Date: 26/9/2020 7:13

Customers Q&A on Gamo ACCU Air Rifle, Premium Combo

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  • Jonathan from USA asked:

    Would this in a .177 be a good choice for someone who is interested in getting into field target?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I suppose if you didn't want to spend a lot, yes, this would be a solid choice. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, I'd recommend taking a good look at RWS/Diana or Walther spring/gas ram rifles as they are better quality.

  • Stuart from USA asked:

    Does the GAMO ACCU177 Fixed Barrel Underlever Air Rifle include their newer IGT (Inert Gas Technology) Pneumatic Gas Cylinder Technology? If not currently, does GAMO plan to release one in the near future? Thanks in advance for any information.

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is a steel spring. Haven't heard of any plans for an IGT version

  • Mike from USA asked:

    What happened to the Accu .22? Rumor has it is that they stopped selling them? If so, I simply dont understand why they would stop making the .22 version. I use my Accu .22 to take longer shots at game then I do with my more powerful, but far more hold sensitive springer/air pistons. Woodchucks and Oppossums out to 63 yards. Simply because the gun is incredibly accurate and puts the pellet where you aim. Gamo needs to know their is a good percentage of people that understand the physics of having hard kicking air piston and getting sick of overpowered kickers in different wrappers. And enjoy shooting more accurate but still perfectly able 15fpe airguns. The marketing ploy "magnum" is a turn off to many long time springer/air piston shooters.

    • Tom from USA:

      A call to Gamousa customer service today vefified that the underlever Gamos will no longer be available. They have been discontinued.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes probably a possible replacement the Gamo 22 magnum with a the 10 round mag and the IGT power plant rated 1300 fps , although Gamo always says fps is more than the actual results. Your mileage may vary.

  • Frank from USA asked:

    Is the Accu .177 as accurate as the Accu .22? (in the hands of a professional sharpshooter).

    • Tyler from USA:

      It should be, with the right pellets of course

  • Peter from USA asked:

    Is this a break barrel? Do I have to put some air in it like co2 or pump some in it? Is this rifle reliable? Thank

    • Paul from USA:

      This is a spring piston under lever.It's similar to a break barrel but you cock a lever under the fixed barrel.

    • Stanley from USA:

      I have this in 22 caliber and it is an underlever. Check out the images.

  • Garrett from USA asked:

    Which caliber would be more accurate

    • Stanley from USA:

      It depends on what your using for ? 177 travels farther and faster but 22 hits with more energy. Your decision?

  • Frank from USA asked:

    Is there a comparison between the cfr and accu?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Basically they employ the same action , and this comes in 177 and 22 caliber.

  • Mike from USA asked:

    How loud is the Gamo ACCU? I live in a suburban area, so my air rifle has to be backyard friendly.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Listed by PA as #3 medium loundness .

  • Alexander from USA asked:

    What are the most accurate pellets for this gun in .22 caliber?

    • Stanley from USA:

      For me the crosman hollow point 14.3 . But there are a lot of choices out there .

  • Aaron from USA asked:

    Will this rifle in .22cal work for field target competition energy restrictions?

    • Tyler from USA:

      That will depend on the pellet used. The .177 would be a more appropriate choice as it will give you more fudge room on small kill zones.

  • Wild Bill from USA asked:

    Am curious, what is a rotary breech? How is it different from a regular break-barrel? I assume it is b/c this is an underlever. Thanks, Wild Bill

    • Stanley from USA:

      Hey Wild Bill i have this rifle in 22 caliber . It isn't as hold sensitive as a break barrel , even shoots well with a bipod mounted . A rotary breech is port just in front of the scope rotating the port to the left opens it up exposing the breech to load the rifle (after the rifle is cocked ) , then rotating to the right closes it . There is no danger of putting your finger in there, with fear of getting caught.Very safe. And accurate.

  • John G from USA asked:

    Can this rifle be fitted with the gas piston upgrade?

    • Doug from USA:

      I just ordered the Gamo Accu with a Nitro gas piston installed. I will let everyone know how it works out.... I have high hopes anyway :)

    • William from USA:

      I called Pyramyd Air about a month ago and they told me that If I'd pay for shipping both ways they would install a gas piston conversion in their shop for $100.00. Too close to Christmas to do it at this point, but as time goes on the options and technology will just get better (I hope!). Good luck to you, and if you have it done, PLEASE post here how it turns out.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not at this time

  • mrmrogden from USA asked:

    Naming something ACCU implies accuracy so whats the ctc for these in both .177 & .22 or is this just another Gamo ?

