Date: 22/5/2019 1:52

Customers Q&A on Feinwerkbau P44 Match Air Pistol

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  • Steve from USA asked:

    Can you provide the following: - Capacity of the air cylinder in cc's - Maximum pressure for the pistol air cylinder - Minimum pressure for the pistol air cylinder - Approximate number of fills from an 80 cu ft. scuba tank

    • Tyler from USA:

      Unable to find cylinder size. Max fill pressure is 200 BAR (2900 psi). Regulators on these guns are usually set in the 70-80 BAR range. Full fills to 2900 psi, if your tank started with 3000 psi, you'd get about 10 full fills of the pistol cylinder. In terms of usable fills (let's say filling to 2500 psi), you'd get well over 50 fills.

  • Edward from USA asked:

    1- is a large size RH grip available with initial purchase? 2-is an extra cylinder available, and if so, how much?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Give Pyramyd a call, they should be able to get that info for you.

  • Joe from USA asked:

    Does this P44 comes with an extra spare air cylinder?

    • Stanley from USA:


  • Kenn from USA asked:

    If I use fill adapter 2336 can I use a 4500 psi carbon with small hose or is it to high a pressure Thanks Kenn