Date: 27/9/2020 9:55

Customers Q&A on Evanix Rex Air Rifle

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  • meir from USA asked:

    Can you recommend a larger air cylinder replacement to the Evanix Rex 357? I searched the entire web with no results.

    • Mark from USA:

      There is no replacement for the Evanix air cylinders.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    I can never seem to get a clear answer as to why you guys wont sell this Rex Rifle and Rex pistol In the bigger calibers any longer. The Rex pistol In .50 will do 182ft.-lbs, In a compact pistol that breaks down smaller!! There's nothing like It In terms of It's size, power and price. The Rex Rifle Is also Phenomenal In that It only weighs 5 pounds, Is very compact, balanced, and can be broken down smaller to be thrown Into a pack with extra spare tanks. Yeah the Texan SS or Carbine can too but It's not as compact, light and balanced and It's double the price of the Original Rex Rifle. The Rex rifle In .45, and .50 will fire a 350 grain slug and do over 260 Ft-lbs!!! All this In a 5 pound 35" carbine that can be taken down to under 24" and put Into a pack for hunting. That's Smaller than most Bullpups and alot more powerful than most Bullpups and rifles. I just don't get why your no longer offering these In there large calibers.They sold well, People loved them when they bought them. The Rex bottle models that your selling, that are rebadged as the "Gamo TC35/TC45", are no-where near as good as the Original Rex. There not as powerful. Also there not as compact, light, or balanced. Also at $1,000+, there double the price of the original Rex, which makes no sense because, If you want to spend $1000+ on a single shot, stripped down big bore, then You would just buy one of the fantastic Airforce Texans, not the Gamo TC45/TC35

    • Mark from USA:

      Once we sell the remaining stock of Evanix guns we will no longer sell them. The Gamo big bores are made by Evanix.

  • victor from USA asked:

    How do you fill the evanix cylinder,can you use a air pump

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes. You can use a handpump.

  • Randy from USA asked:

    Can I use .22 slugs in the Rex? If so what grain would be the best? I have the .22 model. Also is anyone having issues with the pressure gauge showing the correct pressure. I fill with a compressor and there is a 60 bar difference in the compressor reading compared to the lower Rex gauge. I have 6 pcp's with dead on readings from compressor to gun.

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes,You can use 22 cal slugs. We have not tested any slugs in the Rex. It takes trial and error to find which one shoots best in your gun.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    It's really sad to see that this Rex Rifle and the Rex Pistol are not being sold In anything but .22. I've checked overseas and you can still get them, even In .50 caliber! So why aren't you guys selling them anymore? I assume It's to push sales of the Gamo TC35 and TC45 (Rex Ba, Fa) but those models are double the price, heavier, and more cumbersome.

    • Val from USA:

      Evanix is transitioning it's imports to a different company, so availability is scarce right now. Once the dust settles it's very possible Pyramyd Air will carry Evanix airguns once again!

  • Trenton from USA asked:

    Why does the Rex seem to be disappearing? Every website for this gun says sold out.

    • Mark from USA:

      Evanix is not very good at delivering products to retailers in a timely manner.

  • fred from USA asked:

    Hey Can someone explain the advantage of the .357version because Im kinda confused, I mean in my eyes its supposed to be the most powerful, but the lower calibers have a much higher fps, or can it shoot the others too, really considering the gun and also really new to guns

    • Mark from USA:

      Larger calibers will have more muzzle energy. (foot lbs) even though they shoot more slowly. The more mass the projectile has the more effective the hit. This is why 22 cal is best for small game. 25 cal for med game and 30 cal and up for large game shooting.

  • Tyler from USA asked:

    Are the threads on the end the same as the Gamo TC 35 Wondering if I be able to put moderater on it from Donny Fl.

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      Is the shoulder piece sold separately?

      • Matthew from USA asked:

        The owner's manual states fill to 220 bar, the on-board pressure gauge goes into red at 200 bar, and the gun (in .357) has 250 BAR engraved on it... which is correct?

