Date: 9/4/2020 22:57

Customers Q&A on Duke SAA Colt Peacemaker CO2 BB Revolver, Nickel

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  • Christy from Ireland asked:

    Can this gun be shipped to the Republic of Ireland

    • stanley from USA asked:

      Can you use .177 pellets if you get pellet shell in the bb version of the colt peacemaker

      • stanley from USA asked:

        I saw that you could use a .177 pellet in the bb version peacemaker. You did have to place it a little further(past the rubber seal) into the cartridge in order for it to fire? Is this true?

        • James from USA:

          Even if it can be done, you wouldn't gain anything by trying to use pellets. It is a smooth bore. The pellets will be less accurate than bb's. It doesn't have enough power for hunting anything but mice.

      • Zach from USA asked:

        If I buy this, what color will the bullets be in?

        • Val from USA:

          they will be yellow in color. The pellet cartridges are silver in color.

      • Lawrence from USA asked:

        Will you also carry the pellet version with a rifled barrel? Or will Umarex offer a pellet version of any other model without the J Wayne Graffiti?

        • Mark from USA:

          Yes, the rifled barrel (pellet revolvers are available for pre-order right now)