Date: 25/10/2020 10:9

Customers Q&A on Gamo Magnum Air Rifle

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  • John from India asked:

    Where can we get the original Gas Ram if we need to replace it? And how many shorts will a brand new gas spring. Can shoot with good power?

    • John from India asked:

      How loud is this gun? Is the same velocity in silent. Version?

      • Mark from USA:

        The magnum is about half the sound of a 22 LR. The velocities are identical.

    • Chris from Canada asked:

      I have the Gamo magnum 177 and I was wondering if I can switch it over to a 22 by just changing the barrel

      • Mark from USA:


    • Casey from USA asked:

      Swarm magnum gen2. Im looking to hydro dip the stock. How difficult it it to remove the stock? Anything to look out for? Thankd

      • Mark from USA:

        There will be 4 bolts. 2 at the forearm sides and 1 at the front and/or rear of the trigger guard.

    • larry from USA asked:

      Rear site - removing old one? Cannot find screw to take old one off to put new one

      • Mark from USA:

        The sight body is hinged at the front. Remove the elevation screw. There will be a small spring and ball bearings. Open the sight to expose the mounting screw.

    • Dwight from St. Vincent and the Grenadines asked:

      What size of pellet is the best to use in a gamo magnum .22 caliber air rifle

      • Mark from USA:

        to find the best pellet is a trial and error process.

    • Klimis from Greece asked:

      I have a Gamo G-Magnum 1250 break barrel air rifle, IGT (Inert Gas technology) 45j and I want to buy a scope but I do not know which one is properly for my gun.So your suggestion would be helpful.

      • Mark from USA:

        There is no correct scope. Contact the Sales Dept for assistance.

    • Nick from USA asked:

      Can I find a magazine to work on it like the Gamo Swarm models?

      • Mark from USA:


    • Douglas from USA asked:

      Does anyone know the outside diameter of the Gamo Magnum .22 barrel if one wants to replace the front sight with a muzzle brake? Thanks

      • Emmanuel from Mexico asked:

        excuseme, do you do shippings to mexico?

        • Roger from USA asked:

          What would be the maximum distance for accuracy for the new M-1 Carbine by Springfield.

          • Tyler from USA:

            Wouldn't it be better to ask that on the page for that gun?

        • bobby from USA asked:

          Can I use cotton a pellet to clean barrel between full cleanings?

          • Tyler from USA:

            There's no need. If you're going to clean it, clean it properly. If not, keep shooting.

        • Edward from USA asked:

          I'm a proud owner of the gamo magnum in .22 cal. Can anyone tell me which grain pellet would balance out between FPS and long range distance? I'd like a good heavy pellet, but not at the expense of losing my long distance range. I was thinking a 12.65 grain pellet. All suggestions are welcomed.

          • Henry from USA:

            I have h&n rabbit loads. 25gr for my magnum swarm. They drop using the scope but will they still have velocity for a kill?

          • jonny053 from USA:

            hi i have the gamo magnum and i run the crossman 14.3gr i have heavier ones but the crossman is the most accurate in my rifle up to 100 yards basically i can group 10 shots at 100yrds in a 4x4 square after that its pretty sparatic not bad for a break barrel and its always ready to go no co2 or compressed air to worry about good job GAMO

          • John from USA:

            I would say 15-18 grain. Get a chronograph. Woodys World

          • Tyler from USA:

            Remember that a pellet with more mass will retain energy better over a longer distance. I would suggest something in the 15-16 grain range. That's the best middle ground.

        • Alex from USA asked:

          Is the cheek rest adjustable

          • Tyler from USA:


        • Klaus from USA asked:

          Hello, what is the diameter from the transfer port Cal. .22 and .177 ?

          • Bros80 from USA asked:

            Anybody else notice the front sight is a little "twisted" and out of line? I've exchanged 2 guns for that and having the ends of the barrels marred up.

            • Rahman from Indonesia asked:

              This rifle Made in China...?

              • Tyler from USA:


            • Johann from USA asked:

              Hi, can a sound suppressor be put on it

              • Tyler from USA:

                There is not one available that I am aware of

            • Big from Canada asked:

              Would .22 remain subsonic with lead free 11.75 Grain Predator GTO or what would be other lead free pellets accurate in this gun?

              • Tim from USA:

                I've had a lot of luck with the Winchester MVP tin alloy pellets out of my guns. I don't have this rifle though... In powerful .22 pellet rifles I usually use the JSB 18.13 gr pellets. They seem to calm the guns down and are extremely accurate.

              • Tyler from USA:

                You can always go with the copper coated pellets from H&N if it's an issue of handling the lead.

              • Big from Canada:

                So if I'd buy that rifle but did not want to deal with lead pellets I'd be SOL?

              • Tyler from USA:

                Highly unlikely that they would stay sub sonic.

            • james from USA asked:

              What are the best pellets to squirrel hunt with my Gamo Magnum .177?

              • Tim from USA:

                The 10.5 gr Crosman domed in the box work extremely well.

              • Tyler from USA:

                You'll have to test to see what preforms best in your gun, but I'd recommend heavier pellets, start in the 9-10 grain range and go from there. Crosman Premier Ultra Magnums, JSB Heavies and H&N Baracuda would be good to start with

            • William from USA asked:

              Will the gamo magnum.22 take down raccoons and possums

              • John from USA:

                I have killed both with my Ruger Air Magnum and Umarex Octane, shooting Premier Ultra Magnum Dome 14.3, a very hard solid head pellet that penetrates deeply with minimal expansion to crush bone. This Gamo will certainly do it. Get a chronograph. Woodys World

              • Tim from USA:

                I've killed both with an RWS Diana 350 magnum and it's only about 1100 fps with alloy pellets, less powerful than this .22... Of course I use 18 gr pellets to hunt with.

              • Tyler from USA:

                Sure can. So long as you can maintain the necessary accuracy to put a well placed shot into the vitals.

            • Joe from USA asked:

              Has any one had issues or noticed if they're gamo magnum has barrel droop.. And what shim is require to fix it .

              • Tim from USA:

                You can get scope mounts designed for barrel droop that are canted, no need to shim...

              • Chevota from USA:

                Fixing the actual barrel droop is a pita, but shimming the scope to match is easy. Just use alum from soda cans or plastic from soda bottles to put on the rear scope mount to tilt the scope to match the barrel. Google shimming scope if you need

            • Mark from USA asked:

              Want are the differences of the gamo color bands.

              • Stanley from USA:

                Red is 177 caliber Green 22 caliber. You can hunt with either caliber most choose 22 .

            • John from USA asked:

              What is the dimensions of the .22 cal. muzzle for a silencer or suppressor

              • John from USA asked:

                How bad is the recoil with either caliber and does the included scope hold good shot groups

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Most included scopes don't not make it long . In my experience at least.

              • John from USA asked:

                Can you put a silencer or suppressor on the gamo magnum .177

                • Chevota from USA:

                  You can, but it will need to be a custom job unless you buy a barrel assy that already has one. Making a suppressor or modifying one to fit your gun no doubt means it could easily fit a firearm as well so imo you're putting yourself at risk.

              • Abe from Canada asked:

                Hi I have is gun and I can't hit anything with it. I tryed about 6 kinds of pellets an I can't get a good group. What kind of pellets should I use?

                • Jeff from USA:

                  believe it or not, the Gamo Red Fire actually work pretty good (much to my surprise), that and H&N Terminators. Both are about 16gr (in .22). The JSB's, Sniper Mags, polymags, crow mags, CPHP and some others didn't do as well for me.

              • kev from Canada asked:

                I mounted the scope and and zeroed it at 5 yards with my bore site laser but when I actually shot the pellets were landing consistantly 3" low. What am I doing wrong?

                • John from USA:

                  Zeroing in an air rifle of that power at 5 yards is what you are doing wrong. I would zero that beast in at 25 yards, maybe 30 yards. I would not use a laser, I would be shooting pellets at targets. Stick with one pellet and grain weight and stop jumping around from pellet to pellet. Settle down. It is not the air rifle. Adjust to it. Get a chronograph. Stick with a pellet that gives you an fps od 825 to 950 fps with that air rifle. Woodys World.

