Date: 31/10/2020 18:6

Customers Q&A on Evanix Tactical Sniper Air Rifle

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  • Joseph from USA asked:

    Can I remove and replace the stock with a commercially available alternative? If yes then what are the specs for the stock?

    • Mark from USA:

      No. The stock is not built to any commercial or military spec. You would have to make an adapter plate to mount something else.

  • Eric from USA asked:

    How do you change the stock to the UTG pro stock? Thank you!

    • Tyler from USA:

      You cannot

  • Don from USA asked:

    Just like the Benjamin Armada only a Benjamin Under the hood is this Evanix Sniper just an Evanix Rainstorm under the hood? Thank You

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, barrel lengths are different between the two. Not to mention, the breeches are different as well (one has dovetails the other has picatinny rails)

  • Luis from USA asked:

    Does anyone know the max length for .30 ammo that can be loaded into the magazine?

    • Cristian from Canada asked:

      Hi! I'm wondering if you can hunt with this gun during firearms and bow season, and does it have any advantages over a rifle or shotgun?

      • Tyler from USA:

        That depends on the laws of the area you are hunting in. You'd need to check with the department of fish/game or wildlife to find out for sure.

    • Wilson from USA asked:

      My evanix tactical sniper rifle in .357 is reading 100 bar but is 200 bar according to to the gauge on my hill pump. Is this a faulty air gauge on my rifle?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Do you have a chronograph? You could shoot a shot string with the gun and determine pretty quickly, which one is correct. You should be getting 1.5 to 2 mags worth of shots on a full fill.

    • gonzalo from USA asked:

      Can I use crosman LPA MIM Rear Rear Sight for this rifle.if not which one do you recommend so I can order it

      • Tyler from USA:

        I would recommend a scope. The magnification is up to you, but I would recommend a 3-9x or 4-12x for most hunting situations

    • Chris from Canada asked:

      Can this be shipped north?

      • Tyler from USA:

        We are unable to ship this to Canada

    • cee from USA asked:

      can it use Air Venturi Air Bolt

      • Tyler from USA:

        It will shoot the .50 cal Air Bolts, although it may not be as accurate as it is with some other rifles due to the shorter barrel length.

    • Richard from USA asked:

      I just found My evanix 9mm Sniper completely empty of air . I store it when not in use with 1500 - 2000 lb charged.. Tried using my pump.. and it wont accept it.It makes a air noise coming from barrel.Whats Up??

      • Chris from USA:

        I tried cocking the hammer and still when I try to fill it exits into the barrel..any thoughts?

      • Ralph from USA:

        The above answer is unlikely to solve your issue... Here is the problem which i had with this rifle myself.. The gun shops with about 1200psi of air in the tank.. This puts back pressure on the valve which keeps it sealed in not leaking air.. When the rifle is completely empty of air that back pressure no longer exists . Hand pumps simply pushes air in too slow and you wont be able to fill the air cylinder. You will need to get a hold of a scuba tank somehow. The scuba tank fills the air cylinder quickly enough to create the back pressure needed to keep the valve from leaking... It would be nice if this was stated in the instructions which are lousy to begin with... Considering evanix's customer service and spare parts, warranty service is non existent (despite pyramyd air's claim that they are an authorized repair dealer for them, good luck getting any customer service on a claim I tried for weeks and never got a response by email or call back I was promised). It would be in PA's best interest to provide this vital information via a caution notice and place it in with the rifle before shipping. 2 minutes of typing and a 1/4 penny's worth of paper for every rifle I bet would save them $1000's each year.

      • rick from USA:


    • Michael from USA asked:

      I am new and interesting in getting into hunting - looking at this gun. Which caliber is the most recommended? .45? .357? .30? I just don't know, anyone with more experience?

      • Val from USA:

        Depends on what distance you are planning on hunting at, and what game. Generally speaking the higher the caliber the more muzzle energy

    • Christopher from USA asked:

      How effective is the 9mm out to 80yd on coyotes and hogs

      • rick from USA:

        I also had a complete pass through on a 160 pound hog @ 75 yards

      • Richard from USA:

        I own quite a few big bores and my 357/9mm is very effective on everything from coyotes to deer. I have taken deer at 90+ yards with no problem with my Will Piatt tuned Recluse. So to answer your question...It is VERY EFFECTIVE!!!

    • Richard from USA asked:

      I have no right eye. Do you left hand shooters find the cocking system "lefty" friendly?

      • Stanley from USA:

        It is ambidextrous although the side lever cocking arm can't be switched over .

    • Duane from USA asked:

      Can someone answer this question? Does the flash hider screw off the end of the barrel?

      • rick from USA:

        yes it does the thread is m22 x1

    • Bosco from USA asked:

      Can the clip hold Eun Jin .43grain pellets ?

      • Brant from USA asked:

        What bullet weight does the 30 cal shoot?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Either the 44 grain or 50 grain JSB pellets

      • Juan from USA asked:

        Can I use the wider mag and regular mag on the same rifle?

        • Kelly A from USA asked:

          Hi fellow Air gun Nutts , does the Evanix Sniper grip AR-15 compatible I/E can it change over to AR-15 grips ? THANK YOU !

          • Brandyn from USA:

            It should as long as it is a true picatnny rail, and you have a true picatnny rail on your ar should be the only thing that matters. It looks to be a magpul product which are mostly designed for the ar market.

        • Horace from USA asked:

          A comment indicated an accessory moderator is available to quiet this gun. I don't find it. What does it cost? Is the shroud threaded to take a standard 1/2X20 thread

          • Ralph from USA:

            At one time they did exist but can no longer be found... I believe it might be due to a "legal grey area" due to the silencer being aftermarket and screw on. Most air rifles with silencers have them built into the barrel which gets around this possible illegal grey area.. It could also be due to many reviews I saw for the silencer were pretty poor as well as it did not quiet the gun down enough to make much of a difference anyway.

        • Dan from Romania asked:

          What sort of ammo is compatible with the 50 caliber version? Are 336gr rounds usable?

          • Orlo from USA:

            The 336gr's are not. Possibly if you single shot loaded. The magazines are very short and the only ammo I've found works well is the 185 hollow point and the 210gr Balle Blondeau. I haven't tried the round balls yet. The Steel tip's don't seem to fit either.

        • Richard from USA asked:

          Does the flash hider screw off the end of the barrel? I've ordered one of these in 9mm/357 but would like to screw a shroud on the end of the barrel if possible to cut down the report.

          • Tyler from USA:


        • cj from USA asked:

          can it kill a buffalo in .50 caliber?

          • jeff from USA:

            there's a guy who has gone to South Africa to hunt water buffalo and has taken a few of those with a ,50.

          • Dan the Man from USA:


        • billy from USA asked:

          can One Install A Moderator On The .50 tactical sniper

        • chad from USA asked:

          you sell a moderator for this gun and says it fits most 45 or 50 cal does it fit this gun

          • Cory from USA:

            Yes, it does.

        • Dan from USA asked:

          Can you change barrels to get different cal.

          • Richelle from USA:

            You cannot change the barrels to get a different cal.

        • Dan from USA asked:

          Can you buy just one caliber and just change out the barrels

          • Richelle from USA:

            You cannot change the barrels to get a different cal.

        • Moss from USA asked:

          Will this rifle take an LDC ??

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            We're sorry, but we can not offer any advise on lead dust collectors or any other moderators.

        • Francisco from Mexico asked:

          can be filled with a benjamin pump?

          • Val from USA:

            yes. Click on PCP Hookup tab to see which adapter if any you will need.

        • abdullah from Kuwait asked:

          hello. in your site they wrote 300cc air tube but in evanix site they wrote 290 cc? ... so is there different batween the us version and korean version ? i hope to get the correct answer and thanks

          • Val from USA:

            It's around 290cc. Same version but Pyramyd Air estimates it to be about 290cc.

        • Robert from USA asked:

          What's the recommended pellet for the .45?

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Air Venturi .45 Cal, 200 Grains, Hollowpoint

        • Robert from USA asked:

          What .45 pellet does this rifle shoot the best with?

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Air Venturi .45 Cal, 200 Grains, Hollowpoint

        • anthony from USA asked:

          what is the heaviest grain pellet (no ball) that can be used without jamming the mag in the .45?

          • Val from USA:

            jamming is not about the weight, but the length of the pellet.

        • Chen from USA asked:

          Im trying to make up my mind between this gun and AirForce Condor SS. Alot websites selling this gun has Shrouded barrel on its description, but reviews are saying its too loud, my question is does it or does not, and 5-high how loud is that? Even has it listed with Shrouded barrel. Im also looking for videos about this gun.

          • Val from USA:

            Yes, it does have a shrouded barrel but it does not silence this airgun all that well.

        • John Emm from USA asked:

          What is it about this rifle that causes you to suggest it is for hunting only. With a nice scope, why would this not make a good .22 target rifle? (I can see where .25 and 9mm are too heavy.)

          • Tyler from USA:

            The power level of this gun makes it more of a hunting rifle. You certainly could use it for target shooting but there are definitely better option for target shooting like the Air Arms S510. That is a gun that is much more bench friendly.

        • birdogron from USA asked:

          Oh yea, does anyone know about installing a silencer. Last I heard it is legal to use because these are not firearms, just air rifles.

          • Tyler from USA:

            The barrel and shroud are not threaded, there are baffles in the shroud though to help keep the noise manageable.

        • birdogron from USA asked:

          I really like the looks of this air rifle. What is the weight of the 22 rounds you are basing the velocity on? I was shooting a Career with 25 caliber 52 grain bullets (not pellets) and getting just over 1000 fps. I realize speed doesn't make accuracy, but that weight sure retains velocity. Just curious. Looks very well crafted. Any feedback on the hand pumps? By the way, we were charging the careers at 3200 psi. 12 shots over 1100 fps and 52 grains. It was terribly inaccurate after I changed it to bullets and a new 25 caliber barrel.

          • Tyler from USA:

            The velocity is based with lighter weight pellets. With heavier 21 grain Beeman Kodiaks we were getting velocities well over 900 FPS. On hand pumps, the Hill is definitely the best.

        • anthony from USA asked:

          which bipod best fits this rifle? thanks

          • Jorge from USA:

            I used this combo: Harris Engineering 1A2-LM Solid Base 9 - 13-Inch BiPod and Caldwell Bipod Adaptor for Picatinny Rail. The rifle is heavy and I wanted something that would take abuse and these two can and more. They are a little more but out perform the cheaper options.

          • Tyler from USA:

            I would take a look at the UTG bipods. Type this in to the search bar to bring one up: UTG Bipod, SWAT/Combat Profile, Adjustable.... That would be a good choice.