Date: 7/8/2020 13:43

Customers Q&A on Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle, IGT

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  • Adam from USA asked:

    How do you adjust / set the RRR scope rail so it moves like it does in the videos? Torque settings? Also, best adapter for 11mm to 21mm rail? I just got a bug buster scope but the mounts that came with it are Picatinny and 21 mm wide.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The movement is so minuscule you would never see it. There's nothing to adjust or set up. You're better off getting proper dovetail rings, not an adapter.

  • Chrsto from USA asked:

    I should clarify i was talking about the whisper elite igt. Looks like a great rifle. Any problems with the breech?

    • Chrsto from USA asked:

      I really like to know about the breech on this rifle. Is it plastic and could be a problem? Has anyone else had problems with this breech? Thanks.....

      • Chrsto from USA asked:

        This is chris i would like to know if the breech onthis rifle is plastic and is it a problem?....... Thanks

        • Alan from USA asked:

          I have been reading the reviews on the Gamo Whisper Fusion. The one real concern is the breech locking mechanism being made out of plastic and failing in as little as 600 shots. Is it still made out of plastic? If so are all Gamo rifles made this way?

          • olga from USA asked:

            can this gamo rifje be purchased without the scope?

            • Tyler from USA:


          • Thungcheo from India asked:

            Sir may I know which country made this gun?

            • Tyler from USA:


          • doug from USA asked:

            Please recommend ammo for .177 cal for this gun. Please also include recommended weight for target shooting. so brand and weight. thanks.

          • Jose from USA asked:

            On a break barrels do you need to refill air in the riffle? On the Gamo whisper rifle?

            • DrJones from USA:

              No lol you just break the barrel and click it back in place then your good to go. Thats why its called break barrel

          • Jose from USA asked:

            Does this rifle need a pump to put air in?

            • DrJones from USA:

              No. Not pump. Just Cock

          • Esteban from USA asked:

            Which is louder a 22 or a 177

            • DrJones from USA:

              Cal. Really don't make much difference in sound if any

            • Stanley from USA:

              About the same.

          • Steven from USA asked:

            Any Opinions on the most accurate 22 cal. pellets ( brand and weight) for this rifle?

            • David from USA asked:

              I notice when I select the .22 version, the RRR icon disappears, is that just a faux pas, or does the larger caliber not offer the recoil reduction rail?

              • David from USA:

                My apologies, I see that this has already been addressed. The reply was from someone who had ordered it in .22. They confirmed theirs did come with the RRR.

            • Toka from India asked:

              For .177 Which pellet is best for hunting

              • alex from USA asked:

                Does this air rifle really come with a (cat) trigger? Because the one being advertised on the gun is an (sat) trigger.

                • John from USA:

                  I just confirmed with PA it "DOES" have a C.A.T. Trigger!

                • Antony from USA:

                  I just received mine in .22, I can confirm it has the CAT trigger

              • Alex from USA asked:

                What is the brand/make/model of the 3-9x40 AO scope?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  My scope received in July 2016 has GAMMO on the eyepiece barrel. Scope works pretty good for this price point.

              • Marty from USA asked:

                Why does .22 not have the rrr recoil reducing rail like the .177 caliber does

                • Antony from USA:

                  Mine did

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Does anybody have input as to which 22 cal pellet shoots well with this rifle? I have tried different brands and weights with no luck at 20 yds. Can't seem to get a consistent group on target. Hard to sight in the scope when pellet strikes ar e all over the target.

                • John from USA:

                  I just discovered another pellet that was amazingly accurate..RWS 14.2 Super Hollow-Point. I was shooting less than 1" groups at 20 yards. To my surprise they performed better than the JSB 18.13 gr!! They topped out on the chrono at 768.8 fps (18.64 FPE)

                • John from USA:

                  If you want this gun to shoot right you need to slow it down. The JSB .22 cal 18 grains work fantastic!. I had the same problem until I went to this heavier pellet. I also set mine up with side picatinny rails and use the split bi-pods. Now my groups are about the size of a quarter at 20 yards.

                • FRAN from USA:

                  Or you could also not go wrong with JSB domed

                • FRAN from USA:

                  Try the Crosman Premier Domed not the Hollow Point

              • mike from USA asked:

                looking for a picatinny rail that fits Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT

              • VICENTE from Colombia asked:

                Please let me ask if to cock this rifle the barrel could be gasp by the noise dampener area without hurt it; so you will have more lever for the effort.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Yes, you can cock it while holding the ND52 muzzle brake.

              • Ken from China - People's Republic of asked:

                Can ship to china??

              • Mario from USA asked:

                Which of the Gamo rifles or pistols is rated the quietest ??

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                  For the most part they are all rated the same as far as loudness goes

              • Helmut from USA asked:

                What is the real speed I can expect when using 14gr or 18gr pellets? (the specs list 975fps for a 9.7gr)

                • David from USA:

                  I wish mine was even close to that. 20 shots with a 11.9gr pellet only averaged 758 fps.

                • John from USA:

                  I chrono'd mine...14.2 gr 768.8 fps, 18 gr 723.2 fps

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                  About 800-850 fps

              • wilderman from Colombia asked:

                de cuantas libras de precion es este rifle en calibre 5.5,22

                • Jose from USA:

                  Tiene las mismas libras de precion que en calibre .177,son 32 libras,yo lo tengo en calibre .177 y de verdad que es muy bueno

              • Paul from USA asked:

                What is the most accurate sub-sonic pellet for this 22 cal air rifle?

                • John from USA:

                  JSB 18 grain...Nothing comes close!!!

                • Val from USA:

                  H&N Baracudas, Beeman Kodiaks

              • John from USA asked:

                Does it shoot the .22 pellet.Did you find it accurate?

                • Val from USA:

                  It's now sold in .22!

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Sold in .177 cal only?