Date: 19/8/2018 5:32

Customers Q&A on Evanix Hunting Master AR6

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  • Johnjohn5757 from USA asked:

    Do I need a adapter to fit air venture tank

  • Bryan from USA asked:

    I have an Evanix hunting master AR6 and I'm using a PCP HAND PUMP To FILL It BUT My PRROBLEM Is THAT I'm supposed to line the fill tube cap to the reservoir but I can't see any openings"? Is there a certain amount of unscrewing the cap so I can get to the opening so I can fill the reservoir"??

    • Stanley from USA:

      The image shown here doesn't seem to include any such cover ? Maybe the newer ones excluded the cover ? Hatsans have similar cover that you just twist until the fill hole is exposed.

  • L. khang from USA asked:

    what is the trigger pull weight for single stage? Please answer someone!

    • Stanley from USA:

      Trigger pull in single action is 5 pounds they advise against shooting in double action saying it can damage the pistol ( just saying ) .

  • Dave from USA asked:

    I have a Hunting Master-P. I tried to use Air Venturi 90cu-in tank with fill station and adapter connected to probe. But quick disconnect releases from fill station to adapter instantly every time. Any suggestions? I have been looking for a coupling or adapter with 2 female ends to eliminate the quick disconnect.

    • Big Shady from USA:

      Dave sometimes the fittings get worn from use. I have had nicks caused by the connection popping off. Take some 600 grit wet n dry sandpaper, if there are burrs from pop offs. Worked for me.

  • pete from USA asked:

    how many cc,s or cubic inches does the reservoir hold?

    • Leighton from USA asked:

      can the 22 cal be converted to 25 cal

      • pcp4me from USA:

        Since it is made in both calibers, I suspect yes! Easiest way I see is order a whole new top unit, breech, barrel, and magazine and put it on! Should be an easy exchange.

    • benny from USA asked:

      Whats the fps an foot pounds in .25 cal???

      • scott from USA asked:

        Is there any way of getting one of the older style carbine stocks for one of these?

        • Leighton from USA asked:

          can it shot H&N Rabbit Magnum II .22 Cal

          • David from USA asked:

            The trigger pull is listed as "5.0 lbs". Is that in single-action mode?? If not, what is single-action trigger pull weight??

            • Tilemachos from Greece asked:

              What - if any - iron sights could be used on that pistol?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                Pyramyd doesn't currently offer any.

            • mike from USA asked:

              The fpe and use in double action

              • Cory from USA:

                Please see answer below.

            • mike from USA asked:

              Still waiting fpe and y can't use double action

              • Cory from USA:

                When shooting in double action it puts too much stress on the trigger, the hammer also does not go back as far as in single action so it has a large decrease in velocity that will vary per individual pistol.

            • mike from USA asked:

              What is the fpe and y can u not use double action how is it damaged this may be deal barker

              • Cory from USA:

                When shooting in double action it puts too much stress on the trigger, the hammer also does not go back as far as in single action so it has much less velocity.

            • Bob from USA asked:

              Are there sights for this gun? Not a scope.

              • Johnjohn5757 from USA:

                A red dot will it fit

              • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                No, sights cannot be put on this pistol

            • jimmy from USA asked:

              Can I fill this with FX air guns hand pump from Sweden?? Thanks, Jim

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                Yes, it's a direct fit.

            • ATMG68 from USA asked:

              IF IN double action , what gets damaged???

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                Nothing, it's just harder to pull.