Date: 18/9/2020 16:15

Customers Q&A on Gamo Coyote SE PCP Air Rifle

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  • charles from USA asked:

    Can I Purchace Gamo coyote without Moderator or silencer?? Thank you

    • Mark from USA:

      No, That model has been discontinued.

  • JUAN from USA asked:

    What about .22?...when will be available?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Looks like the .22 shows out of stock until 9/20.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    Can an after market silencer be attached to the barrel?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Installed a moderator on my Scorpion 1200 SE and OMG is it quiet! All that can be heard is the hammer striking the valve. Very back yard friendly. Try wolf or tko . Or just enter your search on the internet . They can be found.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The end of the barrel is threaded to 1/2 x 20, so if you found one, yes

  • Enrique from USA asked:

    whats the fps with lead pellets like jsb 18grn?

    • Tyler from USA:

      low to mid 800 fps range

  • cj from USA asked:

    would this make a good raccoon gun?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Sure would! Definitely has enough power for the job and plenty of accuracy to make sure you hit your mark.

  • DENIS from USA asked:


    • Tyler from USA:

      That means it is a normal PCP rifle with no internal regulator. It does cause quite a bit of confusion though.

  • Chris from USA asked:

    Why is PA getting rid of these when there's no silenced option for the .25 available yet?

    • Chris from USA:

      Awww man, really? That bites! Oh well.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Maybe because Gamo has discontinued the non shrouded version?

  • Joseph from USA asked:

    The descriptions says "Integrated Whisper Maxxim silencer". The specifications says "no silencer". Which is accurate?

    • Val from USA:

      Gamo Coyote SE PCP Air... has the built in silencer

    • Carlton from USA:

      This version is not the Whisper so there is no silencer included. Apparently the newer version listed for $519 has the silencer.

  • hefaistos from USA asked:

    What about .22?...when will be available?

    • Val from USA:

      .22 got sold out within half an hour. No more coming. This is a closeout

  • Tanstaafl from USA asked:

    The email from Pyramyd Air introducing this rifle describes it as being available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers. Under "Description" here on PA .177 and .22 are referred to, but in the choices offered under "PICK YOUR OPTION", only 0.177" (4.5mmm) and 0.25" (6.35mm) are shown. Is the 0.22" simply not available? Out of stock? There appear to be some discrepancies. What gives?

    • Val from USA:

      .22 got sold out within half an hour

  • Paul from USA asked:

    Can you fill tbis gun w hand pump

    • Tanstaafl from USA:

      Yes. If you look toward the bottom of the page under "Recommended Accessories / Ammo / Services" you'll see a Benjamin hand pump for $179.99. Other brands may also work.

  • Thomas RAmos from USA asked:

    How many shots at near specs (Speed or force) do you get per charge?