Date: 23/11/2020 22:32

Customers Q&A on Proxima Multishot Underlever Air Rifle

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  • John from Switzerland asked:

    Hey guys i was wondering if you can shot the gun without the mag. I got polymags and im sure they wont fit into that mag. otherwise i would go for the gamo 1250 magnum mach 1. Aww man its hard to decide i really love that wallnut wood and shape on this one on the other side the magnum is more efficient when it comes to velocity but the fixed barrel on the hatsan should give me more accuracy Someone got any tips / advises

    • David from USA asked:

      this rifle needs to be cocked to install or remove the rotary mag. If you cock and remove the mag. how do you relive the pressure without dry firing? Can you cock the rifle and install a cleaning pellet in the breach without the rotary mag? That would solve the issue.

      • Timothy from USA:

        I just use the magazine to load a pellet then pull the cocking lever back ,which leaves the pellet in the chamber, remove the Magazine, close the breach and shoot.

      • Jerry from USA:

        It would be very nice if Hatsan added a single shot tray this would make it so much easier to travel and store rifle safely.

      • Tyler from USA:

        You can load a pellet by hand fairly easy and fire it. I wouldn't recommend firing a cleaning pellet, it's basically a dry fire because they are so light.

    • Mike from USA asked:

      I own 5 Hatsan's all break barrels and most in .25 cal. Which I noticed is not offered in the gun? Is it because people do not know how to use mil dotted scopes? Also all of my Hatsan barrels, the bore diameter for particular caliber are always slightly to large and ironically limit my usage to firm fitting pellets being the [email protected] FTT pellets (which are identical to Hatsan's own pellets. The above mentioned pellets actually fit firm and both the head and rear part of the pellets engage the rifleing. Most other pellets fit loose and the slightly wider rear skirts are all that make contact with the rifling. Therefore pellet wobble occurs. Does more then the above named pellet brands fit properly in this gun? Or am I stuck with the Hatsan branded or HN FTT pellets to get a nice firm pellet fit? Like all my other Vortex air piston or mechanical spring piston Hatsans.

      • Timothy from USA:

        The Proxima is offered in .25. I have four Hatsans all in .177. I've only had one gun in .25 and sold it. The only reason I have any .22 is it's the only caliber I could get the gun in or it's a dual cal. I only shoot targets and I prefer .177. I can use mildots just less of them.

      • MaxStrokedShovelHead from USA:

        For me, i own all Hatsans also, .22 & .25, vortex and spring. My 150 tuned spring and Vortex 135 do well w/ H&N baracuda 5.52, also the AA16g & 18g over the JSB 16g & 18g. My .25cal's are 155 vortex and a 135 vortex likes AA 25g over JSB also. But hands down PolyMags are surgical accurate in all 4 of my rifles, not good on a 25lb raccoon or possum like a AA 25g but for stacking pellets on top of each other at 25yrds. PolyMag! in both calibers. Ive never measured the heads on any of them, i have a large selection of pellets. All my Hatsans are reasonably pellet friendly, My 155 will group pieces of gravel. But my best results out to 97yrds are AA's out to 50 yrds, PolyMags. They offer 2 different results. I WANT ONE OF THESE REPEATERS BAD.

    • Raul from Argentina asked:

      please pyramydair convince hatsan to make this rifle with synthetic stock

      • Tyler from USA:

        Best to send that request to Hatsan as well. If they have enough demand, I am sure they'd look into it.

    • Julio Enrique from USA asked:

      Por favor cuando llega este modelo HATSAN PROXIMA CAL. 25 (6,35mm) ya que en turquia lo hay y aqui deberia de haberlo. Por favor calibre 25. Quedamos atento Gracias

      • MaxStrokedShovelHead from USA:

        Its listed in PA catalog i just got in the mail. 620fps, which for a Hatsan prolly means 650fps..i want one

      • Julio Enrique from USA:

        Por favor quedamos atentos que somos muchos los que queremos comprar este rifle para ensayar en calibre 25 (6,35) Gracias Pyramydair

      • Tyler from USA:

        Hatsan USA does not have info on the .25 availability yet, but I have heard it is in the works.

    • joe from USA asked:

      How long is the barrel

      • Tyler from USA:


    • half from USA asked:

      Is SAS like the sledge system on the RWS/Diana Model 56?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • half from USA asked:

      How does SAS work?

      • MaxStrokedShovelHead from USA:

        my 135 vortex broke forestock bolt once when using 28g big boys, i replaced it w/ a higher grade bolt from Lowes and no longer use pellets over 21g, thousands of cycles later it works fine. .22 cal. ive never had a problem w/ my 135 in .25 or my 155 in .25, or tuned spring 150. in .22

      • joseph from USA:

        I purchased a refurb 125 sniper from a dealer in AZ. The "SAS" system broke the fore stock bolt....twice. The spring had way too much power for that set up. Bad engineering!

      • Tyler from USA:

        The SAS system is a buffer system that runs around the forend stock screws. It is supposed to help cut down the vibration felt by the shooter and the vibration that gets to the scope. Whether it works or helps or not is debatable, because it's not something that folks remove and test guns without. So it's hard to say if it actually does any good.

    • Glen from USA asked:

      The specs say this has a 'Weaver/Picatinny' rail yet the other Hatsan Vortex models have a Weaver/Dovetail. Is this really Weaver/Picatinny or Weaver/Dovetail? Thanks.

      • Timothy from USA:

        Weaver and pitcatinny is the same thing. Dove tail is grooves, usually 11mm.

      • Tyler from USA:

        It's the standard Hatsan dovetail/weaver combo rail

    • William from USA asked:

      Question for PA. What is the cocking effort please?

      • Timothy from USA:

        I use both hands to cock it or suffer a sore shoulder the next day.

      • Tyler from USA:

        45 lbs

      • Mike from USA:

        Being a 14-15fpe airgun and length of cocking arm, I agree. It should be around 40lbs.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Hatsan hasn't shared that spec yet, but if it's anything like their other underlevers, I'd expect 40-45 lbs.