Date: 19/8/2018 18:58

Customers Q&A on Limited Edition Nimschke 7.5" SAA Colt Peacemaker


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  • Mark from USA asked:

    I totally agree with Tony in that I would LOVE to buy a quality nickel plated lever action rifle with the same hand tooling you have on these pistols, to add to the collection. I noticed you can get this in bb or pellet. So are there going to be 100 of each or 50 of each? And do you have any nice wooden boxes that say COLT instead of John Wayne? Is one of these choices in a 5.5" or are they both 7.5"? The ads are a bit confusing.

    • Tony from USA asked:

      I'm considering ordering this gorgeous revolver. It's good to see you do limited editions. Now would you PLEASE consider offering a quality nickel plated, wood stocked, CO2 Lever Action rifle or carbine? PLEASE?!! I would be the first to order and I believe it would sell if it is a quality piece. Thanks.

      • David from USA asked:

        Does this $549.00 air pistol come with a nice wooden presentation case or a plain cardboard box like the $119.00 version?

        • Leon from USA asked:

          What is the gold plated finish option mentioned in the description?

          • Leon from USA asked:

            Why is it priced $50 less than the 5.5" bb version?

            • Val from USA:

              No gold plating.

          • Leon from USA asked:

            If this is the pellet version, why is it smooth bore?

            • Val from USA:

              looks like they fixed it and it now says the barrel is rifled.