Date: 27/9/2020 8:59

Customers Q&A on Diana Stormrider Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle

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  • Herman from USA asked:

    Is this compatible with the stormrider gen 2 .22 cal "DIANA 3X42 Green Red Dot Sight Scope 2X40 Red Dot 3X44 Tactical Optics".

    • Mark from USA:

      The Stormrider has a 11 mm optics rail. The Diana red dot fits the 11mm optics rail.

  • Brent from USA asked:

    I went to install the front barrel band and managed to split the O-rings on the barrel. I even broke the replacement ones before I found the spur on the barrel that was cutting them. Now I need some more - where can I get?? TIA!!

    • Mark from USA:

      To install the barrel band you remove the barrel. Loosen the set screws on the top of the receiver. Slide the barrel out. Put the barrel band on and reinstall the barrel.

  • Ned from USA asked:

    Can you charge this with a standard construction work air compressor? If so do you need anything special, adaptor etc.?

    • Mark from USA:

      Standard shop compressors only go to 150 PSI. You need 3000-4500 PSI to fill a PCP airgun.

  • George from USA asked:

    How many shots is this capable of between refills?

    • Mark from USA:

      In .177 - 40 shots. In 22 cal -30 shots

  • Sure_Shot from USA asked:

    Anyone use this for airgun silhouettes offhand?

    • Crow from USA asked:

      I only had the stormrider2 about month put around 50 pellets through it and it seems that power has went way down.the barrel moves all over the place.whats going the stormrider a piece of xxxx rifle?

    • Jason from USA asked:

      I have the new Diana storm rider gen2 in .22 Cal and I had to remove the barrel to install a second barrel band and was wondering if the barrel has a third O ring in the small air port hole. Because I didn't see one when I pulled the barrel out and just seen the two O rings around the barrel. If there is to be an O ring there how do I find it to but it.

    • Janus from Chile asked:

      It`s possible to buy just the barrel?. Does it fit the threads in the Diana Bandit pistol?

    • kyle from USA asked:

      Have the general issues with this gun been fixed? Only really problem I seen was bolt breaking really

      • Mark from USA:

        Current production comes with an upgraded bolt.

    • Alfonso from USA asked:

      What is the LOP on this rifle? Would it be suited for a 9 year old boy?

      • Mark from USA:

        13 1/2". You can cut the stock short.

    • Nate from USA asked:

      Diana Stormrder Gen 2 has recall for 1400 units, how can I know that I the one I will purchase at PA is not on the recall list. Thanks. -Nate from NY

      • Mark from USA:

        All current production guns have the new tougher bolt handle and trigger modification from the factory.

    • connor from Zimbabwe asked:

      Is the moderator removable on the gen 2 as I know it is on the gen one

      • Mark from USA:

        The moderators are supposed to be glued on. Some can be removed. Some can not.

    • Manuel from USA asked:

      has anyone come up with a good dust cover for the air port for the Diana stormrider?

      • Richard from USA:

        Yes, I've found them on ebay.

    • Shane from USA asked:

      Is there a good disassembly guide or video for the Diana Stormrider?

      • Shane from USA asked:

        Diana Stormrider gen2 has broken bolt handle on fresh air charge. Cant cock and fire to degas how do I remove bolt to repair?

        • Mike from USA:

          Same thing happened to mine. I have the remedy with photos on GTA forum but I'll give yu the short version. EZ-out the remaining threads and bolt, then it's as easy as screwing your new bolt in from hardware store of your choice. Can't remember exact size off hand but it's a common and easy one to find. Matter of fact I'm still using the bolt from the store that I first fixed it with. I just black taped the threads that were exposed and it's no problem. Don't call anyone, just get er done bud.

        • Val from USA:

          I would call Air Venturi warranty line

      • Veronica from USA asked:

        What is the o ring size on the fill probe?

        • Mark from USA:

          4 x 1.5 MM

      • max from USA asked:

        When will this be in stock? Ive been waiting to buy this for 3 months

        • Mark from USA:

          There was a safety issue in the gun. Now rectified. We will have the gun in stock in the next 2-3 weeks.

      • Jondavid from USA asked:

        I wanted to know if the gun came with an air pump and a scope before i buy it

        • Mark from USA:

          The ultimate bundle has those items .

      • andre from Canada asked:

        What hind of scope for this rifle stormrider a godd one medium mount

        • Val from USA:

          Medium rings will be a good fit.

        • Val from USA:

          Medium rings will be a good fit.

        • Val from USA:

          Medium rings will be a good fit.

      • SALARIAK from USA asked:

        I need the seal kit for this rifle in Generation II (O-rings pack) Could you send me the link to buy it?

