Date: 17/8/2019 21:56

Customers Q&A on Hatsan 135 QE Vortex Air Rifle

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  • Pat from USA asked:

    I have some 118 grain slugs, do you think this rifle would be able to push them down range?

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun is no where near powerful enough to shoot 118 gr slugs. That is not a wise choice.

  • brandon from USA asked:

    how does the allen key work for the hatsan 135 QE

    • TAM from USA asked:

      With your experiences, may I ask: what scopes do you use with this Hatsan 135 .30 cal? I meant what Brand that can stand up with this beast. Thank you.

      • Gerald from USA:

        UTG Bug Buster, fixed 6X

      • Mark from USA:

        The UTG /Leapers scope line and the Hawke Airmax.

    • Christopher from USA asked:

      Does this come with the Hatsan sling I saw in the customer pictures? If not, does PA sell it? Thank you.

    • Evan from USA asked:

      .22 or .25 or even .30 Im looking for a caliber for hunting anywhere from a pigeon to if needed medium game what are your opinions?

      • josh from USA asked:

        I want to get a digital scope, such as atn x scope, will it work for the 30cal?

        • Tyler from USA:

          I would give ATN a call and ask. In theory, it should work since it's a digital scope, but they would know best. Really the question is whether or not they will honor the warranty if it breaks or has a problem on a spring or gas ram gun

      • Gary from USA asked:

        Is there a good leather basket weave sling for this gun? and swivel mounts ?where could an alternate new one be installed?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Not that Pyramyd sells, I am sure you could find one elsewhere though.

      • Gary from USA asked:

        Is that some kind of trigger I see at the end of the barrel

        • Tyler from USA:

          A trigger at the end of the barrel??? Not sure what you're looking at. There's only 1 trigger on this rifle

      • Gregory from USA asked:

        Will this Hatsan 135 QE Vortex Air Rifle .30 cal kill a deer?

        • Tyler from USA:

          It is not recommended for that

      • Ronald from USA asked:

        Does this Hatsan come with a sling as my Proxima did?

        • Tyler from USA:

          I believe so

      • leonardo from USA asked:

        What's the max gr I can go on .30? Hatsan 135

        • Tyler from USA:

          I wouldn't go over the 50 grain JSBs

      • Matthew from USA asked:

        I own the 155 torpedo and the 135 qe vortex and love them both. my 135 though now doesn't fire when I cock it, like the trigger is already back to the point of firing. then it can also go off on it's own like this. it also can fire as soon as I cock it so it is dangerous now and I can no longer use it. Can I fix this on my own by replacing parts? Or do I have to take it to a gunsmith?

        • Richard from USA:

          Did you install a longer trigger screw

      • Ronnie from USA asked:

        Will a bug out scope work for the hatsan 135 in 25 cal.&what mounts will I need.

        • Leon from USA asked:

          Then there is the other question. Can someone unbiased compare this with the new Gamo swarm magnum? They are both putting out very close fpe. The PA, less than enthusiastic, review of the Gamo shows similar accuracy results to what can be found on the web for the Hatsans. Maybe PA should actually do a test/review for at least one of the magnum Hatsans already?? Sorry about your cocking arm, but my job sucks sometimes too ;-)

          • Daniel from USA:

            I purchased a Gamo Swarm Magnum about a month ago. The rifles are made using way too much plastic, as mine stopped shooting after 250 shots. Apparently the pellets began to warp the plastic suppressor to the point that they started ramming into the shrouds at the end of the barrel. Do not throw away your money on a plastic gun. I now own a Hatsan 135 QE in .25 cal, and it has only been awesome!

          • Tyler from USA:

            Back when the .30 came out, planned to review one, but had nothing but problems with it.

        • Don from USA asked:

          I bought this airgun and can not get it to fire. Is there a trick to the safety?

          • Gerald from USA:

            opposite, you pull out to disengage safety

          • Tyler from USA:

            Is your safety not disengaging? You should be able to just push it in and it should be ready to go then

        • stephen from United Kingdom asked:

          Hi,im in the uk, ordered a Hatsan 135 QE in .25,asked for the Vortex,it came with a spring, so now in going to gas ram it ,Any ideas of rams that will drop in or even ones with a bit of tinkering,,and which types are adjustable.Thanks

          • BigWoodHat from USA:

            Vortek..w/ a K makes what you need.

        • Rudedawg from USA asked:

          I'm in the USA and years ago briefly owned a Hatsan 125 nitro but returned it due to the Quattro trigger was a bear with its heavy trigger pull. I was told back then by a Hatsan rep the rifles sent to the USA unlike European versions had cap screws that limited trigger pull weight adjustment below 5#-6#. Does the Quattro trigger for the USA in this unit have the same cap screws or are they different which would allow lighter trigger pull weights of 3# or less? Thanks in advance.

          • cj from USA asked:

            Would this gun work for iguanas?

            • Pablo from USA:

              Yes. I highly recommend it. I have used it in Puerto Rico.

          • Joseph from USA asked:

            What fps is the .25 cal version getting with the 26gr predator polymag and the 25.39gr JSB exact kings?

            • David from USA asked:

              Is the issue with the.25 cal fixed? I heard they were oversized and had terrible accuracy, I have no way of testing them either as I do not own a chronograph I'm torn between .22 amd .25 I'm also considering the 155 torpedo

              • Heather from USA asked:

                Ware can I get the stoke screws

                • tyrone from USA asked:

                  what is correct fps for the hatsan qe 135 in 25 cal lns getting 620 with 19 grain pellet i think there is something wrong with my gun

                  • tyrone from USA asked:

                    What grain pellet did they use to get the 750fps my best is 620 with a19 grain pellet do you think my gun is under powered the gun is 25 cal

                    • B123 from USA:

                      I'm getting an average of 647fps with a 28.24 grain pellet in .25 cal. you might want to check your seals.

                  • ted from USA asked:

                    Why is the .30 cal cheaper than the other calibers ?

                    • Ricky from USA:

                      Because your limited to pretty much 3 choices of ammo., Beautiful gun thats basically useless because nobody will back it w/ a variety of ammo!!

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Looks like it's on a special right now

                  • Orion from USA asked:

                    Can you remove the suppressor from the barrel? If so how would you go about doing it.

                    • Mike from USA:

                      No,it cannot be removed.

                  • Bryan from USA asked:

                    hallo I bought this gun and a the front screw where you can attach the sling broke of I realy need that srew where can I buy one ? can you help me find a site or do you sell it ? please help me greatings bryan

                    • Stanley from USA:

                      Contact and inquire.

                  • Ronald from USA asked:

                    I can't cock my rifle. What could be wrong?

                    • Michael from USA:

                      Mine hard to cock too I have to put the butt on the ground to cock

                    • Gary from USA:

                      Without more info, I can only assume... The pivot lock won't break under just constant pressure. Try hitting the barrel downward with your palm or fist. Once the barrel is broken, with the butt on your hip, pull the barrel to you, past 90 degrees until the piston locks back and the pull resistance ends, then return the barrel to lock with a hit from your palm.

                  • Gary from USA asked:

                    Is there a solution for replacing the front sling swivel with a 1" quick detach swivel? The stud seems to be part of the cocking pivot and is very small diameter with a very small swivel pin. I'm afraid that if I remove the sling swivel to drill the stud to accept a quick release swivel, there won't be much meat left in the stud...

                    • Allen from USA:

                      I've been pondering this same issue off and on for about a month. So far, I've replaced the rear swivel and stud with GrovTec hardware and picked up a nice Amish made 1-inch dark brown leather rifle sling and attached that to the rear and looped the front around the barrel. It's looks good but it isn't what I want. So my next step is likely to be to install a swivel stud into the wood at some point rear of the existing swivel and then remove the original and replace it with a just a bolt. About the best I can come up with for now. Any other ideas short of welding?

                    • JERRY from USA:


                    • Chevota from USA:

                      Judging from the pix it's part of the bolt holding the stock on. So I suppose you'd need to make a new custom screw. I'd find an allen bolt that fits that hole in the gun, and nut that fits the swivel. Weld the nut to the bolts head. Tighten the new custom bolt using a socket on the welded nut, then thread your swivel into the nut. If you can't weld then I suppose you could start with a hex head bolt, drill tap the head, grind the hex round, cut a shallow slot so you can tighten it with a screwdriver. Or replace the oem sling/screw deal with a normal screw, and mount your swivel deal elsewhere into the wood.

                  • michael from USA asked:

                    can i use Leapers UTG Tactical Op Bipod with Hatsan 135 vortex air rifle ?

                    • B123 from USA:

                      Bipods on spring rifles are not a good idea, (double recoil)

                  • Johnny from USA asked:

                    Can I shoot lead round ball out of this without blowing out the breech seal? I'm talking about the 30 cal.

                    • cj from USA asked:

                      would this be ok for coyote hunting and fox hunting?

                      • Thomas from USA:

                        Yes! You can include hog and small deer as well given its accuracy, but you'll have to get within 30 yards. Recommend the 17 grain GTO Predator in .25 caliber for best results. One round behind the ear of a hog would dispatch it quickly and effectively. The GTO is a lead free bullet, very hard, and will break through an animal's skull. Penetration tests suggests it would kill cleanly with a heart/lung shot . . . but you may have to run after it.

                    • Elvin from USA asked:

                      Greetings, which scope under $100.00 can you recommend for the air rifle.

                      • jeremy from USA:

                        scope killer

                    • dan from USA asked:

                      I have 600+ rds thru a135qe. Problem unable to sight in will not hold zero. With or without a scope at 11yrds. any ideas?

                      • lance from USA:

                        The problem is that the .25 Hatsan bore is OVERSIZED. My two M-135s drove me absolutely bonkers. The first hint was that H&N increased the head size of their Baracuda to accommodate Hatsan. I Found that the JSB Exact King HEAVY is an oversize pellet and it worked an accuracy miracle on my M-135! I can now lay down shots in one ragged hole. Purchase a tin of the JSB Exact King HEAVIES (not the Exact Kings), and see if the increased size works for you. BTW, you may need a RAW Pellet Seat Tool to "click" the heavy skirt into the breach. Hope this works for you.

                    • Dave from USA asked:

                      Where is this manufactured?

                      • Thomas from USA:

                        The Hatsan production plant is located in Turkey. Their research and development department is on par with other great companies such as AirForce and RWS. They meet high quality standards and stand behind their products. I also own a Hatsan 125 in .22 caliber. It too is a beast of a gun and doesn't disappoint.

                    • BigWoodHat from USA asked:

                      Any word on a 155 model .30 cal???

                      • Michael from USA asked:

                        I am going to buy a .25 caliber air rifle, I am down to two, Hatsan 135 QE Vortex or a Hatsan 125 Vortex. I am not sure which will be the better for accuracy and long range shooting. I am also considering the 150 and 155 models because I am thinking they MAY BE a little more accurate since the barrel never moves separate from the scope. Barrel length is on my mind. How much barrel do you need before you start loosing velocity and they all have different length barrels. Then there is the power plants, I am not sure which rifle has what power plant. How many versions of the Vortex is there and which Vortex rifle has what. One rifle with a 10.6 inch barrel gets 750 fps. Another vortex rifle with a 19.6 in barrel also get 750 fps. This can't be. Another rifle with an advertised barrel of 17 inches also gets 750 fps.. Which rifle will do the best job at any distance on ground hogs, coyotes and starling. I am looking for the best accuracy at long distance and energy. Thanks, Clyde

                        • Ricky from USA:

                          BigWoodHats incorrect!! The 125, 135,150,155 all use the EXACT same Vortex piston, only difference is the air chamber on the 135 is wider so they added a Wider cap to the end of the same Vortex Piston. They all have the exact same 750 fps rating & all put out the same exact Energy with the exception of the 30 cal Big bore due to heavier weight pellet , it offers couple ft lbs more of energy at the expense of several hundred fps slower. The adjustable Quatro Trigger in Black or Gold is also identical no difference , They all have 3 set screws for adjustment, theres zero difference in them whatsoever one to the other with the exception of color. Gold matches better with wood stocks, Black matches better with Black poly stocks. They say the carbine length at ir around 10.5 - 11 inch of barrel is the zweet spot for break barrels anything beyond that causes drag & loss of velocity & accuracy. so Flip a coin do u like wood (Heavier) Longer barrel (no purpose Heavier) Black stock etc etc

