Date: 23/9/2020 19:34

Customers Q&A on Dragon Claw Air Rifle

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  • Chris from USA asked:

    What diameter is the 50 cal barrel. I cant find my micrometer. Is it .50 , .495, .490 ect....

    • Mark from USA:

      These projectiles fit : .50 caliber (0.495) & .50 caliber.

  • Ed from USA asked:

    Is the Dragon Claw more effective with big game when shooting bolts instead of slugs?

    • Val from USA:

      Absolutely, long arrows will cause more damage. They generally weigh more than slugs too.

  • William from USA asked:

    Where and how do you oil the Seneca Dragon Claw air rifle ?

    • Mark from USA:

      A little silicone grease on the bolt. A little silicone grease/oil on the breech cover. That's it. Wipe the exterior down with a product like Ballistol. That will keep rust at bay. Ballistol works on metal.wood,or plastic.

  • Norman from USA asked:

    I shoot a .50 cal inline muzzle loader firing .44 cal and .45 cal handgun lead bullets in plastic sabots ranging from 155 gr to 240 gr. can sub .50 cal Sabot projectiles be fired with this rifle?

    • Chris from USA:

      I've shot 44 mag .429 bullets with sabots with no problem or loss of accuracy.

    • Mark from USA:

      Sabots do not shoot well out of airguns. the velocities are too low.

  • Dustin from USA asked:

    black powdered slugs is that an option for this gun

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes. As long as the slugs are not over 300 gr and soft lead.

  • Allen from USA asked:

    Is this barrel threaded to accept a compensator? If so, where would it be found?

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is threaded, though there is no compensator available for them on Pyramyd Air.

  • Alo from USA asked:

    If I precharge this with a hand pump outside in -40 degree weather, and then bring it inside my house and let it warm to ~70 degrees F, will the air precharge cylinder explode? i.e. does it have a pressure relief valve safety built in?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No. Not from the temp change. And yes, it does have a burst disc built in. For reference, most PCP cylinders are burst tested to 3 times their operating pressure, and going from that cold to that hot of an environment is not going to alter the actual pressure in the cylinder by anywhere near that much.

  • David from USA asked:

    So I got this gun and let me tell you now IT'S A BEAST!!!! But I still have a question. Can I fill this gun with helium or nitrogen instead of air?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Nitrogen would be ok

  • stu from USA asked:

    I got the Mantis 4-12x40 AO scope but it hits the rear sight on the Dragon Claw.. What do I need to get to raise my scope up enough to clear the sight? Please help! Thanks.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Are you currently using high rings?

  • Jason from USA asked:

    Can you fill the dragon claw with an air venturi G7s hand pump

    • Tanner from USA:

      Yes you can it just takes a really long time and a lot of pumping

    • Tyler from USA:

      From empty, it would be almost impossible. IF the gun already has air in it, you can certainly top it off with the hand pump

  • Jason from USA asked:

    Can you fill a dragon claw with a hand pump

    • Tyler from USA:

      If it's empty it's going to be quite a challenge. Make sure you cock the rifle before attempting to fill, put the gun on safe after that and of course, make sure it's not loaded. Then pump away!

  • Jose from USA asked:

    How many shots can you get on high power with airbolts?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Mark from USA asked:

    Do they ever plan on making a raised cheek stock for left had shooters?

    • john from USA asked:

      will this shoot the .50 cal. shot shells made for the wingshot? I know the plastic may foul the rifling but I assume that will only take a lot of cleaning , it's only plastic. But will it shoot and hold any pattern at all?

      • Tyler from USA:

        It is not recommended. The shells wont make it very far in the barrel before opening and I'd imagine that over time, the BBs would damage your rifling.

    • martin from USA asked:

      Are .50 cal rifled bullets the same diameter as an airgun bullet? N y do they call a 9mm .357 sometimes?

      • Tyler from USA:

        That depends on what you purchase. Most of the .50 cal ammo for airguns is in the .497 range. If you can find a bullet locally that is the same or close to the same diameter, it should work. May not necessarily shoot very accurately but there's only one way to find that out. And yes, 9mm and .357 are often interchanged in the case of airguns

    • James from USA asked:

      seen bipods mounted on dragon slayer. What will work with out mods to forearm?

      • Travis from USA:

        There is an attachment that attaches to the lower tank on my dragon claw that I have a bipod attached to.

      • Tyler from USA:

        There is not a way to mount a bipod without screwing something into the forearm

    • anthony from USA asked:

      how many shots before tank is empty

      • Cory from USA:

        You would not want to shoot it until it is empty, it is best to store it with some air in it to prevent moisture in the gun. There is a 6 shot string listed in the description.

    • adam from USA asked:

      Can I shoot a elk with 50 cal air gun

      • Chris from USA:

        You could absolutely kill a elk with this rifle. Just use the bolts with a good broad head. If you check there is a YouTube video of a guy taking a Cape Buffalo with no trouble. The beast shoots a bolt faster than a crossbow for Christ sakes. I will be the first to take a rogue African African elephant with mine . Wait for that video.

      • Travis from USA:

        I would imagine shooting the elk in the head would take it down. That would be the proper placement if you're only interested in the meat and not the head. Just saw the antlers off and harvest the meat.

      • Val from USA:

        we do not recommend hunting anything beyond javelina size with the off-the-shelf .50 cal air rifles. This rifle producing 200 ft/lbs at the muzzle would require a great care and good shot placement to be used on anything larger and still be considered sportsman. Tuning this rifle to get more power and using right ammo would increase its effective distance and might allow using it for larger game but a limited number of airgun hunters are proficient enough to do that.

    • Eric from USA asked:

      Can I charge this gun ( and similar types ) from a regular 30 gallon 160 PIS air compressor ( Sears I believe ) I have around on our farm to keep the tires all filled, blow off the equipment, etc?

      • Val from USA:

        No, unfortunately not. The PCP air rifles require 3,000 PSI pressure. Click on the PCP Hookup tab to see what your options are.

    • eric from USA asked:

      what brand and type of scope is recommended for a 50 cal dragon claw air rifle?

      • Val from USA:

        depends on the distance you will be shooting. Any good scope will work since rifle does not have much of a kick, however this new/upcoming Leapers scope might be just the ticket for big bores and hunter: Leapers 1-8x28 scope. That's right 1-8 magnification for less than $300 retail!

    • steve-o-reno from USA asked:

      1--What is the max effective range to hunt with this weapon? (hi pwr) 2-What is the speed fps & ft lbs on "low" pwr (1/2 cock)?

      • Val from USA:

        We don't recommend hunting past 40 yards with this air rifle. Your power will be anywhere from 120 to 200+ ft/lbs depending on the pellets you use and either you are shooting full power of half-power.