Date: 28/10/2020 9:43

Customers Q&A on Gamo PR-776 CO2 Revolver


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  • Stephen from USA asked:

    Will the h&n baricuda hunter 10.34g jam in it?

    • jose from USA:

      Most likely or it will jam due to its weight

  • Isaac from Canada asked:

    Is it possible to mount a sight on this gun even without a rail? It looks like some people were able to in the customer images.

    • GLENN from USA asked:

      Why no top rail. Unable to mount red dot or scope..?,, MAJOR BLUNDER on behalf of the PR-776's designers.

      • timothy from USA asked:

        Will crosman pointed .177 caliber fit in this gun?

        • timothy from USA asked:

          Would this gun work for killing snakes? I want to use this gun for pest control

          • bill from USA asked:

            will this pistol fit your western holsters

            • CRAIG from USA asked:


              • joverton from USA asked:

                Will Predator Polymag Shorts work in this gun?

                • bill from USA asked:

                  will a swiss arms micro laser sight fit this revolver

                  • Anthony from USA asked:

                    What manufacturers frame is this gun built on Colt, Smith and Wesson, Ruger etc.

                    • Dave39 from USA:

                      None of the above. Its made in Taiwan by WinGun who also make the ASG Dan Wessons, Umarex S&W 327 TRR8, BlackOps Exterminator, Crosman SR357 and several other Airsoft, BB and pellet CO2 revolvers.

                  • Anthony from USA asked:

                    Can you get extra clips magazines?

                    • joseph. c from USA:

                      Not let I called gamo and they don't even got them no where to be found

                  • Guillermo from USA asked:

                    For how many shots is the CO2 cartridge good for ?

                    • Dan the Man from USA:

                      About 70.

                  • Leon from USA asked:

                    Is it full metal?

                    • Chayan from USA:

                      Yes, all metal except the grip cover of course.

                  • Dick from USA asked:

                    What is the trigger pull when shooting single action?

                    • Dave39 from USA:

                      In Part 2 of Tom Gaylord's blog on the Gamo PR-776, he records the single action trigger pull as 5 pounds, 6 ounces.

                  • Knot Yew from USA asked:

                    What is the country of origin ... where is it made?

                    • Dave39 from USA:

                      Taiwan - It appears to be a variant of the Win Gun Supersport 704 but chambered for 4.5mm pellets instead of 6 mm airsoft balls. Also, it has a rifled barrel.

                  • Andy from Canada asked:

                    Question X2,Are extra clips available for this gun, or at least can you say when they'll be hitting the market?, Thank's, Andy.

                    • Bill from USA asked:

                      Are additional clips available for this revolver?