Date: 22/4/2019 17:8

Customers Q&A on Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE Air Rifle

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  • Ken from USA asked:

    Is this QE shroud have the same cap size as the shroud on the Bullboss?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The end cap should be the same size from a thread perspective, but obviously the exit hole in the cap would be larger

  • Chappy from USA asked:

    Has anybody tried the .35 cal airbolt? Can it be effective in the .35 Carnivore?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it does work in the carnivore, but it is not very powerful. Only running in the 200-250 fps range in the rifle I tested.

  • JON from USA asked:

    Are there any pellets, like air venturi, that weigh over 50Gr that will fit the .30 magazine? Thanks in advance. I'm having a check if a time deciding on .30 or .357, the .30 is the clear winner for shots per fill, but with only 2 available pellet weights, well ... meh ...

    • kyle from USA asked:

      Will the 357 or 9mm carnivore shot 30 cal pellets? Thanks

      • Tyler from USA:

        No. You'd want .35 caliber ammo for the .35 cal carnivore.

    • David from USA asked:

      Will this take down hogs and bucks?

      • Stanley from USA:

        With the right load definitely .

    • jay from USA asked:

      Can the bolt be switched over to left hand like Benjamin rifles?

      • Stanley from USA:


    • Craig from USA asked:

      Will the .30 cal polly mags work in this rifle, or are they too long for the magazine??

      • joseph from USA:

        The 30 cal Polymag in my gun would not fit without trimming point off with nail clippers. It did not affect accuracy.

      • JON from USA:

        They fit mine with room to spare

      • Victor from USA:

        I called pytamid air and they said the polymags won't fit?...

      • Stanley from USA:

        They will work.

    • Clayton from USA asked:

      I'm getting about 730 132 feet per second down to 690 feet per second after the 18th round I want to be up like 9 925 so I can take down at least a hundred twenty-five pounds are 150 pound deer

      • joseph from USA:

        On either the 30 or 357 cal model you can adjust the hammer spring to increase power. Watch the Rick Eustler video on how to do it on the BT65. Same as carnivore. My 30 cal was at 802fps out of box. With a slight tweak I'm now at 920 fps (81 fpe) with 44.75 JSB. I get 14 consistent shots at this level. this gun is a beast!

      • Clayton from USA:

        They are not the correct number meant 700 but about the doctor stuff come on a made a mistake on computer no need to go there

      • Whiteleather from USA:

        Let me answer these in order: If you are getting 730,132 fps I think you are doing pretty well. That would just about liquify a deer and you should come with a sponge to collect your trophy. A drop to 690fps from over 700,000fps would be expected, but I think the temperature change would freeze the oxygen out of the atmosphere. If you want to jump back up to over 9000 fps or Kelvin you may want to consult a physicist. I bet you can definitely take down 125lbs of something, but consult your doctor. And yes, some 150 pound are deer, but some are just people. Hope that helps.

    • George Garcia from USA asked:

      S what is it going to take to quite down rifle and get the seal back inside were it came from it help

      • DALE from USA:

        Breach o ring

      • Stanley from USA:

        Email hatsanusa. and inquire .

    • George Garcia from USA asked:

      Why would a rubber seal come out when you go to change out clip and the rifle is got louder?

      • Stanley from USA:

        See above.

    • brian from USA asked:

      What is the most accurate cast bullet for this gun? Lee has a 358-105grn-swc and a TL356-95-rf that look like they would work well if sized correctly.

      • JON from USA:

        Aha! I had the same question, so I emailed Hatsan in Turkey, that's where they make 'em, so I figured that they would be the one's to ask. Anyway, per Hatsan: neither the .30 or the .35 barrel's are choked, so you CAN use slugs in either caliber, as long as they fit the mag, which is 13.25 mm. The .357 barrel's are .354.45" so, the recommendation is for . 356 pellets/slugs. The AV 95 gr. slugs SHOULD fit, but people have reported difficulties with feeding the 95's, the AV 105's - according to user reports, fit and feed. Also, users have reported the Hunters Supply .356 95 gr. slugs, fit the magazine, and feed. No one knows why exactly, but that is what's up, according to Hatsan, AV and Hunters Supply.