        • charles from USA asked:

          is there a peep sight that will fit this rifle?

        • Mont from USA asked:

          Is it possible to convert the stormrider to CO2?

          • Amos from USA asked:

            Should I store this gun with the bolt open or closed? And is it ok to decock with trigger or should I just dry fire?

            • MARK from USA:

              It decocks easily with trigger. Store with bolt closed

          • Hector from USA asked:

            Does the rear iron sight sit on a dovetail? If not, is there a way to swap it out for another iron sight?

            • Mark from USA:

              The sight is held in bay a screw and tension. There is no other sight unit available that fits the mount. You can fabricate an adapter.

          • Trenton from USA asked:

            Does anyone know the muzzle thread on the gen 2 in .22?

            • Mark from USA:

              The thread is 10 x1 mm . The moderator is red loctited on at the factory. Very hard to get off.

          • pelletman from USA asked:


            • Paul from USA:

              I've found that pointed pellets generally are NOT the most accuracy chose i would recommend a high quality domed pellet.

            • Mark from USA:

              The most accurate pellet is a trial and error process. You shoot different pellets until you find the best performer.

          • Bill from USA asked:

            My Diana stormrider is two days old. First day i filled up to 200 bar, next morning it was empty. Filled again, shot 13 rounds today , showed 1/2 tank.Put it back in case two hours layer showed 1/4 tank. This can't be normal? BILL

            • Mark from USA:

              IDK why nobody answers but obviously is leaky hopefully still under warranty.

          • Bill from USA asked:

            I filled the cylinder last night woke up to no air? This is only second fill.

          • Kilroy from USA asked:

            Any chance of getting a updated break down that you can read, of 2nd gen gun. Two items fell out of gun when I broke it down a vribration washer and very small screw there is no place for the screw to fit??

            • Shane from USA:

              I am by no means a expert but the same happen to me. If the small screw you refer to is actually a pin it belongs in the rear portion of the trigger assembly and and hold the cocking latch in place - you will see the hole the pin goes in. You must have removed the stock with the gun uncocked - very sensible - but in this case wrong as that pin will just fall out. The anti vibration washer goes the longest screw that holds the stock to the barrel assembly that just falls off too - no help for it. I am trying to get the barrel removed to add a second barrel bad but there seems to be too much force required so I think I am missing something - I was told only the three screws in the top of the breach and the barrel band hold it on but it won't budge.

          • sekhar from India asked:

            Do you deliver air gun product to India ? If you do how much you charge for delivery

            • mtfrank from USA asked:

              Is it necessary to have a moisture removal devise when using a hand pump to prevent moisture entering the cylinder and damaging the gun?

              • gabe from USA asked:

                Dose it come with the pump

              • pelletman from USA asked:


                • Tyler from USA:

                  There are a few methods to achieve this. You could alter the size of the transfer port or reduce the hammer spring.

              • dcttrt from USA asked:

                does location of second barrel band on Diana Stormrider matter?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  To find out, you would need to test it in various locations. Though, it may not be the same from gun to gun. Some may find one position works better for their gun while others will find another. It's really something you need to test for yourself

              • Ken from USA asked:

                Can a second barrel band be added to a gen2 model? If so is removal of the barrel required to perform the installation? Are there instructions available that outline the steps to follow?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Yes, you would need to remove the barrel. It's super easy. Just loosen the set screws on the top of the breech that hold the barrel in. Pull the barrel off. Install your barrel band and put the barrel back in through the hole in the band.

              • Jeffrey from USA asked:

                I bought a Stormrider. There were some small issues which were addressed quickly. I found that the entrance to the barrel had a burr on mine, but I took my barrel off of the gun and used my dremel with a polishing bit and the "fliers" stopped.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Sounds like this should be in the review section, but maybe others will find this helpful.

              • Travis from USA asked:

                Where can I purchase a new moderator for this gun?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Gen 1 or 2?

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Can anyone give better clarification or information about the o-rings on the 1st Gen Diana Stormrider than is seen in the on-line schematic? I took the barrel off to install a second barrel band and want to ensure the rubber o-ring I re-installed was positioned correctly at the head of the barrel.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  No, it's best in my experience to insert the breech o-ring into the breech end of the barrel and then install the barrel into the breech with the o-ring on it.

                • Frank from USA:

                  Tyler, do you mean to say it goes into the breech and then the barrel is inserted into the o-ring?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  It goes just inside of the breech end of the barrel and is held in place when the barrel is inserted into the breech

              • james from USA asked:

                I'm searching for the after market bolt with the handle at the very rear. Can't seem to find one. If you've done this please leave a link where I can buy one.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  The only bolts you'll find on PA are the OEM replacement

              • james from USA asked:

                I love this stormrider. 22 but the pellets breach very hard. I'm using premier hollow points, does anybody else have this problem? What did you do?

