Date: 19/9/2020 13:40

Customers Q&A on Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup

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  • Philip from USA asked:

    Does this air rifle accept 145gr Benjamin Nosler Red Tips?

    • Philip from USA asked:

      What specific model hand pump would I need to fill this please? Would I need any other accessories to pump fill this like adapters or a tank? Thank you very much.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Any hand pump can do it, but I would recommend this one: Air Venturi MK4 by Hill... All you need to do is thread the fill probe onto the end of the hose and you are good to go.

    • alessandro from Italy asked:

      hi, where wooden stock is compatible with fx rifle Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup ?

      • Jamison from USA asked:

        Where can I get a tune kit?

        • nathaniel from USA asked:

          How loud is it in .22

          • Roscoe from USA asked:

            It states the rail have forward backward movement? Can this be tightened or is this something the company has fixed?

            • Taylor from USA asked:

              can the barrel be changed out on this gun? if i bought it in .22 but wanted to change it to be .177 or even a bigger round could i do it?

              • Christopher from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

                Is this barrel smooth bore or spiraled

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Barrel is rifled not smooth.

              • chris from USA asked:

                Whats the threading? i want to put a silencer on the .357

                • Moses from USA asked:

                  Can a handpump be usedto fill up

                  • John from USA:

                    The real answer is, kinda. It's a chore. I only charge mine to about 200 bar. It really becomes a chore after that.

                  • Stanley from USA:


                • pete from USA asked:

                  What's a supressor u guys sale fit this?

                  • Chris from USA:


                • Helmut from USA asked:

                  Specs show 45 shots per fill for 9mm version. How can this be? only 250cc vs other models with 300cc max per fill is around 15 shots?

                  • Chris from USA:

                    You'll get 7 great shots with the 9mm and 14 usable shots.

                • pete from USA asked:

                  I just got to shoot this thing cause my pump finally came. On the 9th shot the tiger is now lose n won't fire What do I do

                  • EMU from USA:

                    The real triger lost the connection with the fake one.... reinsert the mechanism to the real triger and fasten the bolts that support the mechanism.... It is very easy.

                • Craig from USA asked:

                  I am interested in this gun for rat hunting. I am thinking of ordering one in .22. Where legal I currently use a .22 rifle. I would use this gun when that would be prohibited. I have a Silencerco Spectrum II waiting for my ATF stamp. I thought that would be ideal for this rifle since it is so loud. I read it has internal threads on the barrel. Will it be possible to use an adapter to convert it to a standard barrel thread?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    We do not recommend using a firearms silencer on a airgun for both practical and potential legal reasons.

                • Frank from USA asked:

                  Good day, please can you confirm how many shoots per fill i got in the 9 mm?

                  • John from USA:

                    The drop off on these guns is fast. They down tune super easy. An aftermarket regulator, hammer spring will get you a more consistent shot stream. But, start with a lower tension on your hammer.

                  • Ryan from USA:

                    That is incorrect. You will get roughly 7-9 full power shots in 9mm from my understanding.

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    If you read the specs it says 45 shots per fill in 25 cal and 9mm.

                • Richard from USA asked:

                  How loud is this rifle compaired to a Logun S-16?

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    The login is rated at 1 which is very quiet compared to the evanix rainstorm which is rated at 5 which is very loud. Loguns are harder to find these days.

                • JRR from USA asked:

                  The description describes this gun as a futuristic one. Where are the features that make it futuristic? All I see is a rifle with a cage around it...?????

                  • Dan the Man from USA:

                    Bullpup design, weaver rails all over the place and that new style fore grip.

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    It's all in the eyes of the beholder Sir

                • ken from USA asked:

                  can this gun shoot 9mm bullets? The .50 cal SAM Y can shoot black powder projectiles.

                  • Dale from USA:

                    most rounds larger than 95gr are going to be too long for the magazine and will not work - hope this helped!

                • Jason from USA asked:

                  Is the end of the barrel threaded? Can i add a ldc?

                  • Jamison from USA:

                    Check out for model specific suppression

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    It is internally threaded, Neil Clague has made LDC's for them before.