Date: 5/8/2020 6:47

Customers Q&A on Legends M712 Full-Auto CO2 BB Pistol, Full Metal

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  • John from USA asked:

    Has anyone seen a quality reproduction stock holster combo for the M712 or has anyone been able to try one to see if its compatible?

    • Dan from USA asked:

      Co2 not sealing is there a rubber seal missing

      • Dan from USA asked:

        Co2 leaking when installed. Is there a rubber ring gasket in the cartridge holder maybe missing

        • MOUNTAIN~MAN from USA asked:

          Concerning loading magazine...if you load same as yuo would bullets,one pushing previous one,it loads faily easily,just keep magazine about 2Degrees off verticle...more and previous BB wont fall into mag.

          • Jack from USA asked:

            Will wooden C96 grips work on M712 full metal bb pistol?

            • Mark from USA:

              they should. The M712 is a full scale replica.

          • martin from USA asked:

            how many shots per co2 cartage?

            • Mark from USA asked:

              Does this gun have a slot for the C96 buttstock to slide into?

              • Robert from USA:

                It does have a slot. I purchased a C96 repro buttstock off ebay and then filed the attaching iron on the buttstock to fit the Tslot on the Broomhandle pistol. The pistol is now very controllable in full auto. Well worth the trouble of making the buttstock/holster fit the pistol.

            • roy from USA asked:

              Does the barrel of this pistol still fall off after shooting it several times

              • stephan from USA:

                yes it will. I superglued mine{the nut}in place.

              • Robert from USA:

                So Far after 10 magazines or so, mine has not fallen off, but I can feel it just starting to loosen. However, my pistol shoots way too high, so I am considering taking off the barrel shroud and trying to shim the actual barrel down just a bit to see if I can get the pistol to shoot a bit lower.

            • Lennox from USA asked:

              How long can I leave a charged CO2 cartridge in the magazine?

              • Vayu from USA asked:

                My magazine is no longer staying in the pistol when I pull the trigger. When it fires the magazine is ejected from the gun. What can I do?

                • stephan from USA:

                  this will continue to happen, I sent mine back at twice at 15.00 a trip. Not worth it.

                • Robert from USA:

                  Hello, my gun is doing the same thing. I was told to contact Umarex and they said to send it back to them. It's in mail (10-28-16) on the way back to me as I type this. They fixed it for free even after my one year warranty was up.

              • Peter from USA asked:

                Is there a better way a better method of securing the barrel of the 712? The small allen screw currently securing the barrel is always coming loose.

                • Stanley from USA:

                  There is a product called loc-tite , get the blue one it works well on threads and keeps them from backing out .

              • wai tak from Hong Kong asked:

                can i use the other brand's mag such as hfc or kwc in this gun?

                • William from USA asked:

                  Can I shoot copper bbs in this gun?

                  • Peter from USA:

                    I use the Excite Copper Clad Lead BB's and it works perfectly. Granted, they are a little pricey but it eliminates ricochets when shooting into a steel trap.

                • GENE from USA asked:

                  Is there suppose to be a set screw on top of the rear of the barrel as well as the bottom, if there is, its gone,so could I get one from pyramdair?

                  • Patrice from France asked:

                    Does this model has burst and blow stroke after adjustment postion N and R to the left side of the line? Do you sell in France and do you ship in this country?

                    • jim from USA asked:

                      Can you put a red dot sight no it

                      • Cory from USA:

                        There is no way to mount one, so there would be no easy way to do it.

                    • tony from Canada asked:

                      what type of bb's doze it shoot ? .177 cal, steel or plastic 20 g and up

                      • Cory from USA:

                        Standard steel .177 bb's.

                    • Maliguna from USA asked:

                      I'm looking for a holster for this gun without having to buy the stock/holster combo. Any suggestions or recommendations?

                      • Nathan from Canada:

                        CHINA. Get on AliExpress or even better DHGate. I deal with DHGate all the time and they have great service. You need to get the C96 holsters but they fit. Get the leather, not wood because this guns finish is CHEEEAAAAP.

                      • John from USA:

                        Check gun shows and surplus stores...You'll have to do some hunting

                      • Jerry from USA:

                        We have no holsters available for that gun

                    • Omar from USA asked:

                      Can you hunt rats with this gun?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • Gregory from USA asked:

                      How do you reload another 18 BBs without losing CO2?

                      • bruce from USA:

                        The CO2 stays in the mag just pull it out and load 18 more BBs

                    • Stan from USA asked:

                      So your saying the gun will keep firing with no bb's and wasting co2

                      • David from USA:

                        Yes. Most CO2 guns will keep firing after the ammo runs out.

                    • Stan from USA asked:

                      Will this gun lock after last shot in both full auto or single

                      • Jerry from USA:

                        The hammer stays back, there is no slide

                      • Dan the Man from USA:


                    • craig from USA asked:

                      How many shots do you get from co2 cartridge?

                      • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                        About 35-40

                    • Larry from USA asked:

                      when you pull the clip to reload does the co2 leak

                      • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                        No, it will not

                    • Carl from USA asked:

                      How Many Shot Do You Get From A 12gr Cartridge ? And Can You Use Threaded Cartridges ? Are Larger Co2 Cartridges Available For This Gun ?

                      • bruce from USA:

                        You get many more shots in semiauto.

                      • Val from USA:

                        According to the video by Paul Capello on this page it's 36 full power, but also depends on either you are blasting in full-auto mode, I guess

                    • bryan from USA asked:

                      Are they gonna make a wood or imitation wood stock for this?

                      • Nicholas from USA:

                        If it becomes a top seller yes (which it probably will). If not, finding custom grips might be hard, but I KNOW this badboy will sell like hotcakes if it is reliable.

                    • Evan from USA asked:

                      Can it be field stripped?

                      • bruce from USA:

                        Yes it can with the button under the hammer . BE very careful

                      • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                        No, it cannot

                    • Cesar from USA asked:

                      How will full auto work? Will it be 3, or 6 shot burst? Or is it unlimited full?

                      • bruce from USA:

                        Full 18 shots

                      • Nicholas from USA:

                        looks unlimited in the video review :)

                    • JimA2 from USA asked:

                      Do your u sell extra magazines for this M712 full auto?

                      • Dave39 from USA:

                        They are available now. The Pyramyd order number is Legends M712 CO2 BB Magazine,...

                      • Val from USA:

                        Pyramyd Air said they are coming (around same timeframe)