Date: 26/5/2019 10:6

Customers Q&A on Hatsan AT P1 PCP Air Pistol

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  • Shogun from USA asked:

    Where can I get a good shroud for this gun?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I do not know of a shroud that is made for the gun, but you can try TKO Airguns or Neil Clague.

  • Shogun from USA asked:

    Does it have fittings for a shoulder stock to be added without having to purchase the tactical version? Also how does this stack up to the p-rod?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Sadly it does not. The Marauder pistol is quieter, has a better trigger but is not quite as powerful.

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    What velocity does this air gun shoot 25 caliber 25.4 grain pellets in the actual field use?

    • Jeff from USA:

      How was the "About 650 - 700 fps" answer determined? It does not seem that a Chronograph would have yielded this type of answer.

    • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

      About 650 - 700 fps

  • Scott from USA asked:

    Are grips for left-handed shooting available for the Hatsan AT P1?

    • Scott from USA:

      Got an answer to my question directly from the Hatsan Service Team: Received on 24OCT14 - We do have a left-handed AT-P1 stock available. Due to the hand-specific design of the support plate, a proper left-handed conversion will require a complete stock replacement. The LH stock is $39.95 + S/H if you would like to purchase it. For a new gun, we can offer an exchange for your original RH stock. You will have to cover the shipping to and from HatsanUSA, however, this option will save you the purchase cost of the new stock. If buying online, you are welcome to have the gun shipped directly to our service center to further minimize shipping costs. An even less expensive alternative would be a refurbished gun. We handle those items directly before they ship, and we can have a technician swap the stock for you at no additional charge. Both .22 and .25 caliber options are available at this time.