Date: 25/3/2019 8:52

Customers Q&A on Hatsan BullMaster Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

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  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Before I break it... the spare mags shipped installed in the stock... they do not want to budge. Is there a trick to remove them? Or are they just THAT tight?

    • Tyler from USA:

      They are secured by a set screw. Need to loosen that first

  • Jen-Yen from USA asked:

    How does the bullpump action affect the user? Is it too much noise to the ear? Is it too much vibration or recoil force to the shoulder? I have never used a bullpmup before, not sure what is the benefit of this design other than being compact.......?

    • Jen-Yen from USA:

      Thanks Tyler. Due to the limited time sales event, I went ahead to get the Barrage model before I read your response. Your input is still very important to me in the future buying. I like the performance of Barrage, very tight group and accurate within 22 yards. The Barrage also has some recoil but manageable.

    • Tyler from USA:

      There is a little vibration when fired, but not much recoil. The rifle isn't terribly loud. A bullpup is made to be compact and easy to maneuver, that's really the appeal. You get full length rifle performance from a much shorter overall gun.

  • Ronbow from USA asked:

    How is the accuracy compared to the Gladius? I have the BT65QE, and it is awesome.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The barrels come from the same place, and the accuracy I've seen from these has been comparable to the other hatsan pcp models

  • Lucius from USA asked:

    Your website shows the option to purchase this gun in .25 cal but the product description says its only available in .177 and .22. Which is correct?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The .25 is available, looks like PA just hasn't updated the descriptions on their site yet

  • gol from Japan asked:

    I have problem with my hatsan bullmaster..the magazine will not rotate at all..

    • Robert from USA:

      Someone on YouTube said to push the pellets in deeper so it cycles correctly. I don't have one yet, so I don't know if that's the fix or not.

    • ROBERT from USA:

      Same here. fired 200 rounds perfect right out of the 201, mag failed to cycle.

    • Samer from USA:

      I have the same problem, only shot through about 3 full magazines. Now its no longer semi auto. Very frustrating, may have to return

  • Clay from USA asked:

    Can I fill the tank on this gun with a hand pump? I have a Benjamin High Pressure Hand Pump that I use for a Bulldog and am not sure if it would work as is, or if a I need an adapter, or another solution all together. Thanks

  • esther from USA asked:

    I got a new bullmaster and a mk4 handpump the gun not holding air and leaks out with each pump? 408 661 1029

    • Brad from USA:

      When the rifle ships empty you have to pump fast (initially) for the air tank to seal itself.

    • Stanley from USA:

      You can add a small amount of silicone divers grease to the o-rings , this worked for me?

  • Brantly from USA asked:

    What is your recommendation for a scope(s) and rings? (low, med or high rings) Thanks

    • Stanley from USA:

      Me personally i like the Hawk scopes , mounted one on my Gladius and sighted in very easy (less than 5 rounds).UTG also makes good scopes for the money. I would use high mounts when you shoulder the gun they make it comfortable , easy for eye relief .

  • Cory from USA asked:

    Is the 500 cc cylinder removable ?

    • Stanley from USA:

      No it is not meant to be removed unless service is needed then you would send it back to Hatsan.

  • Helmut from USA asked:

    Is there a way to swap the charging handle to the other side? This thing is on my wishlist but having to shoot w the left hand is preventing me on buying it...

    • Stanley from USA:

      No it can't changed to the other side . You could purchase the Barrage ?

  • Rashad from USA asked:

    Dear sirs kindly let us know it is regulated air gun or now?!

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is not.

    • Stanley from USA:

      It is not a regulated rifle because of the semi-auto mechanism .

  • Charles from USA asked:

    It's a shame this rifle is not made for Left hand shooters since I have been one since the Vietnam war. I have waited a long time for this rifle to emerge,tell me Hatsan have plans for a Left hand version in 25. cal.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Maybe eventually a lot can change in year ?

  • Kris from USA asked:

    Do they use the expanding gas from the barrel to cycle the semi-automatic function like a powderburner or are they using air from the cylinder? At that shot count it seems like the cylinder though it would need to be regulated so it wouldn't overwhelm the mechanism or slow as pressure drops.

    • hakeem from USA:

      Expanding air from the barrel