Date: 23/3/2019 23:53

Customers Q&A on Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT Air Rifle

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  • VICENTE from Colombia asked:

    I understand that the Gamo Bone Collector, Raptor and Wildcat has the same IGT power, velocity, weight and recoil. However the only with the RRR option is the Bone Collector. Is it really necessary? or the other 2 rifles will hurt the scope system? I use in the Wildcat Whisper . 22 caliber the Accushot 1 Pc rings and Hammer 3-9X40AO scope, pellets Crosman 14.3 gr.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Necessary, no. Hard to say it helps. I've had scopes break on the RRR system before.

  • John from USA asked:

    Do the Gamo platinum come with this rifle

    • jerry from USA asked:

      the recoil reduction rail is not shown but is in the description ,can anyone clarify ?

      • Val from USA:

        It's there, just an older image

    • David from USA asked:

      I've had my bone collector now for almost a year I've noticed the cocking effort has lighten up does this mean i'm slowly losing power or is this normal can't really tell if there was more power before i notice this happening.

      • Val from USA:

        it's normal as long as it has not become excessively easy, and remains constant, then it could be just parts working in.

    • syed from USA asked:

      which is the best pellet for .177 cal, preferred for hunting small game

      • Stanley from USA:

        You could try the crosman 10.5 grain dome , they work very well in my Hunter Extreme ? Usually heavier pellets work well in magnum springers and gas piston variants.

    • Ahmed from USA asked:

      How much is the shipping weight

      • VICENTE from Colombia:

        Product Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 2.5 inches and Shipping Weight: 9 pounds, in Amazon page.

    • Ahmed from USA asked:

      This gun says is it refurbished. Exactly what is it they have refurbished? Are these guns second hand? And how much is the shipping weight ?

      • Rocky from USA:

        It does not mean that it is second hand in the sense of used , most of the time the rifle was sent back as the person did not like it. Some have an issue that is fixed and they can't be sold as new so they are sold as a Refurbished .

    • micheal from USA asked:

      what is the best pellet for this?

      • John from USA:

        I have the .22 cal version and with my gun the Benjamin Discovery hollow points work very well.

      • Michael from USA:

        Try jsb jumbo heavy, H&N Barracuda Match, or RWS Super Dome.

    • Bill from USA asked:

      What kind of scope would you recommend for this rifle, and I was planning on buying the Gamo Red Fire Pellets for this gun, do you think they will perform well?

      • John from USA:

        I use Benjamin Discovery hollow points and a Hatsan 3-9x40 AO scope and it all is working together great.

      • micheal from USA:

        pss. i forgot the gun has a 11mm dovetail. micheal

      • micheal from USA:

        if you just want a scope i recommend the scope that came with your gun. if you want a good but cheap mil dot scope. i would go for the 4 x 32 hunter scope made by leapers. now about the pellet, i'm not sure how well it will do. but the best pellets i used: gamo hunter, and the crosmen premier. other then that have a good time shooting. ps. the scope rings that come with your gun is 3/8 dove. when you buy a scope. make sure that you check what kind of scope rings or mount it comes with. pps. i have a: Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount w/1" Rings, High, 11mm Dovetail. and it work like a charm.

    • carlos from USA asked:

      I need a good scope mount for this rifle I buy a scope center point 4-16x 40 but I need the scope mount

    • Ted from USA asked:

      The first time I shot my 22 cal. Bull Whisper fire shot out the muzzle and it was as loud as a 22 long rifle. I am shooting 14.3 gr. pellets will this rifle quiet down after it breaks in?

      • Michael from USA:

        the rifle is dieseling clean a rifle and then shoot at least 10 times it should quiet after that

      • Stanley from USA:

        I have the hunter extreme and did the same thing as yours after it breaks in it will settle down mine did.

    • Max from USA asked:

      Hi i am looking for a bolt action pellet rifle that come with a scope and is a .177 cal

      • bcHunter from USA:

        Hi there. If you are looking for a Bolt action pellet rifle in .177 caliber, I would recommend taking a look at Benjamin's line of PCP(Pre-charged Pneumatic) air rifles. The Benjamin Discovery and Benjamin Marauder are high quality bolt action air rifles; However, they are quite a bit more expensive, and require more equipment to operate. If you are just getting into air rifles and would like to start with something high quality and have a flexible budget, I would recommend the Discovery in .177. Keep in mind that depending on accessories you buy with it, the cost could total up to $400-$800. Hope this helps.

    • jason from USA asked:

      is this airgun good 4 hunting coon

      • Ray from USA:

        I really wouldn't recamend any 177 cal rifles for a coon , you would probably be better off with a 22 cal , but with that said , I did take out a coon that was trespassing in my barn " with this exact rifle in 177 cal . It took 2 shots behind his right ear , I'am not sure if I realy needed the second shot, but I wanted to make sure he was done . This bone collecter as far as cheaper end break barells go is a very hard hitting rifle . I believe that coon was sickly as well .

    • Ray from USA asked:

      What is the best dovetail scope mount to use on this gun? The rings supplied have a tendency to move even with the rear stop pin in place. This affects accuracy and is frustrating.

      • Art from USA:

        The BKL's are i think the best you can buy. They sure do not move around like some others.

    • Frank A from USA asked:

      I am considering a rifle with the IGT system. I've read about the Umarex guns and have experienced a Nitro in a Benjamin. Which is the best gas system?

      • Ray from USA:

        At this price point you can't go wrong with the gamo bone collector . I have a lot of break barel rifles and this is still one of my favorite guns to shoot . It's very lite , yet durable , great feel but has a bit of recoil that the factory scope rings can't handle . This guns worth the extra couple dollars for a one piece dove tail that will stay put !

      • Tyler from USA:

        I like the Umarex gas ram rifles the best. Their recoil is the least harsh of the gas rams I have shot. That's not to say the others are not good, and I wouldn't say one is the best as they are all very similar except for the Umarex. To me, the Umarex rammed guns are a bit more friendly in the recoil department.

    • Jim from USA asked:

      I recently bought a Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper in 177 Cal. Nothing on the manual tells me how to clean it. If I use a bore brush will it damage the baffles? Can anyone advise on proper protocall for cleaning an IGT rifle with baffles?

      • Craig from USA:

        It is possible to damage the baffles if the end of the brush hits solid enough. I just got through having to remove the whole silencing system from my Gamo whisper Fusion because of a broken baffle. Not sure if the cleaning brush did it or me using the baffled portion of barrel as a handle when cocking did, gun still shoots good and doesnt seem any louder than it was with it.

      • Tyler from USA:

        I would recommend taking a drinking straw and inserting it in the end of the shroud in an effort to create a proper pathway for your bore brush to travel that will not touch the baffles.