Date: 16/7/2019 23:23

Customers Q&A on ISSC M-22 CO2 Air Pistol

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  • chaz from USA asked:

    What kind of spring is it? And where can i get it

    • Tyler from USA:

      What kind of spring is what?

  • spike from USA asked:

    are there any extended magazines for this gun

    • Peg Leg Keity from USA:


  • GLENN from USA asked:

    Why is this ad not telling me if this gun is single or only double action..?,, what are they hiding....?

    • William from USA:

      It is single and double action. Double action first shot and double action when the co2 is running low double action first shot and single action until the co2 becomes week than it shoots double action until the co2 emtys double action first shot and then single action until the co2 becomes week anfd then double action until it has no gas left

  • David from USA asked:

    Is there a desert sand (FDE) version available?

    • Val from USA:


  • David from USA asked:

    Will this fit in a standard Glock 22 holster?

    • Thomas from USA:


  • William from USA asked:

    I sent my M22 back to Pyramid Air. They will receive it tomorrow. Think it would be a good idea to try a Non-Refurbished? Or shoud I go with the Bersa BP9cc Blowback 20 shot B.B pistol?

    • Gregory from Canada:

      Go with a brand new issc m22!!! The Bersa is ok but the m22 is awesome and more powerful than the Bersa.

  • William from USA asked:

    Is it normal to fire several rounds and the slide pops off the pistol? It's a refurbished I got today! It does have a take down just like the real firearm. I reinstalled the slide and I certainly hope it does not happen again! WTF

    • Val from USA:

      It's not normal. If it happens again, just return it.

  • William from USA asked:

    Does the slide stay open after last shot?

    • Stanley from USA:


  • mick from Australia asked:

    Do you need a licence for these firearms

    • Elvira from USA:

      No. Depending on your state, you either have to be at least 16 or at least 18.

  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Can this pistol be modified to full auto??

    • Elvira from USA:

      No, it is only semi-auto.

  • James Pitman from USA asked:

    Is the mag well like the crosman Phantom where if you get a good firearm grip your finger knocks the magazine out of the well just enough to make it not feed? Also are you able to carry mags in a pouch and not have a pouch full of bb's and empty mags? Thanks.

    • Tyler from USA:

      I suppose that would depend on your grip, but I have not experienced any problems with accidentally pressing the mag release.

  • Jason from USA asked:

    Does this let BB's roll out of the barrel if aimed slightly downward? I had an Umarex PPK pistol and with any downward shots, the BB's just rolled out. Unacceptable. Hope this doesn't do the same.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Have shot a few of them myself and have not experienced that issue.

  • DAVID C from USA asked:

    Why is this pistol not placed for advertising along with all of the other airgun .117 ca. Steel BB pistols??

    • DAVID C from USA:

      THANK YOU !!

  • Wing from USA asked:

    There's a button/catch for field stripping. Can this gun be field stripped?

  • Gregory from Canada asked:

    5 days to go :) is anyone else excited about this air pistol? Check out the tabletop review at replicaairguns on YouTube!

    • Wayne from USA:

      Man yall make me wanna get one.

    • Vincent from Canada:

      Yes it's awesome, I got mine yesterday, verry awesome gun!

    • DAVID C from USA:

      I ordered two of them and they're both arriving by FedEx today !!

    • Val from USA:

      it's awesome!

  • Daniel from Canada asked:

    It appears that extra clips are unavailible

    • Calvin from USA:

      Extra clips aren't available because the pistol doesn't use clips. Additional magazines will be available for purchase soon.

    • Val from USA:

      yes, they are. ISSC M22 .177 cal removable...

  • Matthew from USA asked:

    Does the pistol shoot every tine the trigger is squeezed or do you need to retract the slide for each shot?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes every time the trigger is squeezed . Semi automatic .

  • Patrick from USA asked:

    Does it ship without CO2 cartridge and is the rail Picatinny standard?

    • Big Shady from USA:

      You can add Co2 to your order The rail is standard

    • Stanley from USA:

      Yes and Yes.

  • Phil from USA asked:

    How many shots per CO2 cartridge? Specs seem to say 18 per fill. If so that might be realistic for LEO training, but that's a lot of gas for 18 BBs.

    • Vincent from Canada:

      i had 50 shots total, 40 verry powerfull shots, and 10 less powerfull shots. No other blowback pistol i own have this penetration power in metal soup cans

    • Val from USA:

      72 shots

    • Patrick from USA:

      Its 18 shot capacity and up to 90 shots per CO2 fill (Cartridge)

    • Paul from USA:

      Just looked at specs and it hold 18 rounds and gets about 90 per fill (CO2).Thats how I take it when I read it..idkmcould be wrong.New at this, haven't done this in awhile but just purchased one a few month's ago.

    • joseph from USA:

      It says 90 max shots per fill. Magazine holds 18 shots.

    • Gregory from Canada:

      It says it gets 90 shots per co2 powerlet and it has an 18 shot magazine.

    • Val from USA:

      90-100 shots. Looks like Pyramyd already fixed the specs

  • Gregory from Canada asked:

    Why is a 400 fps .177cal steel BB pistol unable to be shipped to Canada??? I just ppre-orders this and had my order cancelled???? If this pistol had a muzzle velocity below 366 fps and was an airsoft pistol then Canada customs wouldn't allow it, but this is a steel BB pistol that has a muzzle velocity of 400 fps!!

    • Gregory from Canada:

      I just heard back from pyramidair's sales Dept. and my order was cancelled by accident :) iam back on the pre-ordered list and look forward to shooting this air pistol in a month or so!

    • Val from USA:

      It can ship to Canada, looks like Pyramyd's rules have not gotten updated yet for this new pistol.