Date: 25/3/2019 17:28

Customers Q&A on Hatsan Edge Air Rifle, Vortex Piston, Black

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  • Matthew from USA asked:

    guns not cocking

    • Tyler from USA:

      I'd recommend either calling Hatsan USA or returning it to the retailer you purchased from

  • Greg from USA asked:

    I shot my Hatsan Edge .25 cal at roughly 15lb groundhog from 15-18yds with the exact king heavy Diablo 33.95g in the heart area. Heard the thud and it ran off like nothing. Am I expecting too much from this air rifle? Hit rabbit in same area at 25yds and it ran off. I'm disappointed. I expected much greater power from this gun. I was told by a Pyramid sales rep that a kill shot on a Raccoon at 40yds was feasible. I doubt that claim from what I experienced.

    • jason from USA:

      Those pellets are way to big for a 650 fps rifle.. they were prolly going out at around 350 to 400 fps.. use lower grain pellets.. try the 25 grain.. your fps will prolly shoot up at least 250 to 280 higher

    • Greg from USA:

      Do u think problem was too heavy a pellet? Hit a squirrel in middle of the body at 20yds with h&n crow magnum 27.47g dropped instantly.

    • Tyler from USA:

      I would try a head shot...that said though, at those ranges, it should be pretty effective with a well placed shot. Unless your gun is super under powered, but you'd have to chrono it to find that out.

  • jorge from USA asked:

    What is the cocking effort (lbs.) of the .25 cal for the Hatsan Edge air rifle vortex piston ?

    • Thomas from USA:


    • Tyler from USA:

      Around 40 lbs

  • Victor E from USA asked:

    does a wood stock available for this Hasan edge

    • Royal from USA:

      Yes. Contact Hatsan. It is the same one as for the Striker.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not at this time

  • Victor E from USA asked:

    can a noise suppressor be bought for this air rifld

    • Royal from USA:

      Check with "Donny in Florida". I'm sure the barrel would need to be threaded ... and something done with the current front sight.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Pyramyd Air does not have anything available like that

  • Wendell from USA asked:

    I purchased a 25 cal. Edge and have shot about 200 + pellets and the gun still is puffing out smoke. Not a lot but noticeable is this normal and will it hurt the gun?

    • Jim from USA:

      It may do it for another 200. It won't hurt the gun.

  • Mauro from USA asked:

    I'm confused, is this a Nitro Piston or Spring gun? Should i get this for hunting and target competition or are there better options under 120 USD? Sorry for the multiquestion

    • Micheal from USA:

      for 120 bucks this looks like your best bet for a higher caliber weapon instead of the store bought .177 I'm personally in the same boat need high caliber at a cheap rate. also one thing I was always told theres no such thing as a stupid question meaning the more questions u ask the more prepared you are so don't sweat asking multiple questions it only helps you learn better

    • Tyler from USA:

      The Edge uses Hatsan's Vortex gas piston.

  • Joseph from USA asked:

    Can a sling be adapted to this rifle ? what would be needed? Joe

    • Royal from USA:

      I bought the Game Gun Buddy sling and use it on mine. It wraps around the stock below the cheek piece ... and wraps around the barrel.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Look at the Gamo Gun Buddy sling: Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling,...

  • William from USA asked:

    I just got my Bataan edge a few days ago.Love it! Very well made and iron site accurate out of box. My question is ,I noticed when the barrel is broken fully open to accepts pellet there is noticable play at the hinge area.Hoswever it seems tight when shut and shoots fine so far. Is this normal for the hatsan?

    • Stephen from USA:

      The pivot bolt is loose. If the barrel swings freely when cocked it is to loose. Tighten it up it is easy. 3 screws pulls the action from the stock giving access to the pivot screw. Back out the locking screw and tighten the pivot screw to remove the side play. Put it all back together. Takes longer to explain it than it does to do it.

    • steve from USA:


  • Patricia from Canada asked:

    Is this available for Canada customers?

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Has anyone noticed a difference in fps according to pellet weight?

      • jason from USA:

        Whats the fps for the 26 grain pellet?

      • Royal from USA:

        Pellet weight always affects fps in any air rifle (other than PCP).

      • Theo from USA:

        More weight means more energy, this gun shoots all pellets 26 grains or less really good out to 20 yards

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      What is the best pellets for the .25 caliber version?

      • Theo from USA:

        26 grains or less @ 20 yds.

    • Greg from USA asked:

      Where can I get a replacement stock for this rifle

      • Stanley from USA:


    • Patrick from USA asked:

      Way too loud. As a gift but boom rifle in the back yard is a no go. too bad PS I have a safe area to shoot.

      • Anthony Rozanski from United States asked:

        Tony from GA. .what is the cocking lbs. on the .22 & .25 cal . on the Hatsan Edge air rifle vortex piston ?

        • Jakub from Poland asked:

          Does anyone know how to remove this plastic and replace it with sound suppressor (silencer)?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Im thinking it can not be removed by the customer?

          • julio from USA:


        • Mark from USA asked:

          Anybody know what the muzzle energy of the .25 cal with a 30g pellet is?

        • Jimmy C from USA asked:

          Worried about all the stories of Break Barrel rifles eating scopes for breakfast. Question: Is the included scope certified to withstand the punishment of this rifle? Is the scope covered in the warranty and replaced if broken on normal use?

          • Matthew from USA:

            the scope and rings are junk and will more likely than not break quickly .

