Date: 8/8/2020 2:22

Customers Q&A on Puncher Mega Marine Walnut Sidelever PCP Air Rifle

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  • Martin from USA asked:

    Do the unshrouded varients come with a 1/2 unf thread?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The barrel itself is threaded under the shroud.

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Is there a 1/2 x 20 threaded end on the barrel under that choke?

    • Jason from USA asked:

      Both the unshrouded and shrouded versions are rated at a loudness level of 3. Is the shrouded really not any quieter than the unshrouded? What are the approximate FPS and shout count of the .25 with the power adjuster turned all the way down?

      • Tyler from USA:

        I don't think the website changes between the two, but there is definitely a difference in noise. I'd put the unshrouded version at a 4. Last time I tested one, with 25.4 grain JSB, adjusted all the way down, you're looking at the 400 fps range and over 80 shots. It's been a while since I tested one though.

    • Stephen from USA asked:

      It says in terms of loudness it is a medium. For .25 cal shrouded version, Could you provide like a decibel level approx? And would this level apply to the other versions of this air rifle in .25 caliber (i.e. the puncher pro or the standard black finish)?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Just a hair over 100 dB

    • Joel from USA asked:

      Hi, I saw an online video reviewing the Puncher (from Europe) and they showed the gun including a set of open sights in the box... Did not see that mentioned in your description, are open sights included? And if yes, are they silver to match the barrel, or black?

      • Tyler from USA:

        There are no open sights.

    • Brandon from USA asked:

      When will PA provide a review for this rifle?

      • David from USA:

        A full in-depth review is in the works. But for those who saw us at the NRA Show in Atlanta, we had a .22 cal version at the Airgun Range. This rifle worked near flawless (had one jam because person shot a round with no air in the tank). But back to the "mini" review, the rifle shoots very consistent, even at lower power (we had to ensure the FPS was lower than 600 for the NRA Show). Though our visitors didn't get the full power this rifle provides, they got a great feel for the quality. We had many folks impressed at the accuracy (we had installed a Hawke Red-Dot). Not only is the accuracy good, but it can darn near take every type of pellet thrown its way. The FPS specs you see on our website are from our personal experience, whether it was Tyler or one of the Techs doing it. From what I saw at the NRA Show, people really enjoyed the rifle. Especially when they saw the price point. At about $500, you can't go wrong with this rifle. Easy to use, accurate, solid stock, lots of shots for just one fill, and power adjustable.

    • Gerald from USA asked:

      The question mark after the fps & fpe ...are those the correct velocities or what they think it may be..also, can a regulator be install or its regulated already...

      • Gerald from USA:

        Thanks for the answer

      • Tyler from USA:

        If you hover over the question mark, that will show you what pellet weight was used to attain that velocity and energy. Basically, that means that the gun has been tested with that particular pellet to give us an idea of performance. So they are real world specs. There is not regulator in the Kral guns. I am not familiar with an aftermarket reg for them at this time.

    • Brandon from USA asked:

      Will PA provide repair sevices to this gun if need be?

      • Val from USA:

        yes, through Air Venturi.

    • Ricky from USA asked:

      How do you pre-order one of these, how long until I receive it and can I make payments

      • Val from USA:

        Click pre-order. ETA shows 01/31/2017 right now.

    • William from USA asked:

      Is this gun regulated? Is the trigger any good? Is the trigger adjustable? What is the minimum trigger pull weight?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Not regulated. Trigger is pretty solid. Two stage adjustable. We have not adjusted down to find a minimum at this point but Kral's website suggests that it can be adjusted under 1lbs.

    • Gerald from USA asked:

      Do these guns come regulated...

      • Tyler from USA: