Date: 19/5/2019 19:33

Customers Q&A on Feinwerkbau Sport Air Rifle

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  • Cole from USA asked:

    Does Sportsmatch have a mount with the hardened crosspin but for a 30mm scope tube? I can only seem to find a version for a 1inch tubed scope.

    • William from USA asked:

      What is the noise level (decibel)?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Problem is they categorize most, if not all springers as a 3 so no telling what that means. Plus for a springer you have mechanical and muzzle noise so kinda hard to put a # on it. According to reviews people are complaining about noise, if so you can always do stuff to it to quiet that down a good chunk. The easiest is no doubt spring tar, but if anyone has one I'd trade how to make it quieter for pix and measurements of the insides; chevota at hotmail... Sounds like it may have a bit much spring in it too, but just a guess based on power an cocking effort. For example my 124D was rated to have a cocking effort of 18lbs. I never verified it but it was very light. I now have a heavier spring in it and it makes more power than this gun but is still easier to cock. So hard to say why this one is doing what it's doing without one in hand, and I'm too tight to buy one so I'm accepting donations ;)

      • Stanley from USA:

        #3 medium per specs.

    • Booger from USA asked:

      Are Sportsmatch mounts required? Will BKL drooper mounts work?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Most people just shim whatever mounts they have, which I did with my old FWB124 as well and it works fine. Just be wary of the reverse recoil and lack of a pin hole so you need one with good clamping force. I used a Centerpoint version of this guy; Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount w/1"..., then drilled/tapped it for two more screws. Actually the three seemed to hold fine but I wanted the extra and the look. Optionally Leapers Accushot 1" Rings, Medium,... should be fine too. My 124 has the same grooves on the rail (no pin hole), so back before cool mounts I had to improvise by using a brass rod in one of those grooves and ground a matching recess on the underside of a generic 22LR mount to accept it. Pita... The mounts I mentioned are exceptionally strong and look great, yet super cheap. Just be sure to remove the stop pin in the mount, don't want it working its way down and scratching up that nice gun.

      • Booger from USA:

        Recommended, not required in my opinion.

    • Rony from USA asked:

      Has this gun been compared to the TX200 III , which BTW is superb for FT and a lot cheaper?

      • Booger from USA:

        Slightly more accurate than the TX200MK3, and feels lighter.

    • Rony from USA asked:

      How does this gun basically out perform a Beeman R9?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Not sure since I don't have this same gun, but my old FWB124D "Sport" cannot be beat in accuracy. I also have a new HW95 (R9) to compare it to. If I were Feinwerkbau I would not release the modern replacement "Sport" unless it was as accurate, so time will tell... As for power; my HW95 (unmodified) in 177 made 13.6ftlbs power using JSB 8.44 and 10.34 pellets. Per PA this new FWB Sport claims 14ftlbs (usually an exaggeration). Reviewer Steve (2016-08-18) posted his new FWB Sport makes significantly less power (10ftlbs) using the same pellets I did. My 124 can match and even break 14ftlbs with it's aftermarket spring so I would've assumed the adv 14ftlbs could be real. Most springers vary in power quite a bit but I'd expect a Feinwerkbau not so much, but we don't know Steve's altitude or crony setup, or if maybe he has a UK version (by accident) so who knows. Sorry I don't have more info but better than nothing...

      • Booger from USA:

        I have a R11 & FWB Sport. They are about the same, the FWB quality is top notch.

    • S from USA asked:

      Will a .22 be available sometime in the future?

      • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

        At this time it is only available in .177. It's always a possibility. Keep an eye on the site for further updates and details.

    • michel from USA asked:

      How much is the cocking effort ?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Like actually tested it? And not with a bathroom scale? I'm curious too but only an accurate measurement. I measure 1" back from the muzzle via a cord to a digital pull scale, and read it in several barrel positions, but just peak works if anyone has it.

      • Ashley from USA:

        33 lbs

      • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

        33 lbs. cocking effort

    • ed from USA asked:

      Is this a new offering from FWB?

      • ed from USA: