Date: 25/5/2019 18:6

Customers Q&A on Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo, Walnut Stock

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  • Alex from USA asked:

    What's the stock front screws size? An where can I get them?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Contact Hatsan USA

  • barry from USA asked:

    Can the rear sight be taken off? Can the front sight be taken off the muzzle brake?

    • jon from USA asked:

      What is the (FPE) from this gun?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Depends on the caliber. Which cal?

    • Micah from USA asked:

      Could the hatsan 95 .22 kill a ground hog at around 20 yards

      • Tyler from USA:

        With a well placed head shot, yes

    • Micah from USA asked:

      Are the H&N field target trophy power accurate out of the hatsan 95 .22

      • Tyler from USA:

        That will vary from gun to gun, but in my experience, standard FTTs do quite well. The power version being a slightly larger diameter with the coating would need to be tested to know for sure.

    • RAUFEMANN Maier from Brazil asked:

      HT95 and HT125 have the same size? Can I use a Ht 95 stock on HT 125?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Inquire at They could answer that question?

    • justin from USA asked:

      In .22 will this be good for shooting prairie dogs at 25 yards? And can they hold a ok group at 50 yds (under 4.5 in.)? Can it hit a quarter at 25 yds? If so then this is the pellet rifle for me! Thanx

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes it should be capable at those ranges although the first thing that should be done is to replace the scope that comes with the rifle ( junk ) . Then its up to the shooter to practice there hold and to find the pellets it likes , there are a lot of good pellet choices in 22 caliber .

    • Tricia from USA asked:

      what is the biggest game you would hunt with this?

      • David S. from USA:

        Inside of 12 yards probably a large woodchuck

      • Stanley from USA:

        Depends on the distance.?

    • Bob from USA asked:

      How long is the warranty?

      • Val from USA:

        1 year warranty

    • frank from USA asked:

      is this gun available with out the scope?

      • Dan the Man from USA:


    • Ron from USA asked:

      Where can I find instructions on proper maintanence on this gun? The supplied manual only says it has to be lubricated, but doesn't say how or with what.

    • Randy from USA asked:

      Can the 95 be converted to a gas ram?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I'm betting they are, but which spring strength and length to get I can't say for sure since I don't have this gun, but no doubt a standard Crosman nitro spring. You'd need to do some mods, and maybe a Crosman part or two will make it easier. Imo I don't think it's worth the effort because the existing coil spring can be made to feel, sound and shoot like a nitro if you're willing to do a little work. It's probably easier than installing a nitro, and certainly more reliable and cheaper. These guns should also have a new main seal and buttons installed, plus lots of other little mods can be done while it's apart. chevota at hotmail for an info pkg of all that, just tell me what gun and what you're after and I'll send it.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Sadly we do not have a conversion kit for them at this time, but the Vortex gas ram version is available. You may want to contact Hatsan USA about whether or not they can convert existing model 95's.

    • TJ from USA asked:

      What's the most accurate pellet in this rifle in .25 besides any pointed ones and what size groupings do they give?

      • Tyler from USA:

        I would recommend the JSB King's at 25.4 grains. Group size will vary from gun to gun and shooter to shooter and of course be dependent on distance.

    • Logan from USA asked:

      Should I buy a new rear sight or front sight for this rifle, and which should I buy?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Personally, I found the open sights adequate. I would recommend upgrading the scope over the open sights. Something with an Adjustable Objective (AO) would be a good upgrade.

    • Scott from USA asked:

      What's the best scope to add to this rifle?

    • Frederick from USA asked:

      What is the cocking effort? I sometimes do a lot of shooting per session.

      • Stanley from USA:

        35 to 40 pounds

    • Joe from USA asked:

      Is the barrel brass?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        No, it's steel.

    • Joe from USA asked:

      How do you maintain it?

    • Kenneth from USA asked:

      Does this gun have the scope mount retainer pin hole in the barrel to keep the scope from moving back after shooting ?

      • Mike from USA:


    • Tigran from USA asked:

      how loud is the gun

      • Mike from USA:

        I have since shot some targets with the neighbors outside. They were 150 ft away and were not bothered at all. Great rifle.

      • Mike from USA:

        I own the Hatsan 95 .177 too and have shot it at point blank range next to my iPad at about three inches. Using a decibel app I consistently get 90db. I have also stood on my neighbors patio 100 feet away as a friend fired it to give it a "listen" test. It sounded like some one hit a 2x4 with a hammer with a medium blow.

      • Tyler from USA:

        We do not have a decible rating on the 95 but I would say it is a bit louder. If you have neighbors close by or need something quieter, look at the model 85 sniper.