Date: 24/10/2017 2:1

Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle

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  • GBJeffOH from USA asked:

    Is this legal for bow season in Ohio?

    • dallas from USA asked:

      How do I mount a bipod on the dragon claw duel tank

    • Alexandre from Canada asked:

      Do you need your license even though it's an air rifle?

      • Tyler from USA:

        In Canada, you would need a PAL for this rifle and to find a dealer that can bring it into the country. Pyramyd cannot ship it to Canada

    • Patrick from USA asked:

      What type of fill port is used on this version? Older models use 1/8 BSPP. Can the new style be bought as a replacement?

      • Tyler from USA:

        The current version uses a male quick disconnect fitting.

    • Riley from USA asked:

      How do you go about filling the reservoirs that you fill the gun with, there is know where near me that has a 4500 psi air compressor and I do not want to hand pump it very badly

      • dallas from USA:

        Get you a scuba tank and the K valve fill station it has the female foster fitting and will fit the mail fitting on the rifle. I get 2900 psi fills

    • Bob from USA asked:

      Can use nitrogen in stead of air.

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Jeffrey from USA asked:

      Will this Sam Yang Dragon Claw work with #6 & #8 shot shotgun amio???? It will shoot arrows and as well as of up to .600" in the 500cc .50cal model!!!

      • Fred from USA asked:

        Got mine and shot it today using the Air Bolts. I had to really jack up the rear sight for 30yd shots. I can't imagine a scope having that kind of adjustment... we'll see... but I was wondering how close POA/impact is between arrows and slugs? I'm wondering if it can be that far off between the two? If I'll need to crank the sight back down to a more normal position when I shoot slugs? Anybody shooting both?

        • michael from USA asked:

          How hard is it to fill with air pump?

          • chris from USA asked:

            What mold cast the most accurate usable bullet for hunting dear sized animals.

            • Lt. One Wolf from USA asked:

              Can I use an air compressor to fill this gun and what kind of adapter would I need? Are they sold on this site>

              • Paul from USA asked:

                Can i shoot the wing shot shot she'll with the dragon claw

                • Kevin from USA:

                  not recommended, this barrel is rifled bore not smooth bore, you will get plastic fouling but you can use sabots with .45 cal bullets but you will get the same plastic fouling.

              • Jeromy from USA asked:

                On the eunjin meter what is the Max fill 20 or 30?

                • Kevin from USA:

                  20, right where the green and the red lines meet

              • John from USA asked:

                How much does this gun weigh?

                • Kevin from USA:

                  8.5 lbs

              • WILMA from USA asked:

                What is max affective range of this gun?

                • dallas from USA:

                  About100 yards

              • John from USA asked:

                Do they have a left handed stock or version of this rifle?

                • Stanley from USA:


              • Raymury from USA asked:

                I got the .50 cal 250 grain from venturi and it seems to be a super tight fit and I'm afraid it will get stuck in the barrel?

                • William from USA:

                  I believe that you should "slug" your bore and, using accurate calipers, measure the slug. Then, go to a seller, like Hunter's Supply, and have them swage bullets to your exact caliber. They will usually do this for you at no extra charge, and you can then be sure that the ammunition you are using will perform well in your gun.

              • jordan from USA asked:

                Does this gun have a swivel stud ( if not how can I put a bipod on it )?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  No it doesn't .

              • ANTHONY from USA asked:

                The ammo on this site is limited, can these big bore rifles shoot standard muzzle loader rounds, specifically sabot rounds from Hornady or Thompson/Center?

                • dallas from USA:

                  You can use .495 muzzle loader rounds

                • William from USA:

                  This gun should use only soft lead bullets for best performance. Hard lead, jacketed, sabots, and lubricated bullets should be avoided. They can damage rifling, sabots can come loose and plug a barrel, and lubed bullets can dirty a barrel quickly.

                • Jerry from USA:

                  I would not recommend sabot ammo

              • randy from USA asked:

                this gun is loud is there a suppresser that fits this gun ???????????

                • William from USA:

                  There are supressors that will fit, but in most states, they require a special license, or are simply illegal to use on ANY type of gun, firearm or air. Don't take the chance!

              • Charles from Canada asked:

                How many full power shot on one fill?

                • John from USA:

                  I get 15 shots using 185 gr lead. After 15 shots on full power I see bullet drop out of the x zone by about 1/4" lower by shot.

                • Val from USA:

                  Read the part of the description that describes the technique of switching to half-power after 4th shot and basically continue getting consistent shot string.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  You will get roughly 6 shots per fill.

              • Charles from Canada asked:

                THis is in the "hunting" category so what kind of game does that include?

                • William from USA:

                  In some locales, they can be used to hunt deer sized animals. Laws vary, so do your homework before you decide to use this on game animals.

                • Val from USA:

                  this one when untuned can take up to javelina up to 35-40 yards. People do hunt wild boar with these.

              • spider from USA asked:

                Is there a way to put a bipod on this dual tank gun. If so, what kind do I need to get?

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  You would have to tap the fore grip with a swivel screw, then get a bi pod with the swivel adapter.

              • anthony from USA asked:

                should the .50 cal pellet on the Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle be seated as far forward as possible or to the back of the breach? Thanks

                • Tyler from USA:

                  I would seat the pellet further forward in the breech.

              • spider from USA asked:

                How do you fill the middle air resevior?

                • Val from USA:

                  The middle reservoir is connected to the bottom one, so when you fill the rifle you fill both tanks at the same time.