        • Matthew from USA:

          If that's the case why not have a pressure gauge that matches? Don't ask Evanix... they never answer

        • Tyler from USA:

          The gun itself will state what the max fill pressure is, I would go by that.

      • Brian from USA asked:

        Can the .357 cal. version use the air bows like the benjamin bulldog?

        • Brian from USA asked:

          Can the .357cal version utilize the arrows like for the bulldog.

          • Tyler from USA:

            They can be used, but they may not be very accurate as the arrows are not going to seat in the barrel entirely since they are longer than the barrel

        • Ben from USA asked:

          Who has this in .22cal, what's your favorite ammo other than the barcuda 21gr, how far can you accurately shoot it with what size groups, and is the barrel or shroud threaded?

          • claude from USA asked:

            will someone chronograph this rifle with heavy bullets? the 234-grain diablo would be nice to show.what is the best diameter bullets to use 457 456 454?

            • Jonathan from USA:

              If the barrel is anything like the rex p, my experience is that the optimal diameter is .454

          • RHumphreys from USA asked:

            What is the bore size and best ammo for the .45 variant? What accuracy can be obtained from it?

            • Thomas from USA asked:

              Anyone use the .22 or .25 ?? Looking to get either one so any input would be helpful as I cannot see that anyone has one. Thanks

              • Tyler from USA:

                Depends on what you want to do with it. If hunting, I'd get the .25 for the added power and larger wound channel it will create

            • Robert from USA asked:

              what grain of bullet does anyone hunt with in .45?

              • Francisco from USA:

                If I'm sniping at a well known range (distance) I use the 234.3 grain diabolo; even though, it has one of the greatest ballistic arcs at 100 yards it devastates the target, or game. If I am moving and unknown range, I go with the lightest, which gives the flattest trajectory, but it doesn't deliver the massive destructive kinetic energy of the heavier projectile. I use the 300 grain for ballistic analysis to determine the maximum power curve for best accuracy, so there is a tradeoff with ballistic arc, accuracy, and power and each gun has its own resonant frequency that operates at its premium performance for all combinations combined. I suggest to write, write, and write down every data point on every shot and plot it on an excel type spreadsheet and let the graphs answer your questions. Happy airgunning, just don't shoot the rabbit laying the egg today, or you might get a chocolate mist effect.

            • Richard from USA asked:

              Can the heat shield be removed from the Evanix Rex to put on a quad rail or is the heat shield required for another purpose

              • Ken from USA:

                Yes, I tried to give directions on how I did it butI was advised my answer was not pg- 13 ? ? ? ? ? . . . . It can be done and a sling arrangement also . . . . I wish that this answer column was a bit more adult . . . . My answer had NO inappropriate language . . . Good luck

            • John from USA asked:

              Do you have to loosen the socket head cap screw on the butt plate to remove it for refilling the air cylinder ? I saw a video on You Tube that showed someone just twisting it 90 degrees to remove it which would be a lot better.

              • Tyler from USA:

                There is a fill probe that plugs right into the rear of the cylinder for refilling. To remove the cylinder, you need to remove a screw. But there is no need to take the cylinder off to refill, so that is not really an issue.

            • pedro from Brazil asked:

              can i changes barrel in the evanix rex our rex p???

              • Bruce from USA asked:

                When will the Rex BA be available?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  No ETA at this time

              • Colby from USA asked:

                What PSI level is the air tube tested to?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Most cylinders are tested to almost double their max recommended fill pressure. I cannot speak for what Evanix does. But it's best to never exceed the maximum recommended fill pressure.

              • Mario from Philippines asked:

                Regarding the .45 caliber version, what is its barrel's bore size?

                • Evan from USA asked:

                  what is the best long range pellet for up to 100yd with .22

                  • richard from USA:

                    This will depend on pellet accuracy and weight. i have the 357 and its accurate out to 75 yards maybe 1.5" grouping

                • kevin from USA asked:

                  Dose anyone know the fps on the 45 an what grain bullet ,, need to know

                  • Evan from USA:

                    around 800fps

                • leonardo from USA asked:

                  .45 400g works for this rifle

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Is that a question?

