Date: 27/9/2020 9:50

Customers Q&A on Hatsan Torpedo 155 Air Rifle, Walnut

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  • Steve from USA asked:

    Is there anything i can do to accurize this gun? Its accuracy is beyond deplorable.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Practice the artillery hold and oh ya practice some more.

  • John from USA asked:

    Does this rifle have a metal trigger guard? I know some cheaper Hatsans have plastic trigger guards.

    • Stanley from USA:

      Hard to tell looks like plastic to me.

  • Robert from USA asked:

    Can I get the this away a vortex or piston

    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes comes in the vortex model 60.00 more.

  • mrmrogden from USA asked:

    How long is the mounting rail, is the rear sight easily removable?

    • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

      yes you loosen the screws and site slips off the dovetail. This mount is unique it has both a dovetail and weaver mount its over 5 inches long perfect for mounting any scope or dot sight.

  • Ray from USA asked:

    I'am about driving my self crazy on what gun to buy ! Is there anyone who speaks English , that can provide any info on this gun ? Almost all the reviews I have seen on this rifle , I can't understand a thing that is said becouse most of the reviews are from turky ! I'am looking for a magnum springer at a good price and it seems its come down to this rifle or the rws 460 . Am I way off base comparing these two rifles ? Or would they both be good hunters ?

    • Ray from USA:

      Never mind , I have the 460 on its way !