Date: 20/4/2019 3:21

Customers Q&A on Evanix Rex P Air Pistol

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  • John from USA asked:

    Does anyone know where to purchase a butstock that fits the 357 air cylinder?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Haven't seen one myself. Maybe contact the tech department at PA, maybe they can get you one from the rifle length cylinders?

  • Hailey from USA asked:

    How is the pistol grip attached to the gun?

    • Carl from USA:

      Just to confirm, I purchased a Hogue model 74000 AK-47/AK-74 grip in it will fit. You just have to drill out the mounting hole so it is straight instead of angled. The grip requires a notch in the top that is longer and wider than an AR grip so it is modeled after an AK style grip. The gun has an elevated surface that fits in this notch so an AR grip will not fit without some cutting on the grip or the gun.

    • Carl from USA:

      A single screw that is hidden inside. After receiving my .45 Rex Pistol today it looks to be nothing more than an AK grip made by Magpul or any other brand out there. Yes that is AK, NOT AR.

  • Martin from USA asked:

    My rex p only shoots 5 shots from 200 bar to 100 bar. Says not to go below 100 bar. Mine is in 22 Calibre. Any suggestions? 5 shots is not near I think They say 15?

    • Carl from USA:

      For a 22 it is 12 shots and that is with max fill of 220 bar, not 200 bar.

  • Robert from USA asked:

    I purchased this in 9mm format. I seein another customers image that it came with rear stock, mine didn't, should it have?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The Rex P does not come with the rear stock piece, only the rifle

  • Robert from USA asked:

    What pistol grip will fit on these? Pretty much the only part that feels cheap. Its poor quality plastic.

    • Carl from USA:

      It appears to be an AK grip. Magpul makes several as well as other companies. It is held on by a single screw hidden in the middle. The bottom cover just snaps off. I would get a cheap one at first till you or I can confirm for sure it is an AK grip.

  • Martin from USA asked:

    Just bought from you evanix Rex p. Weaver base doesn

    • Tyler from USA:

      What base did you purchase?

    • Martin from USA:

      Weaver base does not fit on evanix Rex p ???

  • Alfredo from USA asked:

    Will a Evanix rifle air tank fit into a Evanix Rex Pistol of the same rated caliber?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • ross from USA asked:

    Is the valve the same on the pistol tank (90cc) and the rifle tank (200cc) for the same caliber? In other words, if I put a .45 rifle tank on my .45 pistol, will I get higher fps/ftlbs?

    • ross from USA:

      Tyler - I purchased the longer tank for my RexP - It did not work because there more travel in the larger tanks valve. In other words, the top hat on the rifle tank is taller/longer than the pistol tank. I do not know if this is a one off since I only have one of each tank, but I have contacted Pyramyd air to find out.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Valve is the same for the same caliber. So your velocities on the gun would be the same with either tank.

  • Caleb from Canada asked:

    Will the .45 version ship to Canada?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Robert from USA asked:

    Most air guns are using lighter non lead pellets? Does this use real lead for testing and if so what pellet or at least the pellet weight?

    • Carl from USA:

      Do they make lead free pellets in the 45 size?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, the numbers listed in the "Item Description" section if you scroll down are correct and the pellet weight is stated if you hover your mouse over the Orange question mark

  • Kenneth from USA asked:

    Where can I get a new grip/handle for mine? I need a replacement handle anyone know where ?

    • Carl from USA:

      I bought a Hogue 70000 grip and it fits fine after I redrilled the hole in the grip to be straight instead of angled. the gun is designed around an AK style grip.

    • Carl from USA:

      I got mine today, and looks to be an AK grip.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Call Pyramyd Air's tech department, maybe they have one

  • Phil from USA asked:

    9mm can the rifle air tank fit on pistol?

    • Carl from USA:

      The reason is because the tophat on the tank has to fit snugly in the barrel and have a good seal. So it would be rather hard to make a 45 fit a 9mm for obvious reasons.

    • Jacob from USA:

      Yes the tanks are interchangeable but for some reason both rifle and pistol need to be of the same caliber in order to swap them

  • Carlos from USA asked:

    Any recommendations on the best ammo (grain/brand) for the .45 model of this gun

  • Damian from USA asked:

    I have a hill pump, this pistol and the adapter that came with it. Do you completely unscrew the tank to fill it. I'm clueless and there's no video showing you I can find

    • Neal from USA:

      No need to take it off of the gun

  • Damian from USA asked:

    How come no one has uploaded a video with them filling the pistol

    • Robert from USA:

      I just got mine today, fills with probe same as Hatsan gladius. My gladius fill probe worked and actually what I used.

  • george from USA asked:

    can the evanix rex p pistol be filled with air from an air force pump or does it need an adapter. if it does need an adapter does it come with one or does one have to be purchased by its self

    • Neal from USA:

      It comes with a probe, but you still need a male adapter... PA... about 10.00

  • JON from USA asked:

    How many shots above 95 fpe in the .45 caliber? How many above 75 fpe in 9mm? Thanks

    • Tyler from USA:

      This will depend on your ammo of choice, but with most weights, you're looking at 2-3 shots above those energies.

  • max from USA asked:

    Do they sell exstra air tanks for this and how much ?

    • Neal from USA:

      They do... about $150.00.... bought one for my 35 cal rifle

    • Tyler from USA:

      They should be coming. We will know more when they come in.

  • Brian from USA asked:

    Anyone know if this is coming out with a clip/repeater? I can't buy a single shot. Not in 2016...

    • Carl from USA:

      Due to the way this loads it would be very hard to use a clip. The round has to be seated by hand as just cocking does not push the round forward.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not that we have seen yet

  • Brock from USA asked:

    Will this accept same pellets as Max Bullpup (9mm).

    • Carl from USA:

      Your mileage may vary. I just got my .45 Rex pistol today. I also ordered 411gr .45 Air Veturi rounds. those rounds are 20mm long and as such too long to load normally the only way to load them is to remove the air tank and slide them in through the back and into the barrel. The 9mm version may have clearance since the largest 9mm you can get are those polymer tipped rounds for Sheridan made for the Bulldog.

    • Big Shady from USA:

      yes being a Single Shot it will take Any Length Pellet

  • HoustonAirgunna from USA asked:

    What is the outside diameter of the shroud? The cosmetic part. Will it except a quad rail?

    • vavoo from Luxembourg:


  • Burke from USA asked:

    What is the outside diameter of the tank with and without the foam covering?

    • Carl from USA:

      Covering is not foam, it is a very hard rubber and doubtful it could be easily removed. It is probably formed around the tank during manufacturing.

    • vavoo from Luxembourg:

      thinking about sticking an AR buttstock on it? I think that last time I had one in my hands, I measured 3.5cm withouth the end cap. So it's around 0.6cm too wide for commercial spec. AR buttstocks (even more so for mil spec.) I'll measure again next week.

  • Brent from USA asked:

    1. Can the longer tank from the rifle be used on this pistol. 2. Can the tank stock but from the rifle tank be used on this pistol, not a good idea, but what the hack. Thanks

    • Steve from USA:

      It's a great idea! Better accuracy than the pistol, more shots per fill than the pistol. Nearly as compact as the pistol. Certainly more compact than the rifle with a shorter barrel time. You do give up 90 fps or so... seems like a pretty good trade to me.

    • Chris from USA:

      Just bought the new available Rifle Rex .22 Air Tank and it does not work. The picture of the new direct replacement spare air tank for the Rex-P .22 pistol does not look like it will work either. The design is different. Waiting on a reply for a full refund.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes and yes. Not sure when spare tanks will be available for purchase just yet.