Date: 24/6/2019 6:4

Customers Q&A on Legends Blowback P08 CO2 Pistol, Full Metal

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  • Zach from USA asked:

    I have had this gun for a while and i love it; however, recently when cocking the gun, the gun gets caught mid way through the cocking motion. This only happens when the magazine is inserted into the gun. When the magazine is released the gun cocks normally. Please help.

    • John from USA asked:

      Can you change the grips and put some real wood engraved ones real P38 and ppks have walnut engraved grips...without spending thousands on real P08. This co2 would be awesome and with nice walnut grips

      • alex from USA asked:

        i got this gun for my birthday almost a mounth ago and its been fine now it does not shoot the bbs out of the barrel it just blows them back at my face. if anyone knows how to fix this problem pls help

        • levi from USA asked:

          I was shooting this product and then suddenly it started shooting fully automatically and and shot every bb in the mag in a matter of seconds. Why and how did this happen

          • Steve from USA asked:

            I lost a screw that holds a grip on my P.08. Where can I get spare parts?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Umarex USA

          • Teresa from USA asked:

            Where can I buy a wood case for this pistol, Holster.

            • Evan from USA asked:

              I was wondering, I read somewhere that the KWC Luger 6mm and 4.5mm were identical in design, I was wondering. Is it possible to change switch out the barrels and magazines, so you can be able use the BB gun variant and the air soft version without having to buy another KWC Luger? Thought? I'm very curious, it sure would save me and all of you a lot of money. Oh and one more question, where can I replacement parts for the KWC Luger. Thank you very much

              • stephen from Canada asked:

                any chance of umarex making these in the 8inch barrel artillery model?

                • Simon from USA asked:

                  A FIX: This is not a question, just a suggestion for users who's gun gets stuck as if it's in safety. First (UNLOADED GUN but GASSED) I lubed it with a bit of WD40 on the inside and outside of slide and the toggle (away from the seal) and some pellgun oil on the interior. Then, with the toggle up, I pull the trigger and firmly smacked the slide down. After doing this a number of times, the gun started firing again. So try it.

                  • Luke from USA asked:

                    Hey I was wondering if i can use plastic bbs for this, I have a match in a month and its ww1 themed and this would be perfect but I obviously cant use metal bbs/ pellets. Help?

                    • pcp4me from USA:

                      I would NOT use plastic bb's. The gun is NOT designed for them!

                  • GENE from USA asked:

                    How long does this sale with the discount good for?

                    • Pmeredith from Canada asked:

                      Hello, can you use any BB or does it have to be steel bb's? Thanks

                      • Daniel from USA:

                        any .177 bbs work, that will be steel, lead or copper plated, H&N Exite smart shot are a great choice because they are low ricochet being that they are copper plated lead

                    • barry from USA asked:

                      what kind of accuracy can I expect at 30 feet ? ? ? ?

                      • Daniel from USA:

                        I am able to hit the kill zone and knock down the Gamo Squirrel Field Target w/4 Kill-Zone Reducers with the 1 1/2" kill zone about 50% of shots from 30 feet with mine. I can hit the Squirrel about 30% of the time at 40 feet and knock it down 1 or 2 out of 10 shots from 40 feet which shocked me that bb's have enough energy to do that

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        Around a 2 inch group.

                      • Cory from USA:

                        In the video you can see a 15 foot test, I would expect around double that at 30 ft.

                    • James from USA asked:

                      On the video the P08 appears small in the hand; is this truly a full size replica or a smaller version? Also, the finsih of the gun looks much better on the Pyramid photos than the video---have the photographs been enhanced or are they the real deal? The finish depicted in the video certainly does not appear to be the same as that of the photographs. Thank you!

                      • Daniel from USA:

                        I bought a reproduction WW2 Holster and this fits perfectly including the spare mag fits where the real one would exactly

                      • Richelle from USA:

                        The size is accurate. The pictures are taken in photography lighting and the guns are cleaned.

                    • barry from USA asked:

                      can I use the magazine from the "non blow back" pistol in this one ? ?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        No, it's completely different.

                    • RichV-IL from USA asked:

                      Does PYRAMYD sell a spare magazine for this GBB model?

                    • bryan from USA asked:

                      Can we able to fieldstip it like the real steel?

                      • Val from USA:

                        yes! read the blog from September 26!

                    • JAMES from USA asked:

                      what is the reason for the orange tips on airsoft and why aren't they required on the steel bb guns?

                      • deerflyguy from USA:

                        Govmt figures that airsoft guns will probably be used by kids and real air guns will probably be used by adults. Kids might point them at people, because they aren't mature enough not to do so. Adults should know better. Cops really don't want to be drawn down on by kids, so if the guns have orange tips, maybe some kid somewhere will have his life saved.

                      • Val from USA:

                        Federal law.

                    • bryan from USA asked:

                      Does the bolt locks after the last shot?

                      • JAMES from USA:


                    • Matthew from USA asked:

                      curious, can the outer barrel of the pistol be unscrewed when disassembled? and replaced with a different barrel? ideas lol

                      • Edith from USA:

                        This pistol can be field-stripped similar to the firearm it copies but not as far down. I am unaware that you can replace the barrel.

                    • k7uqshooter from USA asked:

                      how hard is the trigger pull /

                      • Val from USA:

                        specs say 3.4 lbs

                    • Vincent from USA asked:

                      Does the bolt toggle like the original?

                      • Val from USA:


                    • Charles M from USA asked:

                      Is this pistol manufactured by Umarex or manufactured by KWC for Umarex?

                      • Joe from USA:

                        Looks like KWC for Umarex