs

  • TAM from USA asked:

    Is this friendly in backyard? Thank you.

    • Paul from USA:


  • James from USA asked:

    I assume this rifle is designed in Germany In what part of the world is it manufactured? Specifically, is this gun or any part of it made in China?

    • Tyler from USA:

      This rifle is made in Germany.

  • Terry from USA asked:

    Are the front sight and post steel or plastic?

    • Paul from USA:


  • adsad from USA asked:

    which mount and scope is best for this gun ?

    • Jeff from USA asked:

      My 460 Magnum chronographs only 508 fps with a 14.5 gr pellet. Is there some kind of maintenance I can do to get my piston pressure back up or does the spring just get weak over time?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Sounds like either a bad piston seal or a broken spring. I would recommend getting the rifle looked at by a competent air rifle tuner/smith

    • RonaldDale from USA asked:

      What is the foot lbs. with the 22 cal

      • Paul from USA:

        Totally depends on the pellet weight and the actual F.P.S. that your rifle is putting out.

    • Francois from USA asked:

      Anyone had a problem of the cocking lever no longer locking into place? The right-hand side release paddle ("bear trap?") grinds into the wood. Only had it for 18 months but put hundreds of pellets through it without any issue. Hoping I won't have to send it back to Umarex, not easy from where I live. Thank you for any advice/help.

      • RALPH from USA:

        There is a screw in the top of the front sight that adjusts the ball that locks the cocking lever into place. You can tighten that up a little and your world will be great again ;)

      • Paul from USA:

        I had to cobble a fix for the cocking arm in order to keep mine from dropping down. This rifle now sets in the closet unused now.

    • jon from USA asked:

      what kind of scope mounting base is recommended for this rifle I will be using the leapers 3x9x40 true hunter scope.

      • jon from USA asked:

        When might an upgrade with the scope mounting issue be out and as an option? JT from ND

        • Jonathan from USA asked:

          Is there any way to put a sling on this rifle?

          • Paul from USA:

            No, the underlever requires the forearm stock to be 'split' to allow the lever to drop down. Traditional barrel or sling loop on barrel for break open weapons would not work either due to the lever. Any sling swivel screw or attachment would be ad hoc and lack function.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes sling swivel studs can be installed .

        • Ray from USA asked:

          Does anyone know if there is a gas ram upgrade for this rifle ?

          • Jerry from USA:

            No, There is no gas ram offered for this rifle at this time

        • himanshu from India asked:

          I am planning to buy a springloading high power airgun and i have zeroed in on the .22 rws 460 magnum! Do you think i have chosen the right one or do you have some suggestions? I only want a spring loader no pcp

          • David from USA:

            I have the 460 and it is a piece of junk! It WILL NOT SHOOT ACCURATELY! I have installed a drooper rail for up and down adjustments but it WILL NOT zero side to side! I have guns that are hundreds of dollars cheaper and a MUCH BETTER MORE ACCURATE GUN!

          • RALPH from USA:

            I love mine! It will stack pellets in the same hole but you have to make sure to keep the stock to barrel mounting screws tight. Also the scope that came with mine, an RWS 300 shook apart in less than 500 rounds. I sent that in to get fixed. I have a Hawke Airmax on it now and all is good.

          • ahkell66 from USA:

            I'm sorry, but Diana : Hatsan as Sig Sauer : Hi-Point. When the trigger is pressed, a projectile leaves the barrel. That's all they have in common.

          • rich from USA:

            RWS is a very well built rifle, unlike the Hatsan. No need to disassemble and RWS and clean all of the dirt and metal out of the chamber. RWS accuracy is very consistent with a wide range of pellets also.

          • Thomas from USA:

            You can never go wrong with a Diana/RWS rifle. The quality, craftsmanship, accuracy and warranty are second to none. The Hatsan is good for it's price point but it will never be a Diana. If you want power the 460 will give it you in spades. After your first 100 shots and it is settling in you will have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right decision. You will never feel you were shortchanged by Diana/RWS or by pyramid Air.

          • Rabbi from USA:

            RWS, great. But maybe check out Hatsan 95 and/or Hatsan 125 in 25cal. They are comparably crafted and are not afraid of heavy lead down range with awesome accuracy and the price point. Cannot ignore the Hatsan craftsmanship, it's hunting ability, and that incredibly reasonable price tag which leaves you room for a great scope etc. Just an idea....

          • Nadav from Israel:

            Yes ! the 460 magnum is a great powerful hunting gun ! if you want a breakbarrel but the 350 magnum. but ofcourse the 460 is better.