      • Mark from USA:

        That is hard to say. Each rifled barrel is different so it is just too hard to answer. I would suggest looking into cast bullet web sites and buy a few of each grain and size then buy a mold from there

    • Robby from USA asked:

      Does anyone know where to find a 1/8" BSPP probe for this gun? I'd like to have an extra just in case.

    • Clayton from USA asked:

      Can I get someone to tune my 30 and357

      • Clayton from USA:

        Thank you guys I got up with bwalton and I'm supposed to send it in October thank you so much for answering my question though I appreciate it guys

      • robert from USA:

        Also try BWALTONPCP.COM he specializes in Hatsan Also check out BWALTONPCP.COM he specializes in Hatsan

      • Tyler from USA:

        Might want to look up Allen Zasadny. He would be the man to go to for PCP tunes. Don't have his phone number, you'll want to check the yellow airgun forum to find it.

    • Craig from USA asked:

      It says there a special for a free scope and bipod a $115 value. what scope and what bipod do you get?

      • Val from USA:

        The special is no longer there. Adding it to the cart would have shown the scope/bipod specs.

    • gamohunter from USA asked:

      Anyone have trouble with the automatic safety on the carnivore iy seems to stay in safety mode

      • Robby from USA:

        Yes, first day. Have to make sure the bolt handle is pulled ALL the way back till you here that click. Then it will shoot.

    • Shafan from USA asked:

      Is the air cylinder the same as (interchangeable with) the BT65?

      • JON from USA:

        Yep, 'tis, and the Galatian also as well and in addition to.

    • Ryan from USA asked:

      Once the moderator was removed I was able to lower the point of aim on the scope by several inches and it no longer shot from side to side.

      • Ryan from USA asked:

        My Carnivore will not group at 50 yards I took the end cap off the barrel and saw that it was shaving lead and had a large gouge out of it from the pellets. When I removed the moderator parts it shot much better what should I do.

        • JON from USA:

          Oooh, that's bad, I would return it, Pyramid has a great reputation for service after sale, and get the 20 for $20 or 10 for $10 tests Pyramid offers before you take the replacement, sorry to all concerned, but I hope it helps.

      • wang from USA asked:

        IS there any other type without (Quiet Energy),for 0.30

        • Steven from USA asked:

          Just my 2 cents here, but if you're buying a rifle in the 9mm/.357 caliber range, I would think the idea is for hunting small game and I'd be more interested in the FPE of the rifle over how many feet per second that pellet is traveling. This thing is rated for about 95 FPE, a standard .22 LR is give or take about 115-120 so that's a LOT of power for an air rifle and it's that muzzle energy or FPE that's making for a one shot clean kill. Like I said, just my 2 cents but something to consider.

          • Jimb from USA asked:

            can you use round ball in either the .30 or .35?

            • JON from USA:

              Although I haven't tried it myself, I hear from other Hatsan wielding airheads that they work in the .30. I heard that RB work in the .35 as well, but, again, it's what I've heard, I have not tried it myself ... Yet. I plan on it, but I haven't been able to get out much for a while, so if you do, and it works, please post your results here.

            • chris from USA:

              Round ball works good to about 50 yds from my Hercules. I imagine the barrel twist is very similar or identical. Try them. They're cheap.

          • Kenneth from USA asked:

            Is the BT.25 Walnut stock interchangeable with the BT.357?

            • Daniel from USA asked:

              With this rifle can I USED extreme ballistic .357

              • mike from USA:

                No the megs to narrow unfortunately...

            • joe wilson from USA asked:

              pretty weak others are shooting larger calibers much faster

              • chris from USA:

                I got my Hercules .357 refurbished for $721 from field supply. Shoots 81 grain JSB right at 900 fps for 150 fpe. Lots and lots of shots. Heavy, but I don't notice anymore. I love it. Dropped 3 crows this morning. Lol

              • Robby from USA:

                Well they are about the same as the Evanix air guns and the power on these can be easily turned up. Really they are about on par with most other big bores (in .35 cal) except for custom guns and the Sam Yang Recluse. But like I said, they can be easily adjusted and they (at least mine) shoots 1" 6-shot groups at 50 yards without any problem at all. However, I am not in total disagreement. I think the 150 and 95 FPE would have been a good idea. .

