Date: 20/6/2019 10:14

Customers Q&A on Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

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  • Hector from USA asked:

    This rifle come cal. .25?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Orlo from USA asked:

    Hi: I just started using mine for indoor target shooting (I've had so much to catch up on). Two scopes and I can't adjust for the barrel droop (Two nice scopes also). I can't put a standard drooper rail on it due to the magazine so I'll try some dovetail risers with a drooper rail over it - Anyone else having this issue?

    • don from USA asked:

      I have a hatsan barrage gun and the air is leaking out of the barrel and or slide Any fix for that?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Contact Hatsan you may have to return it for repairs?

    • tiffani from USA asked:

      Is there a way to lighten the trigger pull to like 4lbs or lower?

      • Stanley from USA:

        The trigger is non-adjustable because of the semi-auto mechanism .

    • Big Shady from USA asked:

      Will Eun Jin .22 pointed 32.4gr pellets work with the Barrage mechanism?

      • Orlo from USA asked:

        How big is the tank in Diameter? I ask since if it's over 2" in diameter it'll be DOT regulated and require hydro testing every so many years, etc.

        • Stanley from USA:

          Emailed Hatsan and inquired, they said the O.D. is 60mm and doesn't fall under the same hydro standards as a scuba or paintball tank . " End of quote "

      • Faizal from USA asked:

        The tank cant be removed? How about you need to fix the gun or do maintainance and need to remove the tank? Is is possible?

        • Stanley from USA:

          You would most likely send it back Hatsan ?

      • SF from USA asked:

        Where can I purchase additional magazines?

        • Tyler from USA:

          They will be available shortly.

      • SF from USA asked:

        Can you use a Benjamin hand pump on this gun?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Yes but it would be quite a workout . Forget going to the gym.

        • Val from USA:

          you can, but you will need a QD adapter. Click on PCP Hookup tab and choose Benjamin pump. It will then show you which adapter you need to buy, and you can just add that to the shopping cart.

      • Perry from USA asked:

        Is the tank removable to switch out with another? Is the trigger adjustable? Is it regulated?

        • Stanley from USA:

          Per Hatsan the tank is permanent and can't be removed . The trigger is non-adjustable due to the semi-auto mechanism . And it is not regulated also due to the semi-auto action.It is said that it can get up to 70 shots in .177 caliber.

      • Carl from USA asked:

        will this be available in .25 at some time?

        • Jen-Yen from USA:

          .25 cal is in the market now and only available in PA, seems like. I just purchased the .25 cal version in last week and it was "out of box fun!" Accurate and power.

        • Stanley from USA:

          They are working on a possible 25 caliber but no release date has been set as of yet ?