Date: 21/3/2019 21:12

Customers Q&A on Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle

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  • Halfred D. from USA asked:

    Is the stock on this rifle/shotgun hollow from the point of the handgrip and trigger back to the shoulder pad or is it a solid piece of material?

    • Tyler from USA:

      It's plastic so there is some structure inside, but it is largely hollow.

  • Amos from United Kingdom asked:

    Is this legal in the UK

    • Brandon from USA asked:

      Can i get this with a Nitro Piston ?

      • Christopher from USA asked:

        When are you going to have the Nitro Piston version of this back in stock?

        • John from USA asked:

          Could this kill a turkey at 10-15 yards with the shot gun shells

          • Paul from USA:

            no, not even close

        • Kris from USA asked:

          Can it shoot 7 1/2 non-toxic

          • Gunny from USA asked:

            Has it been tested for Trap or skeet...

            • Paul from USA:

              Traditional trap or skeet, it won't work. Not enough range, shots, or choke. hand tossed water balloons or clays is as much as it can do.

          • mostafa from Iceland asked:

            is this airgun available in nitro piston version?

          • Kyle from USA asked:

            Can you kill small game with it

            • mostafa from Iceland:

              yes you can easily bring down any small game

          • Taylor from USA asked:

            Do they sell just the barrel for this gun, and if so could it be exchanged with the original rifle barrel?

            • Stanley from USA:

              Comes with the adaptor to shoot 22 caliber pellets. Although the barrel is smooth bore.

          • Avery from USA asked:

            Is there a way to mount a scope on to this gun.

            • Geno from USA:

              11mm/dovetail rail is grooved on the rifle

          • Avery from USA asked:

            What is the loudness on this gun.

            • Randall from USA:

              Not a quiet gun. Sounds like a powerful 22 springer pellet gun when fired, which is what it basically is. With the original shotshells fired, it is a bit quieter but not much.

            • Stanley from USA:

              3 medium.

          • Avery from USA asked:

            Do you actually pour in 22. Cal pellets or is there some type or special ammo.

            • Stanley from USA:

              If you scroll down to the recommended accessories/ ammo /services you will see the shot shells . 25 shotshells for 7.95.

          • Dean from Canada asked:

            I have both Shadow Express and the Viper Express. My Grandsons lost the chamber adapters for both. Where can I buy replacements? Gamo will not sell to me directly.

            • ahkell66 from USA:

              Item Code: GA-25932 [Gamo .22-Cal Chamber Adapter, Fits...]

            • Ted from USA:

              On this wed page Gamo sells a .22-cal chamber adapter ,that fits the Viper Express for $7.99

            • Unknown Infidel from USA:

              You can use an empty gamo shotgun shell. They work the same as the brass adapters.

          • Vincent from USA asked:

            Is there an over and under model in the works (one smooth bore barrel, one rifled)?

            • Jerry from USA:


          • Frank from USA asked:

            is this gamo shotgun have the ability to take out clay birds on a trap shooting

            • Jerry from USA:

              No, Not enough power

          • Jim R from USA asked:

            Does it come with ANY shot shells?

            • Randall from USA:

              It comes with the pellet adapter. No shot shells at all. You have to purchase them separately. Since the pellet adapter is much like a shot shell, you could reload it into shooting shot, but that is only ONE shell. Get a few boxes of the shells, and save them and reload them.

            • Val from USA:

              shot shells already come preloaded. Pyramyd lists them for $7.95 right here

            • Jeff from USA:

              No, you need to order them separate, no instructions on loading the shot shells. You will need to surf youtube and then construct wad cutting punch etc. Not an open the box and shoot gun.

            • Ronald from USA:

              Only one! Add'l are from Gamo only at $19.95 each.