Date: 19/3/2019 2:52

Customers Q&A on Gamo PT-85 Blowback Tactical Air Pistol

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  • James from USA asked:

    Gamo recommends PBA pellets. can you use other .177 caliber pellets in this or does anyone know for sure?

    • Tyler from USA:

      You can use any .177 cal pellet that fits in the magazine. I'd recommend staying in the 7-8 grain range

  • Daniel from USA asked:

    Why does the Barrow move side to side while holding the rest solid grip???

    • Jen-Yen from USA:

      ??? Probably you just did not screw it tight.

  • Park from USA asked:

    So has anybody using this pistol getting ANY velocity close to the 560fps they claim?

    • Jen-Yen from USA:

      I saw there is online video measured the original one with around 330 fps. With longer rod, velocity is slightly faster than original...but I think once I saw a video measured some where close to 450 or 500 fps...cannot recall now... Have not touched this air pistol for a long while because I started playing air rifle, break barrel and PCP.

  • John l from USA asked:

    what kind and size are the rail mounts?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The rail has a weaver/picatinny rail, so around 22mm

  • Lincoln from USA asked:

    How many feet per second alloy and led thank you

    • marc from USA asked:

      just got one and the safety appears stuck. am i missing something?

      • john from New Zealand asked:

        Can I buy just 12"barrel and Suppressor as i have pt85 already

        • Jen-Yen from USA:

          Guess you already know the answer before even post this question. Answer is "NO." Check Paul's video, he had explained how the rod looked like.

      • James from USA asked:

        What kind of co2 do I need to. It for this pellet gun can't find it thanks

        • Douglas from USA:

          It uses standard 12 gram Co2 powerlets available in most sporting good stores.

      • Maxim from USA asked:

        Does a fake suppressor help reduce sound at least a bit?

        • Douglas from USA:

          No it has no sound reducing effect at all - it just serves to hide the extended barrel.

      • saul from Mexico asked:

        can it use pellets and bb's?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Pellets only.

      • DON from USA asked:

        Can the blowback be disabled

        • Carlton from USA:


      • DON from USA asked:

        How close will this gun come to 560 fps

        • Carlton from USA:

          Very close

      • Avery from USA asked:

        Is this gun threaded to put on a real surpressor?

        • Jen-Yen from USA:

          I doubt you will buy a real suppressor to put on a pellet air pistol....and even if you do buy one, I doubt it can fit...the design is not quite the same on a real gun compares to this air pistol..... This air pistol is made for fun and close range target shooting. If you purchase a real suppressor (with that money, you can get several air pistols), you might just go get a real gun to fit it.

        • Carlton from USA:

          It is threaded but adding a real surpressor depends on the configuration of the threaded compressor itself.