        • StridinSpider from USA asked:

          Would buying this Hatsan Edge Air Rifle, Vortex Piston in .25 caliber at 650 fps be better than a Crosman Shockwave or Phantom NP .22 caliber at 950 fps? I have new mtr77, never shot, .177 caliber at 1200 fps I could sell. Is there any difference in the three in reality as far as power and clean kill ability or just preferences in bells and whistles?

          • Royal from USA:

            watch this video, and see what you think ...

          • Stephen from USA:

            The Hatsan will most likely exceed its ratings. I have 12 of them. They are very stout. My 22 Vortex pushes 14.3's at 947.9. The only 22 break actions I own that can exceed it is the Hatsan 125's.

          • julio from USA:

            Crossman advertises the fps way to high the np is about 750 . and hatsan says its 650 fps . its 650 fps .. like the hatsan 125 exceeds the advertise fps .. I trust hastan but who knows ive never had this one . but get the 10 for 10 on the np and bet its hundreds feet slower

          • valerie from USA:

            i have this exact rifle in the 25 cal. i love it. i want the 22 cal because ammo choices are about 10 times as many and a little cheaper.

        • dennis from USA asked:

          Why does it say free shipping in the estimated shipping block and then shows a charge for shipping at check out?

          • Donald from USA:

            It is free for smartpost you must change the default shipping.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Free shipping means orders of a 150.00 or more .

        • Tricia from USA asked:

          do you think the 25. cal is good quality?

          • Stephen from USA:

            They are great rifles. Due to the power and recoil the do require a little more maintenance than some of the lower powered rifles. The barrel pivot and stock screws tend to loosen sooner than some. Blue Loctite helps but the Hatsan power will overcome it over time. Not a big deal. I love my Hatsans.

          • scott from USA:

            They make the best rifles in quality hands down ! Love my Hatsans from Pyramyd ! Wont shoot anything else since I got my .25 and .30 !

          • julio from USA:

            Never had this one but i love hatsan they make really solid guns and really good quality .

          • Stanley from USA:

            Its my opinion , but i think they make a good product.

        • Tricia from USA asked:

          what is the biggest animal you would take with the 25. cal rifle?

          • dennis from USA:

            10-30 FP. in .25cal. / Squirrels and rabbits. With head-shots probably possum, raccoons. Keeping to a distance where you can consistently hit a quarter, for the head-shots. Fox size animals will be a little large and will take something like a .30cal with 35 FP. An avg. 25.4 gr. pellet in this gun = about 24 FP.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Depends on the distance?

        • Henry from USA asked:

          just bought one 177cal, hoping I like it.

          • Stanley from USA:

            You should its almost 3lbs lighter than my 125 sniper?

        • ahkell66 from USA asked:

          Yes, does Hatsan give FPS using alloy or lead?

          • julio from USA:

            Hatsan is awesome yup lead

          • Stanley from USA:

            Lead pellets.

        • Tricia from USA asked:

          would you recommend 22 or 25 cal?

          • Steven from USA:

            Considering how inexpensive the Striker Edge already is, you might just think about buying one of each. I have the .25 and with the right pellets has great knockdown power, I've taken both raccoon and woodchuck with H&N Crow Magnum's and you could use the .22 for smaller pests and target shooting. Gives you both options and with PA's Buy 3 Get the 4th free, why go anywhere else for pellets?!

          • Dave from USA:

            I have both. .25 is better for hunting but the pellets are more expensive and nobody keeps them in stock. You can usually find some .22 pellets at Wal-Mart. The .25 is a little too expensive for plinking.

          • mrmrogden from USA:

            As an owner of a 125 sniper vortex .25 I would just weigh my options. I like the .25 as the pellets are easier to handle and get a larger wound channel and come in heavier weights for more FPE. The downside is you need to know the trajectory for hunting and the slower speeds with the .25 make this more critical & with the .22b you have a wider range of pellets and more flat trajectory, if you dont mind ordering your pellets online exclusively i would go for the .25 & with this rifle i would start with H&N FTT 19.91gr .

          • Stanley from USA:

            Purely up to individual . 22 caliber has a lot more pellet choices 25 caliber has more knock down energy. I have the 125 sniper 25 caliber and a Benjamin np in 22 caliber i like them both.

        • charles from USA asked:

          does this rifle shoot lead pellots at 800 feet per second ? most air rifles list that but are not really abble to acheive that velocity with lead

          • Paul from USA:

            I own a Hatsan 95 vortex, that is also rated at 800 FPS. Using crosman 14.3 grain pellets, I chronied a 5 shot string... high-735, low-719, avg-728 FPS. hope that helps.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Lighter pellets = more F.P.S. a lot of choices out there.

          • monty from USA:

            i have read that Hatsan test there velocities with lead pellets rather than alloy.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Hatsan uses lead pellets to test the F.P.S. so i would say thats pretty close to their findings.You could buy a chrono to test for yourself.

          • Geno from USA:

            Depends on which caliber your refering to first. And second most advertise alloy pellet velocity

          • Michael from USA:

            Hatsan is one of the few that market there guns with led f's instead of alloy.

          • Dave from USA:

            Hatsan tests their guns with lead pellets so they come close and sometimes exceed their stated velocity.

        • None from USA asked:

          Is this rife exactly the same as the 1000s vortex, except for the stock??

          • Royal from USA:

            Yes. And Hatsan has a wood stock for the Striker 1000s ... which fits the Edge exactly.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Yes this rifle is 6.6 pounds the1000 vortex is 6.4 pounds and different stock, otherwise the same and 30.00 dollars cheaper.