Date: 18/2/2019 20:28

Customers Q&A on Gamo PT-85 CO2 Pistol

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  • Gregory from Canada asked:

    Does anybody know what firearm this Gamo pt85 is based on? It kind of reminds me of the Ruger "P" series and the Beretta px4.

    • Tyler from USA:

      I see where you're getting the ruger thing from, but I don't believe it was made as a straight up replica of anything in particular

  • Willie from USA asked:

    How is the barrel rod inside the silencer attached ?

    • Willie from USA asked:

      If I buy the regular pt 85 and the universal silencer will it fit ?

      • Douglas from USA asked:

        Is it possible to greatly reduce the blow-back feature so as to reduce the shaking that occurs whenever this pistol is fired? My PT-85 shakes so badly that the pellets dislodge from the rotary mag and cause it to jam on me. I have tried 2 different rotary mags and

        • Omar from USA asked:

          How many shots per tank?

          • Gregory from Canada:

            I generally get 3 magazines or 48 shots per Co2 powerlet.

        • Timothy from USA asked:

          Has anyone else had issues with the Tactical version of this pistol with the faux suppressor? I made the mistake of buying one and expecting a high quality unit. The barrel slops around with more than 1/4 inch of play at the exit end of the barrel.. This renders it WORTHLESS for accuracy. For what they charge for this unit I should have spent a little more and purchased another SIg Sauer MCX

          • Gregory from Canada asked:

            I think that this gamo pt-85 is mainly based onthe Ruger p85 and with some design elements taken from other Ruger "P" series 9mm pistols. Does anyone else know for sure what real steel pistol inspired the design of this gamo pt-85?

            • Michael from USA asked:

              I cant be sure from the pics but does this have a fake ejection port like some of the other blowback pellet guns - the sig 250 for example?

              • Gregory from Canada:

                The ejection port is cut out on the gamo pt-85, unlike the Sig Sauer p250.

            • Michael from USA asked:

              The velocity cited is with 4.1 gr ammo. If I'm using something higher, say 7.9 gr, how big a drop in velocity should I expect? 50 fps? more?

              • al from USA asked:

                can you use BB's in this gun

                • bob from USA:

                  rifled barrels are for pellets only. steel bbs wear the barrels too much.

                • Michael from USA:

                  Not an answer, but if it has a rotary mag, how can it be designed for pellets only? Technically if the BB fits why wouldn't it fire? Honestly curious.

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Designed for pellets only.

              • Gregory from Canada asked:

                Has anyone used a chrony to know how fast the pt85 shoots regular 7-8grain pellets?

                • Gregory from Canada asked:

                  Is the barrel extension available extra so I could turn my regular pt85 into the tactical model?

                  • Alan from USA:

                    I don't think that you can. The barrel isn't threaded for the extension. That's my idea anyway.

                • bill from USA asked:

                  what is the purpose of the screw on the rear sight mount

                  • Dmitry from USA:

                    When unscrewing it u can take off the slide and expose the mechanism in case u want to clean it. I doubt that it needs lubrication On every part

                • Aaron from USA asked:

                  What decent paddle holster will fit this? I like to carry it around the yard sometimes for easy access when the chipmunks are a problem. It doesn't fit any of my 1911&Rail or springfield xd40 serpa holsters. What real gun would it be the same size of holster wise?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    You would need to get a generic style auto holster for it. We do not recommend this gun for hunting as it has too slow velocity.

                • Richard from USA asked:

                  can you mount a red dot even with extra mounts?

                  • Jerry from USA:


                • GH from USA asked:

                  Is this gun the same as the pt-85 tactical without all the attachments?

                  • Dan the Man from USA:

                    Yes, but this one doesn't have the threaded straw barrel.

                • Derek from Canada asked:

                  what is the Gamo PT-85 made of metal or plastic

                  • Dan the Man from USA:

                    A good mixture of both, 1 1/2 pounds.

                • Rodney from USA asked:

                  does the blowback advance the next pellet so the trigger only fires the pellet and does not advance the pellet?

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    yes, the trigger advances the next pellet

                  • Dan the Man from USA:

                    No, the pistol uses the mag in a way more similar to a revolver.