                • richard from USA asked:

                  Is there going to be a larger tank available for this like the ba has? Rifle is a blast to shoot tons of power just would like to get some more shots at full power. If a direct fit is not available is there a tank that i can pull my valve from my cylinder and put it on that tank. don't need more psi just more volume

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Not at this time.

                • Kent from USA asked:

                  I want the Rex BA. When does it come out?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    No ETA at this time

                • reggie from USA asked:

                  Can I use a tank for a 45 caliber on a 9mm? I'm hoping the larger valve will give me more fps in the 9.

                  • richard from USA:

                    No you can not as the valve is actually a diff. size. the end of the valve sits right in the end of the barrel to give it is seal

                • julio from USA asked:

                  When will the ba version be out ? Will is cost more than the Texan ss?

                • shootist1942 from USA asked:

                  The bore size for the .25 is .255" MicroGroove barrels are slightly oversize. My Rex .25 shoots .257 72gr cast bullets (Lyman) very nicely. The absolute best pellet is the EJ 43gr.

                  • shootist1942 from USA asked:

                    What is the twist rate for the .25 and the .357?

                    • charles from USA asked:

                      my curiosity is more toward how the .45 round ball shooting in this? anyone use them ?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Have used them. They do shoot, but aren't the most accurate option in the one that I was shooting.

                    • mike from Netherlands (Holland) asked:

                      I would like to shoot this rifle directly connected to my air tank at the range, is this possible regarding the position of the filling connector at the end of the stock?

                      • richard from USA:

                        Not with out removing the butt on the cylinder it covers the fill port

                    • Robby from USA asked:

                      Id buy this gun right now, but I hate to wast $700 on THIS gun, because when the REX FA or the REX BA comes out, this gun will be more than likely be discontinued I figure??? I'd rater have the Rex BA with the 10 high power or 40 low power shot and the quietness also... Will there be an upgrade from this gun, where the Rex BA tank and barrel could be bought for this gun? Pretty much doubt it though, they would want you to drop another $1,000 and buy the other gun huh?

                      • richard from USA:

                        As for discontinued i dont think so as the fa and ba are the same platform and with the pistol being same platform and big cal. I dont see it disappearing any time soon maybe improvements. Tbey just carry too mucb power for size

                    • Jase from USA asked:

                      Can i get the same FPE in .25 as the .357 if i was to use cast bullets the same weight as the .357 jsbs?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        No, the valve is different.

                    • Anthony from USA asked:

                      Can I put on the rex rifle tank on the Rex p?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Yes, they can be switched

                    • Big Shady from USA asked:

                      Is there anything on the market that works better than ear plugs? This Big Dog Barks And Bites.

                      • Big Shady from USA:

                        Yes!!! Save your ears, here's one cure. Wolf Airguns has a nice suppressor available for the REX Guns.

                    • JORGE from USA asked:

                      do you know when are you getting Evanix rex BA That RICK at airgunweb put on youtube?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        No ETA at this time

                    • Mark from USA asked:

                      I would like to know if PA is going to sale the BA version? Because I want one.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        There is no ETA for the BA at this time

                    • Ronald from USA asked:

                      Will the Airforce tanks work on this rifle???

                      • Big Shady from USA:


                    • JON from USA asked:

                      How many usable shots per fill in .357? What are the velocities with some heavy-ish pellets over the X # of shots curve for the .357? If I can get this answered to reasonable satisfaction, I will likely buy the gun.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        You will get 8-10 shots in .357. With JSB pellets, they top out around 860 fps. With a heavy weight slug like the Benjamin Nosler, they run in the 690 fps range at the highest. You see a pretty quick drop over the 8-10 shots. But the first 3-4 were quite consistent when we tested.

                    • brian from USA asked:

                      Im between this and the benjamin bulldog what would be recomended? For hunting ofcourse

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Really depends on what you want to do. The Bulldog is a multi shot, which is a plus for hunting. It's not quite as light weight but is certainly compact and puts out plenty of power. I think because of the multi-shot capability, the Bulldog would be my choice. But both guns can get the job done from a power perspective.