    • Paul from USA:

      A lot depends on the shooter, some people are much more skilled then others. So in this case it's really hard to get these figures.

    • David from USA:

      Except maybe for things like stocks and triggers, this is really quite a different animal than the Gamo break-barrel rifles. The CFX, CFR, and ACCU use the same underlever and rotating breech arrangement/style, and, if my CFX in .177 is anything to go by, it's just fine. I'm certain I'm the one holding it back from better than 1/2" or so at 40 yards with a 9x scope (I'll have to get back to you with the measurements--I did some testing this summer). BTW, it will do a squirrel with RWS SuperMag wadcutters at that range--through the chest, stopping under the skin on the other side. I routinely have opportunities to go after squirrels at 30 yards (measured, of course, not estimated): if I can lean back against a tree with my 8' piece of 1/2" conduit for a shooting stick and don't screw up the compensation for shot into the tree tops, I'll get him (or her) between the ear and eye. As with all air rifles, you have to sample the different makes of pellets to find what it likes and only do so after you've shot a bunch of stuff through the rifle already.

  • Randy from USA asked:

    what kind of accuracy does This have? compared to a R-1? in .22 caliber.

    • Mike from USA:

      The R1's where never inherently overly accurate, they had a heavy spring and a heavy piston, I have 4 and they are hold sensitive. Far more then the Beeman R10 and R9s. The quality and trigger are of course about the best. But, I have never shot sub 1in groups at 50 yards with a R1. R10 yes and same with the Accu. 22

    • Mike from USA:

      It's quite a bit more accurate then my .20cal R1. It is even more accurate then my Beeman R10. Mainly due to the R1s recoil is quite a bit more hold sensitive due to higher power. The Rekord trigger though on the Beemans far better then the Accu's. And the quality is much better on the Beemans. But, I can not shoot sub inch groups with any of my older Beemans. The Accu .22 I can.

    • Stanley from USA:

      It would be hard to outdo the accuracy of an R-1 , beemans are legendary.

  • Stanley from USA asked:

    Rotary breech ? Someone explain?

    • Mike from USA:

      I would love to see one in .25cal! It would shoot 19.91gr .25 pellets at around 600fps. Plenty of power and with a good mil scope, should be very accurate. Defintely would have more of an arc trajectory, but thats what mils are for. Would make a great thumper out to maybe 40 yards...

    • David from USA:

      Instead of a sliding loading port like other underlevers, this rifle has a rotating port just behind the rear sight. Once cocked, you push the tab to left side of the action (as seen by the you, holding the gun) and a short ramp is exposed. Slide the pellet down the ramp into the barrel and rotate the breech to closed and you're ready to go. Some don't like the ramp because they fumble the pellet, or aren't careful enough to seat the pellet, etc, but you do get the hang of it. It is very safe, by the way: there is no way the piston can mash your thumb by accident (which happens with some underlevers). The ACCU, CFR, and CFX use the same breech. Personally, I'm really glad to see it in .22 for once--I might just have to get one to go with my CFX.

  • Daniel from USA asked:

    Does the scope mount have a vetrical pin to fit in a recess in the receiver to stop scope creep, on this model?

    • Mike from USA:

      Yes. I put a solid one piece mount on mine, which also has a pin. I have shot 2000 rounds through my Accu .22 and never had a scope creep issue or even more rare, I never had to re-tighten any forearm or trigger guard screw either.

  • jeffery from USA asked:

    Does this shoot 900fps with pba pellets or being a spring gun is it only good for standard weight lead pellets?

    • Mike from USA:

      Never shot the way to light pba stuff. Im shooting jsb 15.89s at 660fps and its shooting sub 1in groups at 50 yards. Shoots 14.3 cphps right at 700fps. Have shot close to 10 raccoons, longest shot was 47 yards and all where instant one shot kills. Longest shot on game was 54 yards on a cottontail rabbit using jsb 15.89s with a 3mil holdover. Hit right behind the eye and exited behind the other eye. Right where I was aiming. With a good mil dotted scope, the airgun can be used for anything up to raccoons, oppossums, woodchucks out to 50 yards. I own plenty more poweful airguns, but they tend to be far more hold sensitive. Thats the price one pays for power with a springer or air piston. It shoots as well as my Tx200, the trigger is not as good. But with enough practice it's easy to get used to. Never thought I would speak so high of a Gamo air rifle. But, the Accu has managed to find the "sweet zone" with plenty of hunting power, but not over powered to negatively effect accuracy due to heavy recoil.