                • Richard from USA:

                  I also had this issue. For some reason, the barrel wasn't on correctly. I took the barrel off to check for any issues and all I did was put it back on and the issue resolved itself.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Do you mean they are hard to load? They are very hard pellets, so that may be a part of it. I have seen this on Stormriders before, typically the lead in on the barrel is rough and needs to be polished up, this can help ease loading tremendously.

              • cj from USA asked:

                Is this gun in the gen 1 .177 quiet enough not to scare deer if I were to use it for squirrel while in the deer woods?

                • Delbert from USA:

                  Gen 1 guns are not real quiet unless an aftermarket moderator is added.

              • Blair from USA asked:

                Is anyone aware of after-market stocks (for smaller shooters) that would fit this gun?

                • walter shipman from USA:

                  don't know of after-market stocks, but, if you gave the beechwood stock, shortening is relatively easy, especially if you have a bandsaw: decide how much has to come off for the new fit (don't forget the thickness of the buttplate), mark the stock, slice it off - ensuring the stock remains level during the process. you can do it with a handsaw or a jigsaw, but it's more work and hard to get an accurate straight cut. good luck.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  I have not seen any as of yet

              • james from USA asked:

                I've recently purchased the gen 2 .22 cal stormrider. After pumping the first time filing to 2900 it leaks air out of the fill port. I replaced the small o ring inside the fill port. It still leaks. I use a small spray of ballistol when reassembling. I only gave it a very light tightening as it was fairly easy to back out. Could it be im not tightening it enough. I can't read the schematic provided in the pa links so I'm unsure of proper nomenclature.

                • Bobbyjoe from USA:

                  Had the same problem with mine so I put 2 rings in it and that done the trick

                • james from USA:

                  I've removed cleaned and reassembled with a little tighter twist and it's sealed up!

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Yes, it is possible that it is still not tight enough. If you tighten it further and it is still leaking, give the tech department a call.

              • gary from USA asked:

                how do you adjust the trigger on the gen 2 ?

                • Kilroy from USA:

                  screw in trigger

              • Derek from USA asked:

                Does anyone know if this scope will fit: UTG 3-9x32 AO Bug Buster Rifle Scope, EZ-TAP, Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Tube, Weaver/Picatinny Rings Any other recommended scopes for this rifle? Thanks

                • Peter from USA:

                  Just buy 11mm Airgun rings. I have a Bug Buster on mine and it works great! Be sure you get rings high enough to clear the magazine. I think mine are medium.

                • gary from USA:

                  no needs 11 mm

              • Jimmy from USA asked:

                What the differance gen1 gen2?

                • Peter from USA:

                  Gen 1 does not have an adjustable trigger and the moderator is not effective. You will know its a Gen 1 if the front sight blade is on the front of the moderator. The Gen 2 front sight blade is at the rear of the moderator. In addition, the Gen 2 has a bigger bolt handle... however, it is very delicate and will break off easily (mine did).

              • Edward from USA asked:

                will the gen two bolt fit the gen one guns?

                • air25 from USA asked:

                  do the .177cal and the .22cal use the same barrel band, is the barrel the same outer diameter?

                  • Tyler from USA:


                • MICHAEL from USA asked:

                  Where can I get parts for the Diana Stormrider ??

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Call the tech department at PA, they have a lot of the parts

                • James from USA asked:

                  What is the country of origin?

                  • Tyler from USA:


                • Sammy from USA asked:

                  Is the extended moderator on this generation 2 stormrider much more effective than the generation 1 moderator? Last year I eliminated buying the gen1 gun because most people said that moderator was not effective at all. So just checking to see if this upgrade made a difference.Thanks

                  • Peter from USA:

                    The Gen 2 is much much quieter. Backyard friendly.

                  • Sammy from USA:

                    Thank you Tyler, going to be buying that today.

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Yes, much more effective!

                • Verooshen from South Africa asked:

                  Can you mount a bipod to this Rifle?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    You'd want to install a swivel stud into the stock of the rifle, then most UTG bipods will be able to fit with the adapter plate they come with

                • Verooshen from South Africa asked:

                  Can you use a bicycle pump for this Rifle?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    An actual bike pump, no. A high pressure bike pump like the Hill or Benjamin, yes.

                • Verooshen from South Africa asked:

                  Can you use any type of pump to full the air Rifle?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Any of the high pressure hand pumps available at PA will be capable of filling the stormrider.

                • Robert from USA asked:

                  Has anybody put peep sights on it and used it in a 10 M Competition? Does anybody make a better trigger for it?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Can't speak to the 10m comp question, but there is a new version coming with a two stage adjustable trigger

                • Gonzalo from USA asked:

                  how many shots can you make with a full tank in .22 cal

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    You can do 15-20 good shots before I'd recommend refilling. About 40-50 shots max before you'd be out of air

                • john from USA asked:

                  What is the diameter of the outside of the barrel, to fit threaded barrel adaptor?

                  • Tyler from USA:


                • Matt from USA asked:

                  Where can I get the second barrel band that is supposed to improve the accuracy by preventing the barrel from moving?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Looks like it's online now: Diana Stormrider Barrel Band...

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    I haven't seen the parts online yet, I'd recommend giving the PA Tech department a call, if they have them on hand, they should be able to get you one.

                • Marty from USA asked:

                  I have managed to loose the single shot tray on my stormrider and pyramyd air don't sell them, where can I buy a new one ?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    They will be available online shortly.

                • John from USA asked:

                  The spare O rings included with this gun in mm I.D. X wall are: 5 13x3 1 13x2 2 7x.8 2 6x2 2 4x1.5 1 5x1,5 seat Since mine is the .22 cal, I assume the 4x1.5 is the bolt seal. I'd think someone at PA would identify them. jd

                  • Thomas from USA asked:

                    Is this gun too small for an adult to use

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      I suppose it depends on the size of the adult, but I would say no. Anyone can use this gun pretty easily.

                  • Jorge from USA asked:

                    Can I use a benjamin hand pump to fill this gun?

                    • Tyler from USA:


                  • Jorge from USA asked:

                    Does this gun allow degassing?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      There is no tool to do this with, so the best way would be to simply shoot it down to empty

                  • Dick from USA asked:

                    There was no parts listing or internal picture diagrams, but there were a large number of seals of various sizes and types included with my rifle. Should a parts list and diagram have been included? If not, where can I get them?

                  • michael from USA asked:

                    How do you remove the front sight for installation of a scope?

                    • walter shipman from USA:

                      use medium high mount/rings - that should do it. that way you still have the iron sights should something happen to your scope.

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Front sight? It wouldn't be in your way. But you can remove the blade via the allen screw on the top of it. If you mean't the rear sight, that's also one screw (just remove the elevation adjustment by turning counter clockwise) then you can slide the rear sight off the dovetail. It may require some gentle taps with a mallet to get it moving.

                  • ace from USA asked:

                    Are there any aftermarket bolts ? maybe bigger and stronger metal

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Not that I have seen....check out one of the airgun forums like the GTA to see if anyone has info on aftermarket bolts.

                  • Daniel from USA asked:

                    I just ordered one of these, along with the G7 pump. Can't wait! Although the higher 2900 psi pressure than a Discovery for example, at 2000, how difficult is hand pumping from empty to full pressure with the small 100cc air tube? About how many strokes? Just curious what to expect. Thanks in advance!

                    • Airgun junkee from USA:

                      The gun actually comes with some air already in the tank and is not empty as it shouldn't be, ever. That said, it takes only about 40 to 50 relatively easy pumps with a hand pump to fill it to 2900 PSI.

                  • Al. from USA asked:

                    This appears to be a long barrel with no support (except a rear site devise very close to the breech). Doesn't this make it very fragile, ie, susceptible to bending if used for hunting?

                    • Airgun junkee from USA:

                      If you treat it like a gun should always be treated even when hunting out in the field, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand if you tend to toss your gun around and treat it badly then any gun is likely to get damaged.

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Not really. There is an A frame support (where the rear sight sits) that would keep the barrel from moving too much in the event you run into something.

                  • Bob from USA asked:

                    Just how loud is this gun, especially the 22.

                    • Airgun junkee from USA:

                      I bought this gun in .177 caliber a few weeks ago and tested it with a chrony from full 2900 PSI down to 1500 PSI and I can tell you the sound level rises and falls in relation to the speed of the pellet. From 2900 down to about 2500 pretty quiet, then gets louder until about 1800 PSI and then starts to get relatively quiet again after that. As for the muzzle speed with JSB Exact, at 2900 is about 760 fps then maxes out at about 990 fps and after hanging around in the upper 900s for about 10 shots starts to fall again.

                    • Val from USA:

                      If you watch the product video at 8 minute 2 sec, says 105 db

                  • Gregory from USA asked:

                    is there a scope/ring combination that will allow using the sights with the scope mounted?

                    • Airgun junkee from USA:

                      You might be able to use the sights if you use high see-through rings with a scope no larger than 32 millimeters objective lens.

                    • Stanley from USA:

                      Watch Tylers video it should answer your question?

                  • William from USA asked:

                    Also my magazine broke on first day. Spring got twisted in weird way. Does anyone els have this problem with mag?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      I've seen it happen with this style of magazine before. Call up Pyramyd and get an RMA.

                  • William from USA asked:

                    Does anyone have an issue with the bolt being so hard to click back. Mine is extremely difficult. Very hard to click all the way. Any suggestions?

                    • David from USA:

                      Check out the bolt handle, its easy to bend, and mine had to be taken apart to access the allen head screw on the bolt itself, it was too tight

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Between that and the magazine, I would recommend calling Pyramyd and getting it swapped out.

                  • Brett from USA asked:

                    how to remove rear sight for mounting scope

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      It may be necessary to tap the sight off using a mallet.

                    • Henry from USA:

                      I am sorry this is not an answer. The rear sight does not slide off from the dovetail even after I removed the elevation screw. I tried heating the plastic sight body to expand it but no avail. I need a working method, too.

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      If you remove the screw that adjusts the elevation by turning counter clockwise, the sight can be removed by just sliding it off of the dovetail.

                  • Donald from USA asked:

                    Will full length Predator Polymags/Metalmags fit the .22 cal rotary magazine?

                    • David from USA:

                      I have noticed that the longer pointed and domed pellets work best in my 22 magazine, short pellets with flat or shallow bases seem to jam on mine

                    • Tyler from USA:


                  • joseph from USA asked:

                    What scope rings are suggested for this rifle?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      That depends on what scope you are mounting, but I would recommend either Leapers dovetail or BKL rings for this rifle.

                  • Kendell from USA asked:

                    think a maraauder or umerx gauntlet mag would fit it ?

                    • Tyler from USA:


                  • Giovanni from USA asked:

                    Could we install a TKO MUZZLE BRAKE without damaging the rifle, and is the barrel threaded. thank you

                    • Samuel from USA:

                      I bought this gun under a different OEM brand but it's the exact same gun just not branded Diana.. yes TKO LDC fits on it perfectly BUT the stock mod is a nightmare to get off... I bought this gun as a project gun.. with some work, tuning, Mod'ing and time.. this can be a very accurate gun.. we built a regulator for it, reg putting out 1390psi, from a 3150psi fill it gets 26 shots with a SD of 2 and ES of 8 at 29.7ftlbs with JSB 18.13s... we lead lapped the barrel and then cut a nice fresh 11 degree crown on the barrel and now this gun will shoot sub 1/2 inch 5 shot groups at 50 yards all day long, 10 shot groups will be well under an inch. We even got the trigger to preform well, is it one if my FX guns trigger? Not by a long shot but it's a more then usable 1.2lb zero creep single stage trigger, trigger feels just like a nice bench rest powder burners trigger.

                  • tpi from USA asked:

                    What is the outside diameter of the barrel, without the muzzle brake ?

                    • Airgun junkee from USA:

                      12 millimeters

                  • James-M. from USA asked:

                    Is the barrel threaded to accept an after market moderator?

                    • James-M. from USA:

                      @Tyler. A little modification then. Thanks.

                    • Tyler from USA:


                  • cj from USA asked:

                    Can this gun in .22 kill am iguana

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Within a relatively close distance 20-30 yards, it should be more than capable as long as you can take a head shot

                  • Zahiruddin from India asked:

                    Is the Diana Stormrider .177 eligible for import into India?

                    • jeff from USA asked:

                      LOL! Ever think that exclusively using JSB's might be the most efficient pellet to show air guns peak accuracy? it seems 98 out of 100 times. guns get the best groups w/ them lol! not really a ? just a long term observation.

                      • James-M. from USA:

                        Half of my rifles have better accuracy with H&N pellets.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Each gun is different, but good pellets often show good results. But yes, JSB's are often a go to when testing a gun for accuracy regardless of the caliber

                    • Ian from USA asked:

                      Is it possible to adjust the velocity on this rifle?

                      • pelletman from USA:


                      • Frank from USA:

                        You can buy aftermarket regulators for it. I think HUMA maybe?

                      • Airgun junkee from USA:


                    • john giorgini from USA asked:

                      Are extra mags available and if so how much are they?

                    • hansel from USA asked:

                      any way to but a scope on this stormrider

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Yes, it has an 11mm dovetail for mounting scopes.

                    • Armando from USA asked:

                      that rifle is a PR900W from snowpeak chines air rifle?

                      • Victor from USA:

                        Yes, just branded as a Diana. But with PA's customer service. Buy it and a couple of mags and don't look back.