Date: 17/1/2021 20:52

Customers Q&A on Gamo Big Bore TC45 PCP Air Rifle


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  • Charles from USA asked:

    Is the can removable? Is it a 1/2-20 thread? I would like to install a DonnyFL moderator. Thanks

    • Michael from USA asked:

      What is the twist rate?

      • jeff from USA asked:

        Can i get just the bottle and valve ?

        • Mark from USA:

          You would have to contact Gamo USA. We do not have any Gamo parts and we do not work on their guns.

      • Jon from USA asked:

        How do you fill a tc 45 with a hand pump when its empty

        • Val from USA:

          It might be really tough. Some PCP guns need initial blast of pressure to let the valve settle that hand pump might not be able to deliver.

      • JON from USA asked:

        I realize that the number of shots per fill will vary with pellet weight. Hatsan 's shots per fill is based on the number of shots at 85% of maximum fps/fpe. So, about how many shots per fill will this fine quality Gavanix air rifle get. I'll take whatever ya got. For this price, for ANY airgun, it would be REALLY nice to be able to refer to real world tests in order to avoid returns for underperforming guns. Knowledge is the power not to have to box up something I just bought

        • eric from USA asked:

          How do the Gamo TC45 and Texan SS45 compare in terms of loudness, power, weight and accuracy?

          • Kyle from USA asked:

            Is the Gamo TC45 a rebadged Evanix REX-FA. And the TC35 is the Evanix REX-BA?

            • JON from USA:

              Yep, and yep.

          • John from USA asked:

            Is this gun compatible with a magpul ar15 grip

            • Baz from USA asked:

              I'm comparison shopping this Gamo TC45 versus the AirForce Texan line, as they share similarities, including price point. I've read the published descriptions and specs. Could someone who has fired both this rifle and one of the AirForce Texans please describe any practical differences experienced between the two, especially in terms of handling and accuracy? Thank you!

              • Francisco from USA asked:

                To begin, hello fellow airgunners. Next, at 725 fps with a 350 gr. pellet you get 408 fpe, O.K., where does the 900 fps come into play? To get the 900 fps out of 408 fpe (say no efficiency gain or loss) you need to fire a 227 gr. pellet. So, what is the barrel length? Why are all the statistical data points continue to be not advertised in the specifications? Furthermore, for poor readers such as myself, I have a tendency to look at numbers such as the 900 fps, 408 fpe, and the 350 grain pellet, which erroneously leads me to believe that Gamo has created a miracle, or rewritten the laws of physics. Case in point: the suppressor will steal approximately 10% of the barrel length so as not to make it look unwieldy. The machine is made for a purpose (throw the heaviest projectile at the fastest velocity with the most accuracy combination that will work for the mission), and not for the modelling runway (looks, well, unless you are a little strange like me). I would prefer to have a choice in the barrel length(s) for an increase of the 10% velocity variable, which equates to a square root function (fpe increases as the square root of 2 in the velocity increase); in other words, a potential extra 100 fpe, or an equivalent 508 fpe. So what if it sounds like a nuke going off. At 508 fpe it will not matter to the target because you only get one shot at a live target. Now, if using in the backyard at the lowest power setting, I can see using the moderator along with some Rock & Roll music in the background to balance out the remaining report. Therefore, I say again: What is the barrel length? And are there other choices like length and caliber swapping? Thank you

                • Baz from USA:

                  Here's what one expert tester who was involved with its evolution has to say about the TC45: 408.6 FTLB shooting 350 grain slugs at 725 FPS (you knew that); 248.27 FTLB shooting 138 grain Hunters Supply Pellets at 900 FPS; WEIGHT 8 LBS (Not 5.5# ?!); TOTAL LENGTH 47.13"; BARREL LENGTH 24.24"; LENGTH OF PULL 15.13"; TRIGGER Two Stage NON-Adjustable, 4 (+/-) pound pull

              • cj from USA asked:

                This looks alot like the evanix rex series.whats up with that?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  What's up with that? Evanix is making the gun for Gamo....that's what's up with that