                        • BigWoodHat from USA:

                          125 has a slightly smaller piston. 135, 150, 155, all have same piston & is bigger as is chamber volume and same size transfer ports, more geared towards .25cal. I own two 135' a .22 & a .25, also a 150 in .22 and a 155 in .25, the big wooden 155 in .25 is the most accurate and smoothest, all are accurate. My 150 is a Tuned Springer, rest are Vortex which is much mo betta. Stick w/ the wooden stocks, gold triggers are also better. 155 is accurate to a 100yrds easily. I can hit 8inch saw blade at a hundrend yard, consistently, 135's almost as good. All 4 of mine shoot at advertised FPS, to the point where i shoot heavy lead, i use 24g in .22 and 31g in .25. I use Peep Sites on all 4.

                      • cj from USA asked:

                        with a round nose pellet in .30 caliber, can this gun kill armadillos?

                        • Gary from USA:

                          I killed an armadillo with a 44.75gr Predator pellet, yesterday, from about 20 yds. I would think the round nose JSB would kill as well.

                      • Gerald from USA asked:

                        Has anybody cronyed the .25 cal no lead 16 gr. pellet coming out of their 135 yet?

                        • Thomas from USA:

                          Yes. You can expect 850 to 900 feet per second in the 17 grain GTO Predator pellet. My chrony captured 880 fps. and a little under 750 fps with the H & N Hollow Points. Bullet expansion on the hollowpoints were wicked, measuring up to .40 inches. I put a hollow point round through a soup can and the entry hole measured over an inch. I was blown away . . .

                      • Ty from USA asked:

                        Will the .30 cal go through a 2x4 pine board

                        • Thomas from USA:

                          Negative. However the bullet will disappear . . . and will be hard to dig out.

                      • Abdullah from USA asked:

                        can Hatsan Model 135 Vortex QE air rifle shoot .30 round ball

                        • Derek from USA asked:

                          I cant decide between the 125 sniper .25 or the 135 .25 any comparison's out the?

                          • Thomas from USA:

                            I own both of those guns- the Hatsan 125 and the 135. The answer Jason gave is accurate- the 135 is quiet even with the stronger engine that propels the bullet. Plus it has sling swivels whereas the 125 does not. I'm happy with both guns but you'll have more fun with the 135 . . . you can go after bigger game.

                          • Jason from USA:

                            The 135 has a bigger stronger piston. Also the 135 is slightly quieter down range than the 125. So I would go with the 135.

                        • gary from USA asked:

                          Can the sights be removed for scope use??

                          • Mike from USA:

                            They can be removed, however,the front sight is also held on with an adhesive. It can be removed with a broad punch and hammer. Remove in the direction of the muzzle.

                          • Thomas from USA:

                            Don't need to remove the sights . . . not necessary . . . if your scope breaks you'll want to have a back up and you won't make the gun any lighter.

                          • Stanley from USA:

                            The rear one can unknown about the( front sight?)

                        • James from USA asked:

                          Would you say is this rifle to heavily for all day shooting?

                          • Thomas from USA:

                            Just get a sling. Swivels are installed on the gun. 9.9 pounds is heavy for a gun but carrying it around with a sling makes it practical for an all day shoot.

                          • Stanley from USA:

                            At almost 10 pounds without a scope i would say yes , but it depends on the person , by the time a scope is installed your talking( 12 pounds ? ) . And then theres the cocking effort to deal with 50 plus pounds for the 30 caliber. Someone with a small build would struggle .

                        • Mike from USA asked:

                          Im curious if they are simply putting in the vortex piston used in the 125, 155, etc? And if so, are they adding a little more pressure to the pistons going into the 135s? The people I know who have chronied theirs are either running around 510fps or near 550fps with the 44.75gr which Hatsan says that 500fps is even within their limits....A 50fps spread is not a good spread in "within their limits."

                          • Omar from USA asked:

                            Who has this rifle in 0.25 and 0.30 and can you compare them?

