Date: 5/8/2020 20:28

Customers Q&A on Diana Stormrider Gen2 Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic

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  • Ivan from El Salvador asked:

    What kind of scope rings would you recomend to mount a scope?High profile ones or just the standard?

    • Mark from USA:

      Use high rings to clear the magazine.

  • Jeffrey from USA asked:

    Is there a good barrel band that will add a lower rail?

    • Mark from USA:

      The barrel band from the Chaser carbine will fit in front of the stock. The Chaser barrel band is in short supply.

  • Gerardo from USA asked:

    Ordered this and it came without a fill port cap or however you call it. Anyone know where I can get one???

    • Mark from USA:

      There is no fill port cover for the Stormrider. You can leave the fiil probe in the air cylinder with a cap on the end. Air Venturi QD Fill Port... $4.99

  • Robert from USA asked:

    How do you go about ordering the Diana Stormrider 2 with an additional barrel band installed?

    • Gerald from USA asked:

      What is the accuracy at 45-50 yards for the .22?

      • cj from USA asked:

        Would I be able to use the single shot tray on this gun while using a one piece mount? Or should I look for another scope?

        • Mark from USA:

          If you set the mount to the rear of the magazine opening you can use a 1 piece mount. It will have to be a high mount for the scope to clear the magazine.

      • Bobby from USA asked:

        Can you mount a scope on this gun, .if so what size mounting rail does it have.

        • Mark from USA:

          The Stormrider has 11mm dovetail rails. You can mount a scope.

      • Dick from USA asked:

        Since I have a Gen 2 Diana Stormrider on order it has become apparent to me that I will need to replace the cocking lever with something stronger before it bends or breaks. It appears to be the same lever used on the Gen 1 Stormrider except for its shape. I have a few questions: 1) What is the thread size on the cocking lever? 2) Is the cocking lever secured by a set screw or can it just be unscrewed? 3) Does anyone know if any other airgun that uses a different, harder lever that can replace the one on the Stormrider? Thanks for any information you can provide.

        • Mark from USA:

          Pyramyd Air has replacement bolt probes with improved handles available.$7.99 for the parts. E-mail Pyramyd Air and a parts order can be set up . Please include the caliber of your gun.

      • Benjamin from USA asked:

        Does the rifle come with the gauge fitted on or do I have to buy it separately?

        • Mark from USA:

          The Stormrider comes with the gauge fitted.

      • Christopher from USA asked:

        Why is this made in China if it's a German company? Have all the recalled rifles been taken out of production?

        • Mark from USA:

          All current guns have been ugraded with better bolts. Diana of Germany has the Stormrider made in China.

      • Carson from USA asked:

        I have a couple Benjamin Marauders which are phenomenal. Im looking for a lightweight, quiet, inexpensive PCP for my younger son. How does this compare to the Marauder in terms of noise? Accuracy? Weight wise it appears to be signficantly lighter and smaller.

        • Francisco Alonso from USA:

          En gen2 es muy silencioso en .5.5 es muy liviano poco peso en madera o sintetico he comprado 5 para reventa en Mexico solo problema del Bolt fragil remplace todos no mas fallas

        • Mark from USA:

          The Stormrider is a OK airgun. It is not of the same quality as the Marauder but it shoots well and is light.

      • Thomas from USA asked:

        Is the front blade removable (in a non-disfiguring manner?)

      • Jason from USA asked:

        Can Gen 1 barrel band work on this Gen 2 storm rider at end of stock.

        • Mark from USA:

          Yes. It should fit the barrel and air cylinder. It will not fit into the stock.

      • Michael from USA asked:

        Is the pellets easier to load in the magazine and and breech on the gen 2 synthetic

        • Mark from USA:

          The action of the Gen II is very much like the Gen I. There is very little difference in operation.

      • Michael from USA asked:

        What is the fill pressure on the gen 2 stormrider

        • Mark from USA:

          Max. fill pressure: 2900 psi.

      • Fat from USA asked:

        Does this Gen 2 still have a gauge under the forearm? If not, when you install a regulator how do you keep track of used air?

        • Mark from USA:

          No. The gauge is on the end of the airtube only. You will have to count your shots.

      • Lucius from USA asked:

        30-40 shots per fill out of a 100cc cylinder seems unreal....are these viable shots? What FPS and/or PSI is the gun producing by shot 30?

        • Mark from USA:

          900 fps 3000PSI.

      • Richard from USA asked:

        why is the bolt on the right side for rh where it is on opposite side for chaser and bandit

        • JayFlankie from USA:

          Pistol vs rifle

      • Ty from USA asked:

        Does it still jam when loading

        • Val from USA:

          Those issues in .22 cal have been addressed

      • James from USA asked:

        My Bandit is idle with broken bolt handle. Is this bolt stronger?

        • Val from USA:

          Yes, but you should be able to get replacement bolts from Air Venturi, or if you bought from Pyramyd Air, I am sure they will help with a replacement bolt as well.

      • PEDRO from USA asked:

        D you install the regulator if I buy from you? If install how much it cost?

        • Mark from USA:

          The regulator is $89.99 and installation is $30.

      • PEDRO from USA asked:

        It is possible to remove the mod at the end of the barrel.

        • Mark from USA:

          It is epoxied on. It can be removed . it will take some work.

      • PEDRO from USA asked:

        Does diana stormrider PCP g-2 have regulator?

      • Richard from USA asked:

        Does this model also ship with a single shot tray, and the fill probe like the original?

        • Mark from USA:


      • Herman from USA asked:

        Will you be able to switch the bolt from right to left? Like on the original stormrider?

        • Mark from USA:


        • Mark from USA: