Date: 23/3/2019 21:52

Customers Q&A on Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle

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  • Don from USA asked:

    My Urban .22 Isn't taking air. What piece do I need to use a 120psi hand pump or a portable electric air pump?

    • Tyler from USA:

      A 120 psi bicycle pump or a even a 200 psi compressor will not be able to fill this gun. You need a tank, pump or compressor capable of 3000 psi output. The least expensive pump option PA sells is this one: Hatsan TactAir 3 Stage PCP..., but you'll need this adapter to make the fill probe from the gun work with that pump, Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"...

  • Keith from USA asked:

    Anybody know what ft lbs is delivered with hammer tension screw all the way out is? Also how many turns is all the way in without coming off threads?

    • Earl from USA asked:

      Do I need to buy an "Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8" BSPP Female Threads" to connect the Gamo Urban to my Benjamin PCP hand pump?

    • Frank from USA asked:

      Is the barrel chocked?

      • Andrew from USA asked:

        How does one put air back in the gun? Can not line up the two little bitty holes on the gun and on the little adapter.

        • Tyler from USA:

          The holes do not need to be lined up for air to enter the cylinder. If you have the fill probe in the fill port fully, that is all you need to do. Then begin filling.

      • Alan from USA asked:

        What is the transfer port diameter?

        • Richard from USA asked:

          What's the difference between this and the BSA Buccaneer?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Of course the stock, but the big difference is the Urban has a smaller cylinder.

        • armando from Mexico asked:

          pyramyd air ship to mexico?

          • Levi from USA asked:

            Does it come with a fill probe in the box

            • Tyler from USA:


          • pfeffer from USA asked:

            Our Field Target events are limited to 20 energy rifles. Is there a way to 'dial back' this gun to meet this requirement? (Ex: consistent shots at lower fill pressure, use heavier pellets, etc.?) Thanks in advance!

            • Marc & from USA:

              I'm using my Urban for Field Target practice on my own range. My Field Targets (4) are at 15-25-35-40 yds with hit zones set to .5-1-1-1.5". A .22 might not be the optimum rifle for FT but I'm getting a lot of good practice in my own range. If you are shooting FT just for fun, I think the Urban works pretty good! I'm shooting GTOs. I lowered the FPE to less than 20 by removing the stock and using a 4mm hex key to reduce the hammer spring tension. You'll want to borrow or get a chronograph to set the fpe and fps to the desired level. I'm shooting the GTOs at 838 fps.

            • Tyler from USA:

              It can be done. It would require some internal work, and even at that point, you're better off with a .177 caliber rifle for FT. More margin for error and a flatter trajectory at 20 fpe than a .22 at that energy.

          • Dwayne from USA asked:

            Will a 21gr. pellet work well with this rifle?

            • Daniel from USA:

              Mine loves the JSB jumbo Monster's 25.39 gr. They are a little tight going into the magazine though.

            • Tyler from USA:

              That depends on your barrel, but you can certainly try them

          • william from USA asked:

            Ok, so I want to use a air tank for this gun. Looking at the air venturi 300psi 80cu for this unit. Will this fill it and about how many times, plan on shooting till hits 2000psi and then top off. Also what is the proper valve fopr this tank. my local dive shop can only fill to 3000psi

            • Tyler from USA:

              If you fill the rifle to about 2900 psi, you'd get 10-12 good fills at that pressure from a 3000 psi tank pressure. To connect to the gun, you'll need this fill adapter: Air Venturi Scuba Tank Yoke... The fill probe that comes with the rifle will thread into the end of the hose and allow you to fill your rifle.

          • Donald from USA asked:

            Does anybody know if H&N Hornet pellets will fit the magazine for this rifle?

            • Keith from USA:

              I have the horns and they do fit. Once you have one in you have to get it to move back slightly for the magazine to rotate

            • Donald from USA:

              Sorry for answering my own question, but in case anybody else would like to know....I have received my Urban and the answer is NO. The H&N Hornet will not fit this magazine and rotate properly. The only way to fire the Hornet that I have found is to use the magazine as a single shot tray. The pellet will fit inside the magazine, but the rotor won't spin. Therefore, if you just take an empty magazine and load one Hornet into the can insert that mag into the gun and chamber the Hornet. Sort of single shot style. Good enough for me, and my Urban LOVES the Hornet.

          • James from USA asked:

            What adapter would I need if I had an Air Venturi G7S hand pump?

          • carlos from USA asked:

            there is some way to separate Whisper Maxxim silencer??

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not that I have seen

          • Timothy from USA asked:

            can a bi pod be mounted to this?

            • Tyler from USA:

              You would need to install either a rail section or swivel stud into the stock. It does not come with a provision to mount a bipod

          • Austin from USA asked:

            What is the best pellet for the urban out to about 50 yards? looking for accuracy

            • Tyler from USA:

              In my testing, the JSB 15.89 and 18.13 grain pellets did the best, but your mileage may vary.

          • Lance from Cayman Islands asked:

            I realize that the stock of the Gamo Urban is ambidextrous, but can the bolt be changed to be left-handed?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not as far as I know

          • Peter from USA asked:

            Pressure gauge is stuck at 2000 psi. Is there a good replacement. The rifle works fine other than the gauge.

            • Matthew from USA:

              Steven you should never use any oil other than pure silicone on a PCP . It will combust and blow up if it gets into any high pressure area .

            • Steven from USA:

              Mine was stuck as well. I placed a few drops of wd40 in the small hole on the side of the gauge to free it up. Took a few fills to move the needle but works good now.

          • Dennis from USA asked:

            Is this probe the same as the one for the Krals Looks like one

            • Tyler from USA:


          • Dennis from USA asked:

            Is there a single shot tray available?

            • Frank from USA:

              Yes PA has them for $19.98

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not at this time

          • jonathon from USA asked:

            Hello I was wondering if I can use the Benjamin hand pump to fill the Gamo urban I saw that the gamo urban has a probe to fill the gun so I didn't know if the female quick connect on the Benjamin pump will fit the probe If it does not fit what do I need to buy to allow it to connect

          • Daniel from USA asked:

            When spare mags cost $50 each why should I be interested? If they weren't adding back end cost it would be a rifle I would want, $50 magazines is a deal breaker period!

            • Daniel from USA:

              Re:Lee I do WANT a spare or even two for all my rifles, and two would be $100 which is ridiculous, comparable made magazines from other brands sell similarly made magazines that I am sure cost virtually the same cost to manufacture for 1/3 the price, the price of the magazines is unjustifiable. My Hatsan came with two and I bought two more, my P-rod came with one and I bought five more my Marauder came with two and I bought three more. Its about the convenience of having them loaded and waiting, possibly with different pellet types for various applications even. Many, maybe most people like to have extra magazines and they know it! I see it as a hook planned to catch people, but I see the hook!

            • lee from USA:

              do you really need more than 1 magazine for hunting or target shooting i use mine for hunting and the mag is a quality bsa mag no higher then if you owned a bsa rifle

          • Travis from USA asked:

            Can anyone tell me if the Polly mag works well in this gun and what the FPE and FPS is with the .22 16 grain Polly mag

            • Steven from USA asked:

              Can you use a hand pump for this gun; and if so, what is a good, lower cost option? Anything in the $150 range?

              • Tyler from USA:

                Yes, but you'll want to make sure it's a pump that is capable of filling to 232 BAR, I would recommend the Air Venturi Mk4. The fill probe from the gun will thread right into the end of the pump hose. Air Venturi MK4 by Hill...

            • GWHatfieldJr from USA asked:

              I need a replacement air adapter that came with the urban and possibly a whole new gauge housing this one came out of the box leaking. mine is not a ideal fit and will not allow me to pump up my urban. i ordered it thru Amazon and have got no help there I have only got to shoot it once not very stoked

              • Carl from USA:

                call gamo in ar. if its fairly new they will replace it! they even paid shipping!

            • Garrett from USA asked:

              Do the GAMO PBA .22 pellets work well on this gun

              • lee from USA:

                cant speak for all urbans but mine shoots the gamo pba at 970 fps less than 1/2" 5 shot groups at 20 yds and also shoots the same size groups with jsb 15.89

              • Tyler from USA:

                I'd recommend JSB pellets

            • Garrett from USA asked:

              And could i humanely kill a coyote with this

              • lee from USA:

                under 25yds with good shot placement yes but would not be my first choice

              • Tyler from USA:

                Wouldn't recommend it. Go .25 or larger with upwards of 45 FPE for humane kills on coyotes.

            • Garrett from USA asked:

              Never mind about the tank i decided just to buy a benjamin hand pump But thank you for your answer on both questions

              • Tyler from USA:


            • Garrett from USA asked:

              If i am going to fill my rifle with a Ninja 35CI/ 3000 psi, HPA paintball tank what do i need

              • Tyler from USA:

                Is the output on the tank regulated? Do you already have a hose or whip that will attach to a male quick disconnect fitting?

            • Garrett from USA asked:

              Wich is better the gamo urban pcp .22 for hunting and pest control any where from 10 60 yards But what is better the GAMO urban or the benjamin discovery .22 or the benjamin Maximus .22

              • Tyler from USA:

                The Urban is the better gun. Multi shot capability, has a functional suppressor and a much better trigger.

            • Gerard from USA asked:

              Will the magazine accept the Crosman Penetrator lead free pellets? These are too long for my Gamo Swarm mag. and it would be good to know if they worked with this model.

              • John from USA asked:

                Can this kill coyotes or bobcats with a head shot

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Use your best judgement and be sure of your shot , a heavy pellet may do the job ? For me i wouldn't use anything smaller than a 30 caliber just to sure . JUST SAYING.

              • Jim from USA asked:

                Does the Gamo Urban have a probe port filling system?

                • Stanley from USA:


              • Sal from USA asked:

                I call GamoUSA the barrel O.D. is 16mm.

                • Damian from St. Kitts and Nevis asked:

                  does anyone know what scope is best for hunting with this rifle? any info is good . Thanks, Damian

                  • Marc & from USA:

                    I'm using the new 3-12x UTG Bug Buster. It is light, compact and usefully clear. I also got the special side AO focus wheel made for the Bug Buster. This combo works well in keeping with the light, compact and easy handling Urban. This combo is my favorite setup compared to the Discovery, Maximus, Marauder, Coyote, TX200 and S510 Ultimate Sporter. YMMV

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    I have used UTG scopes on many of my guns . They make a good scope for money .

                • Felipe from USA asked:

                  Como rrecargo mi urban de aire mas facil directo del compresor o del tanque de recarga

                  • Felipe from USA asked:

                    Puedo rrecargar de aire mi urban directamente con el compresor o debo llenar un tanque especial para recargarlo

                    • Howard from USA asked:

                      normally I clean my rifle by running the rod from breech to muzzle. cannot do this with the GAMO urban. do I go from muzzle to breech with the rod??

                      • Daniel from USA:

                        Cleaning of pellet guns is not necessary very often or recommended either. By B.B. Pelletier You dont always HAVE to clean your barrel Airgun barrels do get dirty. They collect dirt in the bore from the oil in the barrel. Oil gets there for many reasons. In spring guns, the mechanism puts it there (through the transfer port). In pneumatics and gas guns, we sometimes oil the pellets. Some pellets even come pre-oiled or waxed. So barrels do get dirty, but the deposits dont remain inside. Every pellet down the barrel scrapes out the deposits from the pellets that went before. This is why many airgunners never clean their barrels. Faster velocities and hard pellets can deposit lead in the bore As velocities climb above 900 f.p.s., some pellets will leave streaks of lead on the surface of the bore. Hard pellets are the worst. Pure lead pellets are soft and dont leave lead deposits as easily, but pellets that have antimony in their alloy are harder and more prone to scrape off. Try to scratch the head of a pellet with your fingernail. If its soft, youll be able to leave a scratch mark but you wont leave a mark it if it’s hard. 4 rules for the proper cleaning of airguns Unless you know your barrel has lead in it, all you need to do is: 1. Run several clean patches through the bore to remove the dirt and grease. Remember, you DO NOT have to do this unless you want to! Many Olympic champions do not clean their airguns – ever! But there is no harm in cleaning, unless you make some fundamental mistakes. 2. Clean from the breech if at all possible. You want to protect the rifling at the muzzle because damage there will spoil the gun’s accuracy. 3. Do not use solvents to clean an airgun. A good grade of gun oil on a patch will remove the dirt, but keep that to a minimum. 4. Dry the bore after cleaning unless the gun is going into long-term storage, in which case a light film of good gun oil is best. By B.B. Pelletier

                      • JON from USA:

                        Yep, just use a soda straw inside of the moderator to make sure the baffled are not damaged.

                    • neil from USA asked:

                      Will a Benjamin High-Pressure PCP Pump (HPP2KU) work with this rifle? Do I need an adapter?

                    • Carlton from USA asked:

                      Can the Benjamin 4500 psi hand pump be used on the Urban without any additional adapters? Used like with the Maximum . . . . Marauder etc.

                    • Elvyn from USA asked:

                      Does this gun already come with an air adapter? if so which one?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        It comes with a standard 1/8" BSPP male threaded probe.

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        No you will need this Air Venturi Male Quick Disconnect #PY-A-3550.....On the recommended accessories below.

                    • james from USA asked:

                      Trying to decide which one would be a better rifle to get gamo coyote ,gamo urban or BSA buccneir

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        All good choices the Coyote and the Buccaneer get more shots per fill , but the Urban is lighter ?Good luck with that.

                    • Randi from USA asked:

                      Does this company always promise and then not deliver?

                      • Anthony from USA:

                        How do you mean? examples please...

                    • Ismael from USA asked:

                      I wanted to remove the whisper off my gamo urban, does anyone know if it has a threaded barrel?I know I have to saw off the whisper

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        There is no way to really know without removing it. Maybe Gamo USA would know? I'd give them a try

                    • Ismael from USA asked:

                      Can the gamo urban be regulated

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        There is most likely one availabe from the UK.

                    • ricardo from Trinidad and Tobago asked:

                      Dose this gun come in smooth bore

                      • Stanley from USA:


                    • roni from USA asked:

                      Hi Can I replace the suppressor on thes gun

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Guns with included moderators are not removable by the customer ( not meant to ) .

                    • walter from USA asked:

                      will the Benjamin discovery pump work on this rifle

                    • A from USA asked:

                      So is this another re Marked B.S.A. gun that gamo put there label on like the coyote whisper?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Yes, Gamo has owned BSA since the late 80s/early 90s

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Gamo does own BSA ?? Probably outsourced ?

                    • John from USA asked:

                      Hey Guys ... I see that this little beauty has a regulator. And, since someone will eventually as this question anyway, let's get it out of the way now. Does anyone know at what pressure the regulator is set and would it be enough to allow the rifle to operate on CO2?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Yeah, definitely not regulated. Gamo/BSA call it a self regulated valve (which does nothing but confuse people). There is no regulator in this rifle.

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Watch the video by Tyler he states its not regulated ?

                    • JOHN from USA asked:

                      Does this Gamo have a BSA barrel? How do you order spare magazines? Or are the overpriced BSA magazines used in this rifle? If they are that would be a deal breaker for me.

                      • Ben from USA:

                        Yes and yes! Over priced mags and it is a BSA barrel and there are barrel blanks available for about 150$ in different lengths as well I am planning on getting a 24' barrle and a bsa moderator instead of the gamo whisper will post results when done

                      • Ed from USA:

                        I think it's confirmed now, this IS a BSA with the Gamo name on it. I'd buy one now but not with extra mags @ $50 a pop! That's CRAZY! I got FOUR spares for my Synrod for just below $50. Same thing with my AT44, FOUR mags for less than $50--both on sale but normally about $15 @ piece.!

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        If you watch the video by Tyler he says its unknown if its a (hammer forged BSA barrel ) or not? PA has spare mags , but prepared to sheel out 50 bucks each . I had the same problem with my BSA Scorpion , and i did find some for half that amount.

                    • chuck from USA asked:

                      There is no way that you can fill this to 3365lbs with a hand pump. You would have to be seven foot tall and weigh 350 to be able to press it in.

                      • Ben from USA:

                        I have this gun and use the benjamin hand pump and fill to 232 bar all the time I am 5'10 160 pounds and I find it easy lock your arms and drop your weight on one foot after a few stokes youll get the feal. I find this gun to be vary pump friendly the cylinder is 105cc or 115cc so pressure builds quickly

                      • Ben from USA:

                        I think this is why pcp tanks, cylinders and air rifles can be transported under pressure is because they are filled with atmospheric air witch is inurt and not explosive

                      • rhill from USA:

                        wow! John is 68 feet tall and 145 lbs.?

                      • Dwight from USA:

                        I have this rifle and I use to hill pump with no problems filling it up and I'm on 68' tall and 145lbs

                      • John from USA:

                        2 answers - 1.) To James Pitman's reply below, I don't believe it would be illegal to drive with a fully pressurized airgun tank. I deduce this because there are full propane tank trucks, also trucks transporting high pressure air, O2, CO2, Nitrogen, etc. at far higher pressures, 6000 psi I believe. 2.) To answer the actual question I fill my AirForce Condor to 3000 psi easily with a Hill hand pump so I don't see another 365 psi as being a problem. I say easily but it takes time, technique and brakes. I'm a bit overweight but relatively fit at 56, 6ft, 220lbs,

                      • Ed from USA:

                        My Marauder came out of the box with 2000 psi, my Hatsan AT44 arrived with 2900 psi.

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Its a mystery to me but it was filled?????

                      • Todd from USA:

                        The diameter of the pumps shaft/piston is what matters. If the shaft were about 1.13" dia (sectional area 1 square inch) then you'd need 3365lbs force to make 3365psi, which is literally what "psi" means, but the shaft in the hand pump is much smaller than that. If the shaft were 1/4" dia then it would take 165lbs to generate 3365psi, if 1/8" then only 42lbs. The easier it is to pump the more strokes it'll take to fill the gun so you don't want it too hard or too easy. Unfortunately pumps only have one size piston so it's like a single speed bike. Would be nice if the pumps were variable so you could adjust as tank pressure climbs, and of course to your strength. I can tell you that hand pumping it not fun, so if possible get a tank and or elect pump. Stanley: I can't imagine it's legal to ship a filled gun so I'd imagine they forgot to vent it. The DOT is really anal about pressurized containers. I'd imagine it's illegal to have the filled gun in your car on a public highway too, anyone know for sure?

                      • James Pitman from USA:

                        Of course you can, you just have to have the right pump for these rifles. Regular pumps will not work of course.

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        I have the BSA Scorpion 1200 SE in .177 caliber and it came out of the box filled so i just keep it topped off after each outing . Unknown if this rifle comes filled or not ?

                    • Darin from USA asked:

                      Does anyone have an idea of the air cylinder size on this? Looking for my first PCP and this sounds like a winner if the cylinder is small enough to be filled easily with a hand pump

                      • Ben from USA:

                        105cc and is easy to punk up with hand pump this a great first pcp it was my first

                      • Todd from USA:

                        The Coyote says 153cc, and I can't imagine they made a different tank for this one. Pretty tiny but I guess it fits a niche? I'd much rather have a larger cyl and fill less often but that's up the buyer.

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Specs are M.I.A. no one has them in stock as of yet.

                    • Hajimoto from USA asked:

                      Is there any information as to why the date keeps getting pushed back by Gamo? Is there an issue with the production line? Is there an issue with customs? W'sup?

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Just have to wait.

                    • jason from USA asked:

                      I cant find any reviews of this rifle.Is it so new that nobody has one yet?I also pre-ordered it a month ago and in stock date keeps getting pushed back.

                      • Val from USA:

                        Yes, very new. Not on the market yet (as of August 29, 2016)

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Dito from above question???

                    • jason from USA asked:

                      Is this a Coyote basically with a synthetic stock?

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Haven't seen any real world measurements as of yet but if you were to compare images with the Coyote it would appear that it is the same concept. The Coyote has a longer barrel at 24 inches- per specs- (if you compare images), the Urban also uses a smaller air reservoir ( less shots ) says 30 shots per fill . And of coarse the stock is different.

                    • Craig from USA asked:

                      Will this gun be internally regulated like the coyote and is the barrel hammer forged

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        Yes and yes.

                    • eric from USA asked:

                      Will this rifle come with a scope? Picture shows a scope on it but do not see it in description about a scope. Thanks Eric

                      • Stanley from USA:

                        No scope included.