                            • Thomas from USA:

                              I recommend the .25 over the .30 for the simple reason that you have 29 choices of ammo with the .25 caliber vs 3 or 4 with the .30 caliber. They both hit with equal foot pounds at close distances, but because the .25 travels faster you get more bullet expansion along with better terminal velocity at longer distances- hence, more foot pounds of energy.

                            • Shaun from USA:

                              let me know if you decided to sell it ? I have cash on hand.

                            • Arthur from USA:

                              I have the 135 springer in .25 and just recieved the 135 QE in .30, Ive put 100 44.75 polymags through it and so far the .25 puts it to shame. Ill see how it is after it has 400-500 through it. It may end up getting sold for 150 bucks

                          • EDward from USA asked:

                            What scope do you recommend and rings would love to purchase for my 135 qe vortex .30 cal

                            • deadeye from USA:

                              I purchased the UTG 3x9x40. I have shot 4 (350) count tins and the scope hasn't budged yet.

                          • phillip from USA asked:

                            Does the .30 cal gun shoot cast bullets and if so what would be the highest grain recommended? Thanks.

                            • deerflyguy from USA:

                              Our choice of ammunition that we can use in the .30 cal. gun is severely limited to basically only some JSB, Predator & Vortex pellets at this time. There are several more tthat will fit the gun, but the only ones that show any degree of accuracy are those I mentioned. H & N Grizzlies are available, I think, but they are shaped like bullets, and accuracy suffers. which is why I don't believe that solid slug type rounds would be accurate, even though they might fit the barrel? If there were accurate alternatives from the diabolo pellets now being used, I'm sure we would all have heard about them by now, and be shooting them. Perhaps, due to the mass of the pellet, and shape of the skirts, we might never see anything better than we now have to choose from - at least in .30 caliber?

                          • Jeff from USA asked:

                            How would you compare this gun to the Magnum .22 from Gamo piston power?

                            • deadeye from USA:

                              There is no comparison. This gun is 10 times the quality, much more accurate and not hold sensitive. I am hitting a 4x 6 steel plate at 85 yards every shot also shooting a 1.25" metal stethoscope bell at 55 yds 4/5 times. There are no other break barrel air rifles made that match the Hatsan 135.

                          • JoeCow from USA asked:

                            are their any red dot sights sold from pyramid air will fit this gun and be able to handle it?

                            • Roberto from USA:

                              UTG Sub-Compact ITA Red/Green Dot...

                            • JoeCow from USA:

                              Apparently the answer from Hatsan them selves was the optima red dot sight. It also has appeared in a review of the .30 cal version of this gun Im told.

                          • Axel from Canada asked:

                            Does the Hatsan model 135 come with gas piston or spring? I'm reading in the 'specifications' it's says gas piston. But I heard some say 'spring'. Which is it? Thanks:)

                            • Mike from USA:

                              The new 135qe models will just have the Vortex in them, so I was told. There still are some Hatsan 135s that still come as a springer. The springer version actually gives about 50 more fps.

                            • JoeCow from USA:

                              This one is a gas piston but I have seen spring ones too. Aything listed from Hatsan with " Vortex" in the title is a gas piston that is their brand of gas piston like how Crosman has "nitro" or "np2"

                          • Mathew from USA asked:

                            What sling will fit the 3/4" rings

                            • deadeye from USA:

                              The Butler Creek Easy Rider that is found at Wal-Mart will fit. Although it is 1" it is easily squeezed through the 3/4" sling loop provided on the Hatsan rifle. I highly recommend sewing a few stitches through the sling to ensure it doesn't some loose.

                          • John from USA asked:

                            are the .25 and .30 versions similar in power output

                            • Thomas from USA:

                              Yes. The both put out 30 foot pounds of energy. The .25 version has better bullet expansion than the .30 caliber and can reach out futher with much less bullet drop. At 50 yards you get a 6 inch bullet drop with the .30 caliber and less energy output. The .25 caliber drops about 2 inches at 50 yards with better down range energy. I highly recommend the .25 version shooting the 17 grain GTO Predator pellet for best results. My opinion, for what it's worth, the .30 caliber meets the "gee whiz" factor, but the .25 caliber gives you more choices of bullets and better performance at longer distances.

                          • Omar from USA asked:

                            What is the max fpe of the hatsan 135 in 0.25 caliber?

