Date: 19/2/2019 19:3

Customers Q&A on H&K MP5 K-PDW CO2 BB SMG Combo

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  • Justin from USA asked:

    Does the cocking bolt blow back/ can it be pulled back?

    • Zachary from USA asked:

      Just got this gun yesterday but have been having a terrible time trying to get the sight to go on. Upon mounting the rail only one side goes under the groves. Is this correct?

      • jory from USA asked:

        where does the co2 go

        • GMS from USA:

          In the back after removing the side-folding stock.

      • Michael from USA asked:

        I currently own the gun minus the sight. Can I purchase the sight separately? Are there other sights I can purchase?

      • Rodney from Canada asked:

        Does it ship to Canada?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Under 500fps. yes?

      • tim from USA asked:

        is there any extra mags i can buy

      • Peter from USA asked:

        This ALL metal ?

        • GMS from USA:

          Even the real firearm isn't "ALL" metal! Foregrip, lower receiver, and stock are polymer on the real deal. I just don't get why people expect full-metal guns at these prices--especially for a long-arm! Even full-metal pistols already cost $1XX. Keep in mind, though, just because something is made out of metal, it doesn't mean it's impervious to breakage. "Metal" can mean different things. Eg.: WE, KJW, KWC, etc., may be made out of metal--and even have the distinction of made in Taiwan which is WORLD's apart from china, but they are still inferior quality. Guns in the $1XX range simply do NOT last long. Those of you expecting CNC STEEL airguns/AirSoft with GBB, full-auto, hundreds of rounds per 12g CO2, come with full optics and lights...for $1XX--or even $2XX or $3XX for that matter??! Go back to bed and keep dreaming.

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          No, solid abs plastic. Some metal.