                • Chevota from USA:

                  laser bore sighters generally do not work on springers b/c the gun moves before the pellet exits. The bore sighter points to the static poi as if it were a firearm, but once sighted in a scope will point to where the pellet actually hits after the gun jumps around during firing. This jumping around is why springers are hold sensitive b/c if you hold it different then it moves differently and thus the pellet hits somewhere else. Different types and weights of pellets can also change poi since the gun reacts differently to them and they may exit at a diff point in the guns movement.

              • Thomas from USA asked:

                What size replacement breech seal does the MAGNUM use, #01180 LARGE or #22060 MEDIUM?

                • Ionita from Romania asked:

                  I would like to buy this air rifle , but i want to use it for small game (Jack Rabbits, raccoon and even small birds. is green band for hunting and red for plinking? do you ship in Romania ?because i didn't found my country on your site list .

                  • christopher from USA asked:

                    I should have my Gamo .22 Magnum delivered this week from Pyramyd. Since ordering, It seems Gamo has changed the color band denoting this rifles purpose from green (hunting) to red (plinking and pest control) on the .22 cal model. Will my rifle have a red band, or a green band? And if the manufacturer is now saying this rifle isn't intended for hunting, can I still use it as such or small game (squirels, rabbits, turkey)?

                  • Thomas from USA asked:

                    Anyone using the UTG SCP#-UG6245AOIEW scope on this air rifle? How is the scope holding up?

                    • Thomas from USA asked:

                      If the Gamo Magnum uses the same Mach 1 gas piston as other Gamo air rifles (ex. Whisper Fusion Mach 1), then why are the power specs so much greater?

                      • Chevota from USA:

                        Both bore and stroke are larger, and the gas spring is longer to match that stroke. The gas spring should also have more pressure inside to compensate for the larger bore. In short, the mag is simply a larger gun, physically and its displacement. "Mach 1" is just a name, like Crosman's Nitro and whatever other names are out there. Regardless of name it's just a pneumatic spring and it can have a variety of strokes, preload and spring rate depending on what they wanted for that gun, and what the spring mfg has available. If you wanted to be more specific you'd need the part # or it's specs. You can also measure the energy it takes to cock the gun, which isn't as accurate due to friction but you'll see the magnum takes much more energy to cock.

                      • Christophe from USA:

                        Compression tube is a bit larger for the Magnum, that's why.

                      • Jose from USA:

                        Yes they use the same gas piston.

                    • Bevon from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

                      Do you all get smooth bore in these I live in Trinidad and Tobago and would like to purchase one of the camo magnum but we in Trinidad only carry smooth bore let me know if I could get one to ship to Trinidad

                      • james from USA asked:

                        2-low- medium ???????

                        • Chevota from USA:

                          I see they changed it to a more accurate 4. 1-5 is pretty weak, should be 1-10 or simply dB.

                        • William from USA:

                          I just got my Gamo Magnum in .22 and it's noticably louder but I still love shooting it for the knock down power.

                        • Scott from USA:

                          Hmm, I don't think so. There is no suppressed/ shrouded barrel in these pics and reviews of others say it is quite loud.

                        • Val from USA:

                          It's a relative comparison. Pyramyd Air rates all airguns on a 5 scale. 2-low is very quiet.

                      • james from USA asked:

                        What is a low-2 sound level ?????

                        • Tricia from USA asked:

                          how accurate is this rifle? what is the farthest shot one of u guys have taken with this?

                          • BIGDADDY from USA:

                            I shot a dove with my .22 cal. @ 30 yards and believe it or not? I sighted it in with about an 8 foot distance? i have 4 air rifles and all my other rifles have center point 3X9 scopes on them with the reticle dots so i used one of them to figure out the drop.

                        • Canada from Ukraine asked:

                          Adjustable cheek pad?

                          • Canada from Ukraine asked:

                            Which bipod would fit this?

                            • Canada from Ukraine asked:

                              Which caliber would you recommend this gun for hunting birds, squirrels, chipmunks, mink, raccoon, possum? .177 or .22 ?

                              • Craig from USA:

                                When hunting anything larger then squirrel its always a good idea to go with the larger caliber. .22 for sure. and as far as coon and possum go its going to have to be a head shot at close range. 25 yards or less.

                            • Jeff from USA asked:

                              Does it have accuracy with this much energy?

                              • Tricia from USA:

                                only if u use a 14 grain pellet or higher. u could manage with an 11 grain but it will be more crazy.

                            • ronnie from USA asked:

                              I am thinking about getting one of these for hunting will this be a good one thanks ronnie

                              • Tricia from USA:

                                yes very good if u r hunting fox or smaller game

                            • ronnie from USA asked:

                              I'm thinking about getting one of these to hunt with will it be a good one? Thanks Ronnie

                              • BIGDADDY from USA asked:

                                does the gamo magnum come with a scope? and if so, what kind and size?

                                • BIGDADDY from USA asked:

                                  does the gamo magnum 22 caliber shoot 1300 fps?

                                  • John from USA:

                                    Get a chronograph. Winchester has a .22 caliber Max Velocity PBA Pellet made from tin that is 8.18 grains. My Ruger Air Magnum shot it at 1141 fps in 74 degree weather. Different weather temps will result in different fps. The Winchester Max Velocity no lead 8.18 grain is the lightest .22 caliber pellet sold my Pyramyd Air. Woodys World.

                                • mrmrogden from USA asked:

                                  Other than another persons previous request for an honest 14.3 gr pellet FPS test. I also would like to know if the claimed loudness of 2 is correct as i see no sound moderation i kind of doubt that the rating is correct with sub sonic ammo?

                                  • John from USA:

                                    Just for a reference, my .22 caliber Ruger Air Magnum shot the Premier 14.3 grain Destroyer at 944 fps, the Ultra Magnum 14.3 grain at 925 fps, chronographed the same day in 46 degree weather. There will be a difference in warm and cold weather, not drastic. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

                                  • Jack from USA:

                                    this rifle is loud I got it yesterday and it was breaking sound barrier with 14.3 premier hollow points

                                  • John from USA:

                                    Update..06/34/2016, I have 500 pellets through this now and I chrono'd it again. 994.5 FPS, with a 14.2 gr RWS HP, this was the average in a 10 shot string. So the FPS increased as it broke-in. Also, I have to say the cocking effort is no less than "50" Pounds. This is by far the hardest cocking gun I own. Even harder than my Hatsan .30 cal Break-Barrel. Also I had a Leapers 4-16x50 scope but it didn't last with the heavy recoil. Back to the stock Gamo scope for now.

                                  • John from USA:

                                    916.9 FPS with 14.2 gr RWS HP

                                • Jose from USA asked:

                                  How long is this rifle ????

                                  • Laura from USA:

                                    49.2 inches

                                • John from USA asked:

                                  Ok as soon as you get a test piece (i.e. rifle) you need to give us a real chrono test with a 14.3 gr lead pellet. Then maybe we can get the realistic FPS. I'm guessing 950-975 tops! I'm yet to see a .22 cal break-barrel break the speed of sounds with a 14 plus grain pellet. Even If this rifle could achieve 1100 FPS that would be a little over 38 FPE. That has yet to be achieved by any .22 cal gas or spring piston.

                                  • Edward from USA:

                                    I haven't chrono'd this weapon but my 14.3 grain Gamo red fire pellets made that rifle sound like a .22 cal center rim magnum. Very loud!! I just ordered some JSB exact jumbo heavy 18.13 grain pellets in the hopes of calming this beast down. It maybe dieseling being that they were the first shots fired fresh out of the box

                                  • John from USA:

                                    I am going to answer my own question. I just received my Magnum today (06/22/2016) in .22 cal. I chrono'd 12.65 gr H&N HP 1002 FPS, the RWS 14.2 gr HP 916.9 FPS, the Gamo 10.85 gr PBA 1094 FPS. So the 1300 FPS is a pipe dream. That being said it is still a very powerful rifle 26.51 FPE. I put about 200 rounds through it so far and the most accurate pellets were the RWS 14.2 gr HP. I expect the accuracy to improve with a further break-in period. I was shooting nickel size groups at 20 yards right out of the box.

                                  • Steven from USA:

                                    Both .177 and .22 were tested with "Gamo PBA Platinum" weighing less than 10gr each: GAMO is a company known to intentionally use the lowest weight when testing that way they can list the highest possible velocity for relativly weak guns without it counting as false advertisment. 1300 on the 22 is about the highest any one single shot can be using the lowest possible weight pellet.