Date: 23/5/2019 7:54

Customers Q&A on Gamo Hornet Maxxim IGT CAT Air Rifle

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  • VICENTE from Colombia asked:

    What is the difference between this rifle at $159.99 and the Bone Collector at $ 209.99? The features and specifications are the same except for a MINIMUN difference in weight.

    • VICENTE from Colombia:

      Tyler, you have excellent eyes. I did not see it. And from some posts the CAT & RRR does not make their supossed work properly.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Looks like the stocks are the only real difference.

  • Michael from USA asked:

    How much quieter is it than the Crosman Shockwave?

    • Kyle from USA asked:

      What is the best (under $100) scope to mount for this rifle to replace the original one. Im looking for one that is durable and easy to zero in. Thank you.

    • John from USA asked:

      Could I use this at competitive shooting competitions and which caliber would be better

      • Tyler from USA:

        That depends on what kind of competition and what the rules allow.

    • [email protected] from USA asked:


      • Pedro from USA asked:

        The 1st stage screw fell out the trigger and im having trouble getting it to screw back in. Its going in the trigger but not going in the hole to screw in. Is there a certain way to get this donr

        • John from USA asked:

          Can you kill a turkey with the .22 verision

          • John from USA:

            You can kill a turkey with a .177 or a .22 but always shoot them in the head.

        • John from USA asked:

          Can the .22 kill a turkey

          • Tyler from USA:

            Wouldn't recommend it for Turkey

        • brycen from USA asked:

          What are some good pellet choices as far as accuracy is concerned?

          • Jean-Luc from USA asked:

            How long does the rifle diesel out of the box?

            • larry from USA asked:

              How does this gun compare to the Benjamin trail NP 2 in loudness

              • Tyler from USA:

                It is a bit quieter than the NP2

            • Brock from USA asked:

              Can you put a sling on it?

            • Ron from USA asked:

              Does anyone have noise information on this yet, does the 'maxxim' sound reduction compare to the Benjamin Trail NP2?

              • Tyler from USA:

                In .22, it is quieter than the Trail NP2 series.

            • Ricardo from USA asked:

              How well does the Gamo hornet in .22 caliber shoot? Go ahead and buy it or save my money?

            • Cliff from USA asked:

              I currently own a Gamo Hornet in .177 caliber, I am pretty happy with it except for the trigger. Will this be a significant improvement, trigger-wise?

              • John from USA:

                Yes..The Gamo CAT trigger is one of the better triggers on a stock rifle. You can adjust the first and 2nd stage. Crisp, light and predictable. You can even fine tune it by changing out the 2nd stage screw (Sear adjustment) (M2.5-.45 x10MM) I would not recommend doing this unless you have experience. But I have 5 Gamo rifles and I have either replaced or modified all my triggers. They all break less than 2lbs. But again the CAT trigger is one of the better ones right out of the box.