                            • Vincent from USA:

                              I also got 26 FOR out of the box.

                            • Arthur from USA:

                              My 135 .25 is shooting the 19.91 gr. at 900 fps =35.82 fpe

                            • BigWoodHat from USA:

                              All 3 of mine 135/155 make 29+fpe after thousands of cycles. .22 & .25. My tuned 150 springer makes 33fpe in .22 but is way hard to shoot accurately. Vortex is the way to go.

                            • deadeye from USA:

                              Mine is achieving 26 FPE with 25.4 grain pellets out of the box and after factory oil has burnt off. There is no other break barrel shooting this hot. Even more it is deadly accurate. Mine is shooting sub 1" groups at 55 yds. Other rifles that are nearing this energy suffer in the accuracy department. I believe the gun is capable of 28 FPE with the right pellet and when broken in. Actually i need to chronograph mine again because ot has a bunch of rounds through it now am d it appears to be hotter, it's definitely noticeably smoother.

                          • DougFNC from USA asked:

                            Is the Hatsan 135 QE Carnivore the same air rifle as the Hatsan 135 QE Vortex? There's no mention of the word "Carnivore" anywhere on the Pyramyd Air website for the Hatsan 135 QE Vortex, but I see "135 QE Carnivore" mentioned all over YouTube and the Internet.

                          • trey from USA asked:

                            Hi does this air gun come with a sling from Hatsan or do you have to buy one separately?

                            • Vincent from USA:

                              I have 2 hatsan slings and I think there great. Love the way they carry with the top swing swivel to the side.

                            • deadeye from USA:

                              It doesn't come with one and I don't recommend the one from Hatsan. The Hatsan slings are stiff, very uncomfortable on the shoulder and really not that good quality. A butler creek sling will work.

                            • Wesley from USA:

                              You have to buy one separately.

                          • valerie from USA asked:

                            is it available with a longer barrel???

                            • Jose from USA:


                          • Misael from USA asked:

                            Is this gun available with a spring piston instead of the vortex?

                            • Wesley from USA:

                              Exactly. This gun if working properly has A LOT of power.The little bit of extra power from a spring would not be worth sacrificing the advantages and durability of the Vortex piston

                            • valerie from USA:

                              why would you want one???

                          • Jose from USA asked:

                            My question is, the older 135 vortex have a 17.7" and is 47.2" , and these have a 10.6" barrel, but is 47.2" long, is this 135 have a long stock???

                            • Dan from USA:

                              The sound suppressor is built in the barrel shroud and thus making the barrel appear longer.

                          • valerie from USA asked:

                            is it the same power plant in all calibers>>>

                            • scott from USA:

                              No...the .30 is much bigger

                            • Jose from USA:


                          • valerie from USA asked:

                            I really wanna know how long the barrel is????

                            • Shaun from USA:

                              measure it then, or call and ask PYRAMID on there 800#, or ask the chat desk at PYRAMID they really help a lot and fast.

                            • Stanley from USA:

                              Specs say 10.6 inches . Call P.A. to be sure.

                          • valerie from USA asked:

                            how could they get those fps with a 10 inch barrel??? i dont think that is possible...

                            • Mike from USA:

                              With springers and air pistons, you dont need a barrel any longer then the compression chamber to achieve maximum velocity. Pcp and hpa airguns do, but they work on a different principle. With springers/air pistons, the pellet starts moving as soon as the piston starts going down the compression tube and will be going the fastest right when the piston is hitting the end of the stroke. After that the pellet cant accelerate any more since, the compression stroke has finished. In pcp, hpa airguns, they are storing air and as soon as you pull the trigger, that X amount of air is instantly released. That requires a longer barrel to get the max velocity from the shot. All of my carbine springer and air pistons shoot faster and more accurate then my longer barreled identical airguns. They are also more accurate. They tend to be out of the barrel faster, so the negative effects of recoil doesnt throw the pellet off as much.

                            • deadeye from USA:

                              A larger air chamber. The 125 is rated at the same FPS but apparently has a smaller air chamber than the 135.

                            • Nathaniel from USA:

                              It has a 50 pound cocking effort, which is how they get that much power. 50 pounds is a lot of cocking, so I wouldn't recommend this to a young child to play around with.

