Date: 27/9/2020 8:56

Customers Q&A on Hatsan AT44S-10 Tact QE Pump-Action PCP Air Rifle

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  • Walter from Canada asked:

    is it ok to use Nitrogen in a Hatsan AT44-10

    • Mark from USA:


  • Don from USA asked:

    I would have loved to see that type of breech with rotary metal Mags and side lever mounted installed on the Benjamin Armada. Is there anyway of doing something like that?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I did see some custom breeches for the Marauder/Armada platform, but they were in very limited supply.

  • Dan from USA asked:

    Can this be charged with an electric air compressor? If so, any model suggestions?

  • Rick from USA asked: has this gun with the same power rating as Hatsan AT44-10 Long QE Air Rifle, PA has it with lower power rating. Is the gun the same power (fps, fpe) as the At44 WE Long?

    • Rebel from USA:

      Yes same power and everything all AT 44s are the same except they load and look different also you got a choice in long air tank or short I personally recommend the At44 over any Pcp Airgun known to man because all parts are affordable and they got Serious Power

  • Luis Gabriel from Colombia asked:

    Good Afternoon. I have a question, is this rifle legal in Colombia? I want to buy this but i need to know How long it takes to get to colombia ? How will be the method of pay ? How many ammunition come with the rifle ? what is the warranty?

    • Joan from USA:

      Ola Luis, You would need to contact your local law enforcement and find out the legality of airguns in your region. You would also need to contact Pyramid Air to find out the way to pay for the item if you get a favorable response from your law enforcement.

  • Wolverine from USA asked:

    how quiet is this rifle compared to the benjamin marauder?

    • Stanley from USA:

      About the same , both rated at 2 (low) according to specs.

  • mark from USA asked:

    I have the at44 long .25 it's very accurate at 50 yards would the at44 tact .22 be just as accurate at 50 yards

    • Stanley from USA:

      It should be?

  • hakeem from USA asked:

    Could you still remove the air cylinder on qe model?

    • Stanley from USA:


  • Anthony from USA asked:

    Can I mount a flashlight to the silencer without impeding access to the air fill?

    • mark from USA:

      The problem with on the silencer is the air cylinder is removeable if you wanted to then it mite be a problem otherwise no but the rails are designed for mounting accessories

    • mark from USA:

      I mount mine on the rails and it works great

  • StridinSpider from USA asked:

    How difficult is it to remove the but stock? I would like to take it off to fit a 40" rifle case.

    • james from USA asked:

      I like the hatsan at44 qe tactical 22 but also the benjamin marauder 22 what would be the best pick at the end of the day

      • Stanley from USA:

        All you can do is read the articles and watch the videos and make your choice . I looked at the M-rod made my choice in the end the hatsan qe long has more features for the money , plus all metal magazines . Good luck .

    • james from USA asked:

      What are the best accuracy pellets for the hatsan at44 tactical qe .22

      • Stanley from USA:

        I own the hatsan qe long and it likes the crosman premier hollow points 14.3 grain .

    • james from USA asked:

      Whats the average fps with jsb 18gr pellets

      • Tyler from USA:

        Should be in the mid 800 fps range

    • james from USA asked:

      What's max shots per fill in 22 cal?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Cool Beans.

      • james from USA:

        I think tha'ts the clip they're talking about.

      • Robert from USA:

        I get 40 shots with the air tube it comes with (200 to 100 bar) and, for some reason, I get 25-30 with the aftermarket cylinder I bought from PA. I haven't tried shooting it down to 0 psi because it would take forever to refill but apparently there is up to 60 shots in .22 .

      • Stanley from USA:

        Specs say 10 shots per fill ? Doesn't sound right ? My AT-44 QE Long gets 40 to 45 shots per fill.