                    • vavoo from Luxembourg asked:

                      Where can I find spare air tanks for this? I remember Rick saying in the Rex pistol review that you could connect the rifle tank to the pistol to have a carbine setup.

                      • ZooT_aLLures from USA:

                        My rex .45 rifle (received last week from pyramyd) doesn't seem to have any sort of set pin.

                      • Big Shady from USA:

                        Watch out for the hidden set pin for the tank . Pin is hidden under the scope rail. The Weaver Rail must be removed to change tanks.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        That is correct. The tanks are interchangeable. We are working with Evanix to get them in on a future shipment.

                    • Don from USA asked:

                      What is the length of pull with the stock

                      • ZooT_aLLures from USA:

                        My .45 rifle measures 15" from the buttplate to the face of the trigger.

                    • Alan from USA asked:

                      Can the top weaver style rail be removed if I wanted to mount a different rail or scope rings?

                      • Big Shady from USA:

                        Yes! The Rail Mounting Holes are set at the same distance as a common Weaver Rail.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        It can be removed but there is not any other way to mount an optic without the rail unless you had something custom made.

                    • jasper from USA asked:

                      Does this gun cost 700 in 357 as well

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Yes the price is the same for all three calibers

                    • Josh from USA asked:

                      I'm interested in the 9mm version. I reload 9mm and 380 and was curious about using a plated hollow base 380 round in this rifle. I've heard that jacketed ammo is a no no, but is there any reason not to used copper plated? H&N sells several copper plated pellets so I assume its a non issue?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        I'd be concerned about the fit personally. But in terms of the plating, that would not be a concern.

                    • Chris from USA asked:

                      Is there anyway to mount a bi pod I have been trying to figure that out for a few days

                      • Chris from USA:

                        I bought a Blackhawk Quad Rail(Two-Piece). I had to remove the half-moon fittings on each end, after that It fit perfectly over the heat shield nice and snug. Bi Pod problem solved.

                      • Big Shady from USA:

                        The Heat Shield could have a rail bolted to it. Custom Work

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Not that we have been able to figure out. I'm sure it can be done, but some custom work would be needed.

                    • Aaron from USA asked:

                      Recommended scope?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Truly up to the user. I would recommend a lower magnification optic in the 3-9x range, or a 2-7x. Hawke and Leapers both make reasonably priced optics with those mag ranges.

                    • John from USA asked:

                      May as well get this out of the way early on ... is the 200cc air cylinder removable? Is there/will there be anything larger available? And, does 20 shots per fill mean 20 solid, usable shots per fill?

                      • John from USA:

                        I just found the answer to my own question by reading the owners manual. Yes, the cylinders are removable. No mention of replacements but assumed to be yes.

                    • Khalfani from USA asked:

                      During your testing on the different calibers, what did you feel was the sweet spot with accuraccy vs. distance?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        I haven't tested for accuracy yet with any caliber other than .22. The .22 was pretty accurate (1" groups at 40 yards, good enough for most small game hunting). It's just a matter of finding the right pellet to get the most accuracy out of your gun.

                    • boyd from USA asked:

                      what is the bore size? twist rate? and max accurate range with what weight pellet? I don't see a quick connect for pumping pressure into the tank, what will work to pump this tank up?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        They come in .22, .25 and 9mm. Don't have the twist rates at this point. Accurate range will depend on your individual gun. The gun uses a fill probe that would require a male qd fitting for a quick disconnect hose. That part is Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"...

                    • andrew from USA asked:

                      Is this a regulated Airgun?

                      • richard from USA:

                        Again no but lane regulators makes 1 for it i just ordered 1 simple install

                      • Tyler from USA:


                    • John from USA asked:

                      How long is the load port when fully open on the 9mm version? I would like to know the limit on pellet length.

                      • Kevin from USA:

                        I have used up to 200 grain bullets they fit but you get about 3 shots per fill at about 550fps and they drop around 10" under 81gr JSB

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        It is about 3/4". The Benjamin Nosler ammo was the longest we tested and fit fine.