Date: 16/6/2019 21:42

Customers Q&A on Hatsan Flashpup QE PCP Air Rifle

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  • Daniel from USA asked:

    Will Pyramydair be selling the synthetic stock version?

    • Mark from USA:

      There is no synthetic stock flashpup. There is a synthetic flash model.

  • matthew from USA asked:

    I bought a Flashpup in .22 cal. I have a Mophorn high pressure pump and the fill probe from my flashpup will not fit the quick connect from the pump. Where can I find an adapter for this?

    • Carlton from USA asked:

      Are the probes the same for the Hatsan Flash QE and Hatsan Flash Pup QE? Are they interchangeable?

      • Jordan from USA:


    • gary from USA asked:

      Will hill silcone grease help help stiffness of cocking slide stiff after200rds

      • Mark from USA:

        It Could. It's worth a try.

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Are medium or high scope rings recommended? The rail looks a little high compared to some other bull pups.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Depends on your scope, Personally, I prefer high rings on this gun as it gives me a little bit more comfortable cheek position, but your mileage may vary

    • Gregg from USA asked:

      Is this gun power adjustable? Thanks

      • Tyler from USA:

        There are no external adjustments. But you can adjust the hammer spring tension after removing the stock

    • John from USA asked:

      Will Standard Predator Polymags fit in the magazine?

      • jose from USA asked:

        whit how many mags it comes whit in 25 cal

        • Tyler from USA:

          Includes 2 magazines

      • Chris from USA asked:

        Anyone have good results with a particular brand of pellets for the .22 version?

        • David from USA:

          For shooting beyond 25 yards, most people report the best results with JSB exact and H&N Barracuda. 18 grain heavier pellets seem to be more accurate, because it is very powerful.

      • Chris from USA asked:

        How do you empty the air if you want to store it after shooting?

        • Tyler from USA:

          It is recommended you keep some air in the gun when storing. Keeps dust and debris out of your air cylinder.

      • Derek from USA asked:

        Does this rifle fire pellets?

        • Tyler from USA:


      • TEAMWOLF_777 from USA asked:

        Would this rifle work with a Benjamin air pump or any other ? Im trying to get into pcp Im new to this.

        • Scott from USA:

          I'm sure it will as long as it's a pcp pump. I use a cheap hand pump on mine, works great.

      • Douglas from USA asked:

        Does anyone have the barrel specs what is the rate of twist?

        • Scott from USA:


      • William from USA asked:

        Where can I get a single shot tray for the .22 Hatsan Flashpup QE? I have looked on the HATSAN USA site but they didn't have any.

        • Tyler from USA:

          You may need to call or email Hatsan USA at this point. PA does not appear to have extras.

      • wesley from USA asked:

        Is it harmful to the gun to leave it in the cocked position for an extended period of time ?

        • Tyler from USA:

          It shouldn't be too much of an issue, though I wouldn't recommend doing so for more than a few hours (the length of a walk in the woods hunting).

      • Peter from USA asked:

        It says dry air only. Where do you get dry air? I'm a diver, and was hoping to use air from the scuba shop, but not sure if its dry enough,lol.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, your scuba shop's compressor will produce dry air. If it's breathing quality, it will certainly be dry enough.

      • Diaboloslinger from USA asked:

        Any word as to whether it will be in stock this week?

        • Tyler from USA:

          That's the last update I got. We shall see

      • Geoffrey from USA asked:

        Is the Flash pop bolt action or semi automatic I then told by one company it semi automatic and your ad says it's bolt action I'm really confused

        • Tyler from USA:

          It's bolt action

      • Ralph from USA asked:

        What is the length of pull on this gun?

        • David from USA:

          It has the Quattro trigger, which is highly adjustable. I keep mine short and light, under 1 lb.

      • JON from USA asked:

        As far as I know, all Hatsans have a captive ring that rotates around to cover the fill hole and I can't tell by the picture of the Flash series includes this cover, does it include a fill probe hole cover? Thanks!

        • David from USA:

          Yes, it does come with a plug, which has an Oring in the middle. You just insert the fill probe and it pushes the plug out very easily.

        • Scottie from USA:

          I recently got mine and it cam with a port plug

        • Tyler from USA:

          The flash does not have a probe hole cover, the samples seen thus far do not have a fill port plug either like some of the other models. Whether or not the final production guns will come with a port plug or not is unknown as they are not out yet.

      • Chris from USA asked:

        Will this shoot the 43.2 grain pellet?

        • Anthony from USA asked:

          The .25 cal is rated at 900fps what weight pellet was that ?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Hatsan tests with lead, so that would likely be the H&N FTT at 19.9 grains

        • Walter from USA asked:

          Can this use the same pump a the Discovery?

        • Scott from USA asked:

          Any news on when this will actually be in stock?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Last word from Hatsan was end of March/early April.

        • JON from USA asked:

          Any info on the possibility of a (lighter weight?) polymer stock being made available?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Haven't seen anything for the pup yet, just the wood

        • Louis from USA asked:

          Is the scope rail made of plastic or aluminum?

          • David from USA:

            The rail is aluminum. Has both dovetail and picatinny on one rail.

          • Tyler from USA:

            Should be aluminum, not 100% sure yet

        • DEZIII from USA asked:


          • Scottie from USA:


          • Tyler from USA:

            The gun isn't even out yet, so I cannot say for certain if something existing already will fit it. I am sure folks will be making regs for these once they get out there.

        • Chris from USA asked:

          What optics are recommended fur the Flashpup...

          • Tyler from USA:

            I would go with this: Leapers UTG 3-12x44 AO Accushot..., even comes with rings that will fit the gun.

          • Chris from USA:


          • Tyler from USA:

            Depends on what you are comfortable with. How much are you looking to spend on a scope?

        • mark from USA asked:

          Can Predator polymags fit in these magazines?

          • Mark from USA:

            Yes it come with a single shot tray

          • Tyler from USA:


        • Sierra from USA asked:

          Is it going to be stock this week ?

          • Tyler from USA:

            No, likely sometime in March

        • Giovanni from USA asked:

          Can you remove the air cylinder.

          • Tyler from USA:

            No, it is fixed

        • Nemo72 from USA asked:

          Is this lefty friendly?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It does not look like it.

        • Brian from USA asked:

          Any ideas on how many shots per fill in .25 with the jsb kings and average velocity?

          • Tyler from USA:

            I was told two magazines. Should be around 16-20 shots.

        • tom from USA asked:

          Is this gun regulated?

          • Tyler from USA:


        • chuck from USA asked:

          is there an adjustable regulator, or even a fixed regulator.?

          • Tyler from USA:

            No, it is not regulated

        • Nick from USA asked:

          Is the barrel threaded so you can add an extra silencer?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Donny FL makes an adaptor for adding a screw-on moderator.

          • David from USA:

            They come with the QE silencer built in. The .22 is mid-level sound. I shoot it in my backyard, but it is definitely louder than my AT44 QE.

          • Scott from USA:

            Yes it is, but you will needs a adapter to add a silencer.

          • JON from USA: