Date: 16/2/2019 9:22

Customers Q&A on Limited Edition .177 caliber Nimschke Colt Peacemaker

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  • Mark from USA asked:

    If these guns are the same as the real thing then could I buy the wooden or ivory grips from the "COLT COMPANY" so I would have a VERY nice gun indeed?

    • Mark from USA asked:

      I noticed you can get this gun in bb or pellet. The pellet version has a rifled barrel. Does that mean there will be 50 of each or 100 of each???. The ad says 100 total. But want to be sure of the amount before ordering.

      • Daniel from USA asked:

        Gold plating and "Plastic grips" LOL! If the rest is worthy and it looks like it is VERY NICE, then isn't it worthy of better than Plastic grips? just say'n

        • Stephen from USA asked:

          Is there no way Pyramydair's massive purchasing clout can pressure the manufacturer to leave these absolutely INSULTING warning prints off of these extremely limited production quantity collectables? A $700 BB gun will almost definitely be purchased only by ADULTS and collectors! I doubt the "target" market could present much of a legal risk for Umarex! Please grow up! I have purchase items before (CZ-75 & Sig 1911 Tact. for example) that managed to be marketed in the US WITHOUT any such warnings on them at all! Obviously the warnings can not be a "blanket" statement requirement for all items sold in the US. Could someone please explain.

          • Mark from USA:

            I too agree... Why can't they just put the warning on a label? You know... something you can remove when you buy it. ESPECIALLY on these custom jobs.

          • Michael from USA:

            I agree with Bob M regarding the eyesores that masquerade as a legal notice. In reality these warning carry no protection from a lawsuit if the unthinkable happened. A compromise would be having these warnings inside the co2 chamber on the underside of the grub panel. After you have to charge the gun with gas before you shoot. It would let the legal dept. have their warning and we can preserve the collectable clean look of the beautiful airguns.

          • Bob M from USA:

            I agree with you about the warning print and if my Sig 1911 had a silver barrel it would be very hard to tell what it really was without looking down the barrel and nobody wants to do that. I blacked my barrel out with magic marker. At least the 7" barrel Colt Peacemakers have the warning somewhat under the barrel in front of the ejector rod housing and it's pretty dull white print on the black weathered NRA edition. Pretty sure these Limited Editions are not produced by the manufacture and are farmed out for special treatment. Some collaboration between them would be nice if possible.

        • Russ from USA asked:

          The advance advertisement states this CO2 pistol is for .177, but does that include pellets, or bbs only?

          • John DeHonestis from USA asked:

            What? Are you nuts? Six hundred dollars for something that doesn't shoot any better that the plain jane version. Now if it was a .22 that shot at 950 fps. You might get my cash. Til then no thanks.

            • Jed from USA:

              It's a fun collectors item. And I plan to offer it in 5 years to someone for $3,000.