                          • valerie from USA asked:

                            is that barrel really only 10.6 inches????

                            • Stanley from USA:


                          • Neal from USA asked:

                            StidinSpider I am wondering the same thing. I hate to turn this into a forum but I really want to hear more about this gun. I have the mod 125 in .25 and am still learning how to shoot it. But am very intrigued by this .30. Will someone please review this gun immediately! Thanks.

                            • scott from USA:

                              This is a gun that boasts "huge".. it's not an all day plinker as it it can be tiring...But's a hoot to shot and the energy/power on impact is oh so fun. If your looking for knock down power for fun (im not a hunter) or small game humainly from20-50 yards this is about as fun as it gets ! Any avid collector needs one for the collection as it is a beautiful gun . Hope this helps

                            • Wesley from USA:

                              This gun is very well balanced, accurate, and shots smoothly. It shoulders a little better then my 125 sniper. If working properly it will produce the stated power, possibly a little more.

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              Shot a sample .30. It's a beast for sure. The cocking effort was around 65 lbs by my estimation. I am sure you will see more reviews in the coming weeks as the guns are starting to trickle out.

                          • StridinSpider from USA asked:

                            Seems like someone should have something to say about this rifle. Its sold out, which means someone must own one and should have something to say about it. Surely the company did not buy them all up to make it look like they are selling them. I have been looking for any information on the .30 cal. for over a month now, other than manufactures stuff. Can anyone who has bought one please review this thing? I love the looks but looks doesn't get the fun and job done. How far does 30 ft/lb reach out at 550 fps with what Gr. pellet, and where does the accuracy fall in, 10 yds, 20 yds, 40yds?

                            • Jeff from USA:

                              I love my .30. If Optima was made in a .30 I would order two. Buried a pellet in 3/4 plywood, awesome.

                            • Abdullah from USA:

                              I own this gun, and bought it when Hatsan first introduced it, I've only shot it up to 30 yds. but at that distance I can get 3/4" group and my gun is is ..30 cal.

                            • Arthur from USA:

                              ENRIQUE how many shots did you have through yours when you ran it over the crono?

                            • Wesley from USA:

                              Hey John did you get that chrony reading with the 50 gr. or 44.75? I received this gun and am averaging only 515-520 fps with 44.75 after over 300 shots. I think I may have a dud. PA is swapping it for another. Thanks PA, btw.

                            • John from USA:

                              OK..I actually am one of the few that own this gun in .30 cal. To sum it up it is an awesome rifle and your hunting range is up to 50 yards. This by far is the most powerful break-barrel rifle made. The cocking effort is maybe 50 lbs at the most and is not difficult to cock. I chrono'd mine and I got an average of 553 fps with the 50.15 gr JSB. I was shooting 1" CTC groups at 25 yards. I can shoot empty 12 gage shotgun shell casing from 25 yards all day long!! Not to mention it is fun for plinking as well. Putting this much lead down range with an airgun is incredible!

                            • EMU from USA:

                              Because of the weight of the pellet and the fps, this ought to be a rifle for 20 yard shots and with very good pounch for rabbit size animals.

                          • sparks from USA asked:

                            Is that actually checkering on the stock, or just a laser cut smooth pattern? Nevertheless, the pattern is downright fugly. Looks middle eastern for sure. The drop on the comb looks way too low for a scoped gun, thus the adjustable cheek piece? Will this be available in a synthetic?

                            • Kevin from USA:

                              Polish the stock with some Birchwood Casey Gunstock Sheen and Conditioner and it will really look good.

                            • Thomas from USA:

                              Up close and personal the gun looks awesome. Compared to my other break barrels it wins the beauty contest. You can adjust the comb any way you like.

                            • Shaun from USA:

                              this gun is not for you, find another that looks AWESOME but can't shoot for s**t. Really, your complaining about its looks. This rifle is absolutely gorgeous . Hatsan don't change a thing.

                            • Wesley from USA:

                              It has real checkering. Its actually a good looking gun. Shoulders really good too. Well balanced

                            • Tyler from USA:

                              Haven't seen a synthetic version yet, not sure if they will be introducing one down the line though.