Date: 18/9/2020 2:29

Customers Q&A on Hatsan AT44W-10 Air Rifle

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  • Keyman from USA asked:

    What does it weigh?

    • Jordan from USA:

      QE version: Quiet Energy (QE) fully shrouded barrel with Integrated Sound Moderator 180cc air reservoir volume Optimal shots per fill QE version: .177 & .22 cal=40, .25 cal=27 Muzzle energy QE version: .177 cal=22 fpe, .22 cal=31 fpe, .25 cal=34 fpe Barrel length: 19.4" Overall length: 45.5" Weight: 8.1 lbs LONG version: 230cc air reservoir volume Optimal shots per fill LONG version: Muzzle energy LONG version: .177 cal=27 fpe, .22 cal=38 fpe, .25 cal=42 fpe Barrel Length 23" Overall Length 49" Weight: 9 lbs

  • FABIO from USA asked:

    how many shots on the max power with .22 caliber jsb 18,13 pellet 40 yds before the point okf impact is affected ? Fabio from Brazil

    • Dung from Guam asked:

      What scope size is adequate for 30 yards shooting. Thanks

      • Stanley from USA:

        Well what really matters is your personal preference , there are so many good scopes out to there choose from . For me i like a 30mm scope tube compared to the one inch it just brings in more light. I have replaced combo package scopes in favor of something better , most of the time i use a UTG/Leapers scope i think they make good scope for the money. Yes it would work well for 30 yards and more .

    • Lynn from USA asked:

      I was excited when Hatsan came out with the QE version, then disappointed when it no longer had open sights. Can open sights be added?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Not without modifying the gun or gluing them on

    • ricardo from USA asked:

      what comes includend with the rifle

      • Stanley from USA:

        Comes with two mags, an assortment of replacement O -rings , fill probe , a air reservoir degasser that emptys the reservoir.

    • Bruce from USA asked:

      If this is a QE version of Hatsan's AT44 then why does the picture show a barrel without any shrouding? I get nervous when labels and graphics don't jive.

      • paul from USA:

        You need to select the option that you want. The un-shrouded barrel is only the first option.

      • Stanley from USA:

        If you follow the order page it says 25 caliber , then below that it says QE VERSION so I'm guessing it can be ordered in 25 caliber minus the QE feature if so desired ? 25 caliber can be ordered in the QE version . If you click on any label that says QE it will show this rifle in a QE image . If you click where it says 25 caliber but doesn't say QE then its not included.Are we confused yet?

    • Nick from USA asked:

      This is not a question.The picture shows the new hatsan at44-10w qe.The info is on the old hatsan at 44-10 w without a suppressor and shroud.

      • Stanley from USA:

        See above???

    • james from USA asked:

      how does the bipod mount? do I need to install a rail?

      • Stanley from USA:

        A rail could be installed . Or a swivel stud could installed also .

    • RifledDNA from USA asked:

      One other question.. does this come with the required fill probe? Is it foster or proprietary? Thanks.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes it comes with the fill probe and no it is not foster fill .

    • RifledDNA from USA asked:

      Is the 970fps in .22 rating achieved with rws hobby 11.9gr pellets per usual as lightest lead? So about 900fps with 14.3 and 875 with 15.89gr? Anybody have chrony'd?

      • Mark from USA asked:

        Can the front sight be removed

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes the front sight is removable with an allen wrench.

      • Long from USA asked:

        Do you have one for left hand (left side cocking lever) ?

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          There is not

      • James from USA asked:

        Is the .25 loud? Please provide an example. My current pellet gun sounds like a staple gun.

        • Jerry from USA:

          on our loudness scale it is tops. It would have the sound of possible a 22 short

      • troy from USA asked:

        What do i need to mount a bipod?

        • Dan the Man from USA:

          You would need to tap the fore stock and use a swivel screw. Then, just look for a bi pod that has a swivel stud adapter.