              • Craig from USA:

                Yes well, Hatsan listened to rick eustler at airgun web as to how much power is deemed reasonable... Personally i agree with you joe, i think they should have aim at 150fpe in .35 and 95fpe in .30. that would be practical for real hunting.

            • Edward from USA asked:

              I like the gun platform but it dont have the fpe. can you tune this gun to get close to 200fpe

              • JON from USA:

                Just adjust the hammer tensioning screw at the back of the receiver and use the Hunters Supply 79 grain slugs. You won't get 150 (in .30), but I'm getting over 100, lots of shots and it's nowhere near broken in.

              • Clayton from USA:

                Can you help me get my tuned 9192144596 clay

              • Shane from USA:

                No. It is possible to gain power from this gun, but 200 fpe is not feasible for this rifle.

              • mike from USA:

                Abe, Yeah but how many shots are you getting?

              • Abe from USA:

                Im in the process of tuning the .30. Its hit as high as 960 fps stock, over 90fpe. Im confident by the time its done it will be in the magic number of 100 plus for the .30.

            • Melvin from USA asked:

              Does the 23" barrel length include the silencer?

              • Craig from USA:

                No. The barrel is 23" long, and the silencer is about 6.5" longer then the barrel.

            • Michael from USA asked:

              Is there any non-lead ammo available for either .30 cal or the 9mm that will shoot well in this gun?

              • Tyler from USA:

                We do not carry any and from the few tests with the gun I have seen, none have used non-lead ammo.

            • brian from USA asked:

              What barrel do they use? Is it choked? What twist rate?

              • chris from USA:

                .30 bwalton told me specifically the .30 and .357 are NOT choked. I suppose possibly they anticipate owners trying slugs is a high possibility. My bt65 is 17.7/1 twist, not sure on big bore.

              • Tyler from USA:

                Hatsan makes their own barrels. You may want to reach out to them regarding the twist and choke. I suspect that at least the .30 is choked but we will not know until they come in.

            • Matthew from USA asked:

              Didn't the benjamin rouge .357 have roughly 300 fpe? Why is this .357 only 95fpe? Is it possible to mod the amount of air per shot on a gun like this to match the rouge?

              • Craig from USA:

                The rouge shoots (about) 200ish fpe, the reason for that is its designed to hunt BIG game. the Hatsan's are designed to hunt small to medium game at long distances... hence the higher shot count and much greater accuracy. So to make a long story short, the two guns where made with differing purposes in mind; that is why. And no, you would have to make SEROUS modifications to get anywhere near the rouges power level.

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                The Rouge only fired with 200 fpe. You would have to ask about that.

              • Orlo from USA:

                The original (gen 1) Rogue had about 240 FPE, the later (gen II's) have over 200 FPE. (I have one). For a .357 that's a ton of power. I'm sure some of it was due to the electronic metering of the air and their design goals. It actually has more power than all of my .50 Air guns except the Dragon claw - It was an amazing gun and the Benjamin Bulldog (close to 200 FPE) probably shares some of it's technology. That being said, they are different animals. I think a choice was probably made for shot count. (My Rogue will do 4 (maybe) full power (heavy/high) shots on a fill, more on lower power). 95FPE is still close to a rimfire and impressive for an air gun and with the high shot count that'll be another advantage. Note that most of the other .357/9mm air rifles (Evanix, etc.) produce about the same more or less.

              • Geno from USA:

                The Rouge could make 350fpe. It also was twice the price, not as accurate and wasnt as quite.

            • Bob from USA asked:

              As in many cases when stating foot pounds Energy, the size, but not weight of Pellet or Bullet is listed. Can an effort be made to do this on all products?

              • Tyler from USA:

                The pellet's used for the energies here are all JSB. So the 44 grain in .30 and the 81 grain in .357

            • DAN from USA asked:


              • chris from USA:

                There are various ways to increase power; hammer spring preload, spring change, return spring decreased, valve modified, air passages bored, smoothed and ported, longer barrels.

              • mike from USA:

                You can adjust the hammer spring preload.

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                You would have to contact about that since they haven't been released as of yet.