Date: 26/3/2019 13:40

Customers Q&A on Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle


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  • Francisco from USA asked:

    Cocking force?

    • Richard from USA asked:

      What is the top 2 most accurate pellets for this gun???

      • Mike from USA asked:

        Can the front sling attachment be switched to the right side?

        • Eddie from USA asked:

          Got the rifle yesterday. When I shoot it the cocking arm falls out of its holder. How can I fix?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Is the brass detent engaging when you close it? Make sure that detent is in the locked position before shooting. If that doesn't do it, I would give Hatsan a call or send the rifle back.

        • Wayne from USA asked:

          Im new to air gunning so i was just curious what is a anti bear trap?

          • Stanley from USA:

            The anti-bear trap is a mechanism built in to keep the rifle from firing until the break barrel is closed or in this case the underlever . A safety measure.

        • daniel from USA asked:

          What parts need to be oiled?

          • VITO from USA asked:

            This rifle is Silenced..?

            • Stanley from USA:

              It comes with a moderator and is rated #3 medium loundness by P.A.

          • Gerald from USA asked:

            Will pyramid air replace the seals upon purchase on the hatsan 155 with good after market seals if you ask..these guns are great but the biggest problem are the seals

            • Stanley from USA:

              I sent my 125 Sniper back to Hatsan for an unrelated problem and while they had it they replaced mine , good now.

          • al leonette from USA asked:

            1000 fps is that with lead pellets.

            • Stanley from USA:

              Yes Hatsan always uses lead pellets for comparison.

          • Bruce from USA asked:

            Why does the under lever unlock each time I fire?

            • James from USA:

              The factory spring is to soft to withstand the recoil.. so I installed a tighter spring & never had this problem again.

            • Bruce from USA:

              This problem has all but gone away with use. If I return the lever smartly, I do not usually have the problem. When I do, it does not affect accuracy or function.

          • james from USA asked:

            Hatsan 155 has 17" barrel, This sniper 150 has a 13" barrel. Is the Sniper as accurate as 155?

            • Angel from USA:

              The manual shows the 150 and 155 as 17" barrel.

            • Robby from USA:

              Good question. I'm wondering the same thing. I've checked other dealers and the Hatsan website and they all state the 150 Sniper has a 13 inch barrel. It seems they may be counting the suppressor as part of the barrel on the 125 Sniper but not on the 150 Sniper. 155 doesn't come with one. Sorry I couldn't give you an answer.

          • james from USA asked:

            Description say spring piston but Specs say gas piston, which is it?

            • joseph from USA:

              Vortex is Hatsans version of the gas piston.

            • Stanley from USA:

              Description says Vortex ? Which is gas piston? Don't rightly know? Call P.A. Im sure they could advise you.

          • Bruce from USA asked:

            This rifle and the 155 are rated as 3 (medium) in loudness. Are they really the same?

            • Racquel from USA:

              No. This one has a sound moderator which works well on my 125 Sniper.

          • mrmrogden from USA asked:

            The barrel of this gun seems to move inside a sleeve and it seems such a system will need to be dissasembled in order to clean & lubricate and does this rifle have a means by which this can be done by the user?

            • DaveMac from USA asked:

              Description says "Vortex" but the specifications say spring-piston. Which is it Vortex-piston or spring?

              • Racquel from USA:

                It is Vortex. Technically all gas pistons are still a "gas spring" but not a metal mainspring.